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Sources: Généalogie MORIN Roots

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 #  Source ID   Title, Author 
1 S299 Maria Corbett-Morkem
2 S203 'Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth Century Colonists'
David Faris 
3 S201 'The Complete Peerage of England Scotland Ireland Great Britain andthe United Kingdom'
George Edward Cockayne 
4 S204 'The Magna Charta Sureties, 1215'
Frederick Lewis Weis 
5 S5 ..Pedigree Resource FileA(r)
6 S265 15th Census of the United States (1930
7 S261 1841 England Census
8 S260 1850 United States Federal Census
9 S256 1851 England Census
10 S253 1860 United States Federal Census
11 S244 1880 United States Federal Census
Ancestry.com and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
12 S255 1881 England Census
Ancestry.com and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
13 S249 1900 United States Federal Census
14 S246 1910 United States Federal Census
15 S248 1920 United States Federal Census
16 S247 1930 United States Federal Census
17 S119 A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada
18 S131 A History of the County of Antigonish, Nova Scotia
Rev. D.J. Rankin 
19 S51 A.F. Church Map of Antigonish County
20 S239 Acadian & French Ancestral Home
Lucie LeBlanc Consentino 
21 S110 Acadian Church Records
22 S176 Acadian GenWeb Site, Url: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Meadows/2700/
23 S298 American Genealogical-Biographical Index (AGBI)
Godfrey Memorial Library, comp. 
24 S282 American Marriages Before 1699
25 S296 American Marriages Before 1699
26 S142 Ancestors of Marie de France, Record Type: genealogy research documentation of the ancestors of Marie de France, Location: Mosman Park, Western Australia
Leo van de Pas 
27 S54 Ancestors of Tracy Ashley Crocker Sr.
Crocker, Tracy Ashley 
28 S3 Ancestral File
29 S157 Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists who came to America bef.1700
Frederick Lewis Weis & Walter L.Sheppard 
30 S202 Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists Who Came to New England Between1623 and 1650
Frederick Lewis Weis 
31 S278 Ancestry Family Trees
32 S245 Ancestry Family Trees
33 S290 Ancestry Family Trees
34 S10 Anglo Saxon Chronicles
Compiler: on the orders of King Alfred the Great 
35 S2 Antoine de Nadaillac's WebPage, Genealogie et Dynasties Europeennes, Url: perso.club-internet.fr/anosteo/index.html
Antoine de Nadaillac 
36 S170 Are we 6 or 7 cousins, Recipient: Joel Morin, Address: Antigonish NS, Author E-mail: thewebbs@Atcon.com
Hugh Webb 
37 S139 Armorial Général de la France
38 S13 Assumption or Calculation, Interviewer: Joel Morin, Informant Address: Ottawa ON
Assumption or calculation 
39 S50 Atwater History & Genealogy
Atwater, Francis 
40 S55 Atwater History and Genealogy -- The Great Adventure, Pages: vol 5, Record Number: 929.2 A887a
Attwater, Charles Hobart 
41 S192 Biographic-bibliographic church encyclopedia, Url: http://www.bautz.de/bbkl/j/Johannes_III_v.shtml
42 S20 Birth certificate of Principal, Record Type: birth certificate, Subject: various
43 S266 Black Genealogy, Url: http://community.ancestry.ca/profile.aspx?cba=elybar11
44 S52 Bowman Files
Bowman, George Ernest 
45 S23 Bragdon-Byerly (genealogy)
46 S167 Brenda King, Interviewer: Joel Morin, Informant Address: Greely ON
Brenda King 
47 S164 Britain's Royal Families
Alison Weir 
48 S9 Britannia Internet Magazine, Url: http://www.britannia.com/
49 S145 Burke's Guide to the Royal Family
50 S252 California Passenger and Crew Lists, 1893-1957
51 S259 Cambridge University Alumni, 1261-1900
52 S297 Cambridge University Alumni, 1261-1900
53 S32 Canadian Army Personnel Records - Lt. Mark Alphonsus Corbett, Subject: Lt. Mark Alphonsus Corbett
54 S31 Canadian Army Personnel records - Maj. J.A. Morin, Subject: Maj. J.A. Morin
55 S53 Canadian Census for 1901, Film: T6520(Arisaig/HavreBoucher);T6447(Ste-Claire)
Government of Canada 
56 S163 Canadian Parliamentary Guide
Parliament of Canada 
57 S133 Cape Jack Road - A Journey to the Past
Evelyn DeCoste 
58 S152 Caroli Magni Progenies
Siegfried Rosch 
59 S208 CaryAnn Hess, 24743 Sunday Drive, Moreno Valley, CA 92557 as submitted in GEDCOM file C:\TMGW\BACKUPS\DEDAMM~1.GED and imported on 04-04-2002 at 10:25:47.
60 S189 Catherine de Baillon: Enquête sur une fille du roi
Raymond Ouimet & Nicole Mauger 
61 S141 Catholic Encyclopedia on line, Url: http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/
62 S111 Census of 1626
63 S115 Census of 1671
64 S114 Census of 1686
65 S112 Census of 1698
66 S113 Census of 1699
67 S34 Census of 1871, Series: District 201 Antigonish, Pages: 1232-1233, Record Info: RG31;vol 1232, 1233, Film Number: C-10563
Government of Canada 
68 S75 Census of 1891
69 S210 Cheryl A. Chandler, Lot #14 RR #2, Sayre, , PA 18840 as submitted in GEDCOM file C:\TMGW\BACKUPS\WILLIA~1.GED and imported on 04-04-2002 at 20:05:04.
70 S65 Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints (Mormon) Ancestry File
71 S29 Cobb Chronicles, An Overview of the clan
Cobb, John E. 
72 S295 Connecticut Soldiers, French and Indian War, 1755-62
Guertin, Iris, Rose, comp 
73 S279 Connecticut Town Birth Records, pre-1870 (Barbour Collection)
74 S292 Connecticut Town Birth Records, pre-1870 (Barbour Collection)
75 S285 Connecticut Town Marriage Records, pre-1870 (Barbour Collection)
76 S212 Constance.-Walter.le.Blount.ancestors.ged
77 S69 Corbett Family Bible
Margaret R. O'Brien 
78 S231 COSTE Family
Karen DeCoste Perusse 
79 S207 David A. Blocher research, Url: www.ancestry.com
David A. Blocher 
80 S149 De Graven van Limburg-Stirum
81 S58 Deposition Brian Morin, Interviewer: Joel Morin, Informant Address: Quebec QC
Dr Brian Alexander Athanase Morin M.Ps., Ph.D., CD 
82 S165 Deposition by Alpin Allen, Interviewer: Joel Morin, Informant Address: Springhill, NS
Alpin H. Allen 
83 S24 Deposition by Craig Parry Hughes
Craig Parry Hughes 
84 S17 Deposition by Deryn Elizabeth Hughes
Deryn Elizabeth Hughes 
85 S36 Deposition by Helen C. Bragdon
'Casey' Helen Cushman Bragdon 
86 S38 Deposition by John 'Jack' W. Brown
John 'Jack' Wilmot Brown, Jr 
87 S40 Deposition by Lloyd Anderson
88 S14 Deposition by principal individual
Principal person involved 
89 S33 Deposition Christian Dutil
Christian Dutil 
90 S15 Deposition Joel Morin
Joël Jean MacDonald Morin 
91 S41 Deposition Monique Barbeau Morin
Claire Monique Barbeau 
92 S74 Deposition Sylvie Morin
Sylvie Marie Cécile Gertrude Morin 
93 S22 depositions by various family members
94 S124 Descendants of John Irish The Immigrant 1629-1963 and Allied Families
Willis L. Irish 
95 S222 Desmond's Concise History of Ireland, Url: http://members.tripod.com/~JerryDesmond/index-2.html
96 S250 Dictionary of National Biography, Volumes 1-20, 22
97 S63 Dictionnaire Biographique du Canada
98 S221 Dictionnaire biographique du Canada en ligne: Dictionnaire biographique du Canada en ligne, Url: http://www.biographi.ca, Volume: I - VIII
99 S61 Dictionnaire Biographique francais
100 S213 Dictionnaire de la France Médiévale
Jean Favier 
101 S106 Dictionnaire Genealogique de la Famille RACINE en Amerique
102 S183 Dictionnaire généalogique des familles acadiennes
Stephen A. White 
103 S44 Dictionnaire genealogique des familles canadiennes
Tanguay, Cyprien 
104 S45 Dictionnaire genealogique des familles du Quebec
Jette, Rene 
105 S60 Dictionnaire Généalogique Drouin
106 S180 dossier transmis à Denis BEAUREGARD concernant Franclieu, Héere, Guyot, Record Type: dossier transmis à Denis BEAUREGARD concernant Franclieu, Héere, Guyot, Location: Montreal
René Jetté 
107 S199 du Mont Cassel entre Flamands et Franco-Normands
108 S172 Duke Snyder Research, Record Type: personal research, Location: Corbett.doc
Duke Snyder 
109 S188 e-mail message from Dini Corbett-Lourenco, Recipient: Joel Morin, Author E-mail: dinicl@powersurfr.com
Dini Corbett-Lourenco 
110 S223 early british kingdoms, Url: http://www.earlybritishkingdoms.com/
111 S80 Early Settlers of Eastham
Paine, Josiah 
112 S26 Edson's Genealogical Notes
Edson, George Thomas 
113 S1 Edward Fairchild, 4320 Washtenaw Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48108-1008, 734-971-2709 as submitted in GEDCOM file C:\TMGW\BACKUPS\FAIRCE7.GED and imported on 03-27-2002 at 23:35:12.
114 S169 Ella Ross, Recipient: Joël Morin, Author E-mail: beelgl1@aol.com
Ella Ross 
115 S220 Email from Bruce Corbett, Recipient: Joel Morin, Author E-mail: bruce.lida.corbett@sympatico.ca
Bruce Corbett 
116 S11 Encyclopedia Britannica
117 S205 Encyclopedia Brittanica Online; http://www.britannica.com/
118 S209 esearch done by Ancestry.com members, Url: www.ancestry.com
119 S154 Europaische Stammtafeln
120 S66 Extrait du mortuaire de Catherine de Cordé
121 S283 Family Data Collection - Individual Records
Edmund West, comp. 
122 S284 Family Data Collection - Marriages
Edmund West, comp. 
123 S196 Fichier Origine, Url: http://www.genealogie.com/fichier.origine/
124 S230 Fougeres of North America
Ron Frazier 
125 S198 G. & A. AUREJAC, Domaine de Canals, La Bouffière, 82800 Bioule, FRANCE, E-Mail : arnaud.aurejac@free.fr as submitted in GEDCOM file C:\TMGW\BACKUPS\AUREJAC4.GED and imported on 02-09-2002 at 11:42:26.
126 S8 Garry L McLaughlin's Family History
Garry L McLaughlin  
127 S102 GEDCOM File AG15.GED submitted by Keith R. Lambert
128 S225 GEDCOM File C:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist\GEDCOM\bayfield.ged imported on 2006/06/27 at 20:00:14.
129 S227 GEDCOM File C:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist\GEDCOM\ib4eexcept.-boucherged.ged imported on 06/27/2006 at 23:58:44.
130 S229 GEDCOM File C:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist\GEDCOM\ib4eexcept.ged imported on 06/27/2006 at 23:37:05.
131 S211 GEDCOM File C:\TMGW\BACKUPS\ISABEL~1.GED imported on 04-06-2002 at 22:22:48.
132 S108 GEDCOM File C:\TMGW\BMI-MAT_.TMG submitted by Denis Beauregard, 726 de la Coulée, Ste-Julie de Verchères, Québec J3E 1L6, (514)922-5687 imported on 24/05/1997 at 10:02:42.
133 S109 GEDCOM File C:\TMGW\BMIFAUT_.TMG submitted by Denis Beauregard, 726 de la Coulée, Ste-Julie de Verchères, Québec J3E 1L6, (514)922-5687 imported on 26/05/1997 at 19:23:05.
134 S86 Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire
135 S94 Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England
Savage, James 
136 S71 Genealogical notes from Isabelle Crispo
Isabelle Crispo 
137 S28 Genealogical Notes of Barnstable Families
Otis, Amis 
138 S224 Genealogics - Leo van de Pas, Url: http://www.genealogics.org
139 S144 Genealogie der Graven van Holland
Dr. A. W. E. Dek 
140 S42 Genealogie des familles originaires des comtes de Montmagny, L'Islet, Bellechasse
Talbot, Eloi-Gerard 
141 S147 Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels Fürstliche
H.J. Birch 
142 S156 Genealogists' Magazine Journal of the Society of Genealogists
Society of Genealogists 
143 S146 Gens Nostra
144 S171 GenWeb Bas-du-fleuve - les grandes familles, Url: http://www.microtec.net/~lutrin/Families/index.html
145 S27 Gerald Fuller
Fuller, Gerald R. 
146 S84 Gillingham Family: Descendants of Yeamans Gillingham
147 S228 Grandes Familles
148 S129 Guysborough Sketches and Essays
A.C. Jost 
149 S166 Harvey Gullon Thomas Huestis & His Descendents, North Cumberland Historical Society, 1993, Record Type: Brother's Keeper data, Location: Wentworth, NS, File Name: Brother's Keeper data
Alan Huestis, Compiler: Alan Huestis 
150 S173 Hebert Acadian database, Url: http://genweb.net/~hebert/
151 S72 Henry Lanouette
152 S126 Herbert Olding's Ancestor Charts
153 S46 Histoire et genealogie des Acadiens
Arsenault, Bona 
154 S6 History Files, The -- The King Lists
P L Kessler  
155 S123 History of Antigonish
Rev. Ronald and Charlie MacGillivray, Editor: Raymond A. MacLean 
156 S93 History of Gorham, Maine
157 S120 History of the County of Antigonish
Rev. D.J. Rankin 
158 S91 History of the Town of Middleboro, Massachussetts
Nelson, Dr. Abiel Ward 
159 S83 Hopkins of the Mayflower
Hodges, Margaret 
160 S19 Howland GEDCOM File
161 S12 Human Family Project
162 S274 Image of a page of recorded marriages for Ontario, Url: http://search.ancestry.ca/cgi-bin/sse.dll?db=ontar
163 S105 Index des mariages Loiselle
164 S48 Index to Bounty Claims, Record Type: Index to Bounty Claims, File Number: RG9 II A5 vol 9 p119 reel C1863, Film Number: C15723
Gov't of Canada 
165 S254 Indiana Deaths, 1882-1920
166 S96 Information from Rod O'Sullivan
Lt-Col Roderick Bernard O'Sullivan Cd 
167 S21 Information of cemetary tombstone
168 S64 Information provided by Malcolm Onuma
Malcolm Onuma 
169 S241 Inspection Voyage of Sieur de La Roque
170 S264 International genealogical Index
171 S4 International Geneological Index
172 S214 Internet Medieval Sourcebook, Url: http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/sbook.html
173 S175 James F Wilman Research, Recipient: Joel Morin, Author Address: Holden, MA, USA, Recipient Address: Greely, ON, Canada
James F. Wilman 
174 S88 Jeanne Beauvais Genealogy Research
175 S95 Joanne deBellefeuille
Joanne deBellefeuille-Landry 
176 S57 Joseph Athanase Morin, Interviewer: Joel Morin, Informant Address: Ste-Claire
Major Joseph Athanase Morin ED 
177 S242 just got off the phone with Helene....:) just got off the phone with Helene....:) Metisgen-L archive, Subject: just got off the phone with Helene.., Listserve: METISGEN-L
Paulette Boudreault-Gilbert 
178 S127 Just Rooting Around the Randall Family Tree
George Einarson 
179 S178 Kenneth Breau Research, Recipient: Joël Morin, Address: Greely Ontario, Author E-mail: breauk@Umoncton.ca
Kenneth Breau 
180 S181 Kevin Foohey, Interviewer: Joel Morin, Informant Address: San Diego CA
Kevin Foohey 
181 S107 L'Ancêtre
182 S140 Lascaris de Vintimille Royal Gateway, Url: fp-www.wwnet.net/~dulongj/baillon/lascaris.htm
183 S168 Le Centre de généalogie francophone d'Amérique, Url: http://www.genealogie.org/
184 S162 Le Grand Arrangement des Acadiens au Québec
Adrien Bergeron, s.s.s. 
185 S263 Leanne Maxey Morin, Informant Address: Edmonton, AB
Leanne Mahinaku Maxey 
186 S193 Les Ancêtres de Richard Paul Francois Frederic BORRI, Url: http://www.ma-genealogie.org/borri/index.html
187 S18 Les Familles MORIN de la Cote-du-Sud
Bonneau, Louis-Philippe 
188 S151 Les seize quartiers des Reines et Imperatrices Francaises
Jacques Saillot 
189 S67 Letter of introduction of John Corbet and Margaret Corbet alias Casey by John Burke, Parish Priest of Ballilooby, Ireland.
John Burke, pp 
190 S59 Letterhead for the Dolmelynllyn Estate (National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty - Wales)
191 S30 Lewis GEDCOM File
192 S101 Lori Steadman's Genealogical Database
193 S219 L’Encyclopédie de l’histoire du Québec, Url: http://www2.marianopolis.edu/quebechistory/encyclopedia/morin_an.htm
194 S271 Mahina Trask Maxey, Interviewer: Leanne Maxey Morin, Informant Address: Lanikai, Oahu, Hawaii
Henrietta Mahinaku Trask 
195 S116 Mariages de St-Roch des Aulnaies
M. L'Abbé Armand Proulx 
196 S47 Mariages et necrologie - St-Charles de Bellechasse
197 S187 Marie-Noëlle Tanguay
198 S7 Matthew Geneological Research Foundation Web Site
Matthew Geneological Research Foundation 
199 S267 Maud de St Valery website, Url: http://freespace.virgin.net/doug.thompson/BraoseWeb/family/maudsv.html
200 S87 Mayflower Births and Deaths
Roser, Susan B. 

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