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Saint Olga OD PSKOV, Grand Duchess of Kiev[1]

Female 879 - 969  (90 years)

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  • Name Olga OD PSKOV 
    Title Saint 
    Suffix Grand Duchess of Kiev 
    Born 879  Pskov, Russia Find all individuals with events at this location  [2, 3
    Gender Female 
    Birth Abt 881  Pskov, Russia Find all individuals with events at this location  [1
    Occupation Between 945 and 957  [4
    Regent of Kiev 
    Baptism 957  Constantinople, Turkey Find all individuals with events at this location  [5
    • Olga was her name given at birth and she was given the Christian nameElena (Helen) when she was baptised by Patriarch Polyeuctus
    • After her husband had established peace, he wanted to increase thetributes from the Slavic tribe of the Derevlyanins. In 945 he went and,after pillaging them, returned to Kiev. However, when he prepared toleave again, the Derevlyanins went to meet him and killed him. TheDerevlyanins then sent twenty of their best men to Olga and said: "Wehave killed your husband, for he was like a wolf, stealing andplundering, while our princes are good and have taken good care of theland of Dereva. Marry our prince Mal!" To this she replied that shecouldn't resurrect her husband and so asked them to come the next day tobe honoured before the people of Kiev. She told them that as a specialhonour they should not ride on horses nor go on foot, but would becarried in the boat they arrived in. During the night, a deep pit wasdug and the following day, as was announced, the twenty men were carriedin their boat, but which was then thrown into the pit where they wereburied alive. She then sent a message to the Derevlyanins in which sheclaimed that the people of Kiev would not release her unless she wascollected by their most distinguished men. On their arrival Olga ordereda bath to be prepared for them. The hut was heated up and theDerevlyanins went in. When they began to wash, Olga's men secured thehut and, on her orders, set it on fire, and all inside were burnedalive. With her son and their army, she then went to the city ofIskorosten where her husband had been killed. Although they encircledthe city, they were unable to take it. After the siege had lasted almostthe whole summer, she decided to take a different course. She sent amessage to the town that they would be starved as they could not worktheir fields, and that she only wanted them to pay tribute. For thistribute she requested three doves and three sparrows from each house.Gladly consenting, the Derevlyanins collected three doves and threesparrows from each house. Olga then announced that, as they hadsubmitted to her, she would return to Kiev the next day. However, Olgathen distributed the doves and sparrows with the order that lightedtinder, wrapped in little pieces of cloth, be tied to each dove andsparrow. At dusk the birds were released, the doves returning to theirdove-cotes and the sparrows to their nests under the eaves.Consequently, dove-cotes, outbuildings, towers and barns all caughtfire, and there was no household where there was no fire. The peoplefled the town, only to be caught by Olga's soldiers. She then burned thewhole city, killing some of it's people and selling others as slaves. In955 she went to Constantinople where the Emperor baptised herpersonally. At first the Emperor had wanted to marry her but then gaveher many gifts and allowed her to return. She tried to convert her sonto Christianity but he refused, yet would allow anyone in Kiev to bebaptised but with the proviso that they would be ridiculed. In 965 herson, as ruler of Kiev, defeated the Khazars, the Ossetians and theCircussians. While he was away in 968, the Pechenegs laid siege to Kievwhere Olga was with her grandsons. With Kiev hermetically sealed, no onecould send a message to her son until a young boy said he would go. Hewent with a bridle in his hands, calling out, "Has no one seen myhorse?" As he spoke the Pechenegs language, they thought him one oftheir own. At the river he took off his clothes and swam across. Here hefound a small band of soldiers who, next morning, approached the city insmall boats. On arrival they blew hard on their trumpets, creating theimpression of being a large force, at which the Pechenegs fled.
    Name Olga od Pskov  [2, 6
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    Died 11 Jul 969  Novogorod, Kiev, Ukraine Find all individuals with events at this location  [2, 3
    • On July 24 (July 11 old calendar), Orthodox Christians celebrate the dayof Saint Olga, the Grand Princess of Kiev.
      A legend says that Olga's fabulous beauty fascinated Prince Igor ofKiev. That's how Olga became the princess. The name and the birth placeof the future enlightener of the Russian land was mentioned for thefirst time in the Russian Primary Chronicle, in the part that narratesabout Igor's marriage: "and thou brought him wife from Pskov and Olgawas her name". The city of Pskov is now the center of Russia'snorth-western region.
      When her husband was killed by the hostile tribe of Drevlians, Olgabegan to rule the princedom on behalf of her juvenile son Svyatoslav.
      Grand Princess Olga went down to history as the creator of state andculture of Rus. She has done a lot to unite the lands of Russia and toreinforce the country.
      When already an adult, Olga was baptized in Constantinopolis andaccepted the name of Helen. It was the emperor of Constantinopolis,Emperor Constantine the Bagryanorodni , who became her godfather. InRussia Olga commenced erection of Christian temples and the preparationfor the conversion of the Russian people to Orthodoxy. Saint Olga passedaway in 969.
      The baptizing of Rus took place in 988 during the reign of her grandson- Grand Prince Vladimir.
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    Family Igor RYURIKOVICH, Grand Duke of Kiev,   b. Abt 875, Novogorod, Kiev, Ukraine Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 945, Kiev, Ukraine Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 70 years) 
    Married 903  Pskov, Russia Find all individuals with events at this location  [1
     1. Svyatoslav I IGOROVICH,   b. 922, Kiev, Ukraine Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Between 972 and 973, Kiev, Ukraine Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 50 years)
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