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      The original chief named Kahai was a famous explorer who traveled to Kahiki very early in the history of the Hawaiian chiefs. He was a hero to the Hawaiian chiefs and many of them called their sons by his name. So there are many chiefs whose names begin with or contain the name "Kahai".

      But there are five chiefs who are known primarily as just "Kahai", beginning with the original Kahai. I have numbered these Kahai chiefs in the correct order by the time period in which they lived, based on their generational distance from Wakea, ancestor of all the chiefs. The name "Kahai" is often expressed "Kahai-moelea", being similar in relation to "John" and "Jonathan", and would "Kahai-moelea" be interchangeable with "Kahai" for all 5 of these chiefs.

      The chiefs named Kahai are:

      (1) KAHAI (I) "Kahai-a-Hema" was the son of Hema (k.) and Hinamaikehoa (Ulamakehoa, Luamahekoa) w.). Original Kahai who traveled to Kahiki. He is 31 generations from Wakea.

      (2) KAHAI (II) "Kahai-a-Ho'onali'i" was the son of Ho'okamali'i (k.) and Keahiula (w.). He is 34 generations from Wakea and not closely related to the original Kahai before him, being his 18th cousin. The people of his time would have known of the original Kahai in living memory. This Kahai is from Kauai and his grandfather Moikeha was also voyaging chief like the original Kahai. Moikeha would have lived at about the same time as the original Kahai as well.

      (3) KAHAI (III) "Kahai-a-Mano" was one of the sons of Manokalanipo (Mo'i, Ruling Chief of Kauai). He is 52 generations from Wakea. He is not closely related to the previous Kahai II, being his 18th cousin, 19 times removed. He is more closely related to the original Kahai I, being from the same family lineage, being this original Kahai's 1st cousin, 19 times removed.

      (4) KAHAI (IV) called "Kahaimoeleaikaaikupou" or "Kahaimoeleaikaaikapukupou" was the son of Kalapana (Kalapana Kuioiomoa) (k.) and Makeamakaimalanahae (Maemalamaihanai) (w.). He is 60 generations from Wakea. His relation to the previous Kahai III is very, very distant (22nd cousins, 8 times removed). However, he is a direct descendant of the original Kahai (Kahai-a-Hema), being his 27th great grandson.

      (5) KAHAI (V) "Kahai-a-Keeaumoku", was the son of the original Keeaumoku Nui (Keeaumoku I) and the grandson of King Kekaulikeikekahialiiokamokamoku. He is 73 generations from Wakea. He is from the same family lineage as the original Kahai, being his 1st cousin, 33 times removed.

      February 1, 2010
      Kapolei, O'ahu, Hawaii
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    Father KEEAUMOKU (KEEAUMOKU I, KALANI KAMA KE?EAUMOKU NUI, KEE-EAUMOKU),   b. 1712,   d. Yes, date unknown 
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