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Beli Mawr gan BRITAIN, Duke of Cambria[1]

Male Abt 130 BC - 72 BC

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  • Name Beli Mawr gan BRITAIN 
    Suffix Duke of Cambria 
    Born Abt 130 BC  Britain Find all individuals with events at this location  [1
    Gender Male 
    Name Cymyr Belenos Britain 
    Name Heli Kamber Belenos Britain  [1
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    _UID C6A85D3CF88E487599085B8B05A1D92272A5 
    Died 72 BC  [1
    • Beli (Heli) Mawr(the Great) the 64th King of Britain, born Briton abt.110 b.c. died 62 b.c. married Don ferch Mathonwy. (c) A semi-legendaryBritish king who was probably an historical ruler, though any facts havebecome so covered by the dust of myth that it is impossible to becertain about his true basis. Bel was the name of one of the principalCeltic deities, the god of the sun and of light, and it is notsurprising that the name would be adopted by later warrior kings, thoughhow much the episodes about Bel in myth are derived from those of a realking of that name (or vice versa) cannot be determined. To haveacquired the cognomen Mawr must mean that Beli was a great king and itis likely that he was one of the first to impose his authority over manyof the tribes of Britain, most likely over southern Britain and Wales.The Welsh legends make him the father of LUD and Llefelys and possibleof Caswallon. Since Caswallon was High King at the time of Caesar'sinvasion, this would place Beli's existence at the start of the firstcentruy BC. It is possible to trace most of the British and Welshrulers back to Beli. Beli (Heli) Mawr Called Belenos by the Romans, wasthe Celtic God of the Sun, representing the curative powers of the Sun'sheat. His festival of Beltane, when bonfires were lit to welcome in theSummer and encourage the Sun's warmth, was held on May 1st, and isremembered in today's May Day festivities. His symbols were the horse(as shown, for example, by the clay horse figurine offerings at Beli'sSainte-Sabine shrine in Burgundy), and also the Wheel (as illustrated onthe famous Gundestrup Cauldron). Perhaps, like Apollo, whom he becameidentified with, Beli was thought to ride the Sun across the sky in ahorse-drawn chariot. Indeed, a Celtic model horse and wagon, carrying agilded sun-disc, has been found at Trundholm in Denmark. Sometimes heis illustrated riding a single horse, throuwing thunder-bolts (hence anoccasional idenification with Jupiter) and using his symbolic radiatingwheel as a sheild, as he tramples the chthonic forces of a snake-limbedgiant. This personification is similar to the classic depiction of theArchangel St. Michael defeating the Devil. Sacred pagan hillsassociated with Beli, are thought to have had their dedicationstransferred to this saint (or sometimes St. George) by the earlyChristians. Well known examples include St. Michael's Mount (Cornwall)and the churches of St. Michael on Brent Tor (Devon), and Burrow Mumpand Glastonbury Tor (Somerset): All on a supposed ley line that facesthe Rising Sun at Beltane. He may also have been worshipped on DragonHill below the great Uffington White Horse in Berkshire.
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    Family Dom verch MATHONWY,   b. Abt 128 BC,   d. Yes, date unknown 
    Married Y  [1
     1. Caswallon AP BELI,   b. Abt 95 BC, Britain Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 48 BC
     2. Lludd Llaw Ereint AP BELI, High King of Prydein or Britain K,   b. Abt 100 BC,   d. Yes, date unknown
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