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Theophana SKLERAINA b. 956 Europe d. 15 Jun 991 Nijmegen, Holland: Généalogie MORIN Roots

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Theophana SKLERAINA[1]

Female 956 - 991  (35 years)

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  • Name Theophana SKLERAINA 
    Born 956  Europe Find all individuals with events at this location  [1
    Gender Female 
    Name Théophanie De Macédoine  [2
    _AMTID 330126063273:1030:114017017 
    _UID 15F5B86496674D8B9216CB20A44DED8CF892 
    Died 15 Jun 991  Nijmegen, Holland Find all individuals with events at this location  [1
    • Probably daughter of Leo Phokas son of Sophia Phokas by her husbandConstantin Skleros, brother of Marie (1st wife of the Basileus JohnTsimices)
      She was about fifteen years old when she arrived in Italy to be marriedto the sixteen-year-old Otto, heir to the Holy Roman Emperor and alreadyKing of the Romans. Their marriage had been arranged as part of apeace-treaty between the Eastern and Western Empires. Very little hasbeen recorded about her, except that she was beautiful and loved by herhusband. However, although she apparently did not always get on with hermother-in-law, Theophano became a competent Empress in due course, attimes acting in his absence as his representative. Yet they did manageto spend most of their lives together, indicating that their marriagehad become more than just pre-arranged. This had taken place in Rome on14 April 972 and, according to tradition, she was crowned by Pope JohnXIII. In the marriage contract, as a dowry she was given extensiveproperties in Italy as well as in The Netherlands. Suddenly, on 7 May973, her father-in-law died and as a result her husband became EmperorOtto II and she his Empress. In 977 their first child, a daughter, wasborn followed by another daughter almost a year later. In 980 a son andheir, Otto, was born followed by a third daughter. She accompanied herhusband in his unsuccessful campaigns against the Saracens in SouthernItaly. Having ignored his health, Otto II died in Theophano's arms on 7December 983 and was buried in Rome's St. Peter's Basilica. Manydifficult and unhappy years were now to come for Theophano, deserted ina time of great need by those people once favoured by her husband.Bishop Diederik of Metz, often favoured by Otto II, became herimplacable enemy trying to damage her reputation. This he continued todo even after she had died. Her son, Emperor Otto III, was crowned asKing on 25 May 983 in Aachen as a first step to being acknowledged asHoly Roman Emperor. Bishop Warin of Cologne, custodian of the littleboy, gave him to his great-uncle Heinrich, Duke of Bavaria. However,this Heinrich had only just been released from prison, where he had beenlocked up because of his opposition to his brother Emperor Otto I andhis nephew Emperor Otto II. At first Heinrich pretended that he wantedto act as Regent for the three-year-old Emperor Otto III, but it soonbecame obvious that he wanted to become Emperor himself. Next he tookpossession of Theophano's eldest daughter, Adelheid, and in Quedlinburgwas accepted as King of the Romans by some of Germany's nobles. However,many more nobles had sworn to protect the young Emperor and so forcedHeinrich to promise to return the boy to his mother. Before thekidnapping of her son, Theophano had made arrangements to return toGermany and take upon her the Regency which was justly hers. Hermother-in-law, Dowager Empress Adelaide, remained in Italy as Regent ofthe Italian kingdom. On 29 June 984, Heinrich was forced to appear at acourt at Rohr near Meiningen-im-Grabfeld but refused to hand over theEmperor. In the afternoon of that day an unusual event took place;apparently a bright star appeared in the sky and, impressed by such asupernatural phenomenon, he returned both children to their mother. As aresult of the Empress Widow Adelaide having interceded for Heinrich, hewas left unpunished, though for some time he still tried to becomeEmperor. This was until 985 when he was forced to abandon any claims,while at the same time Theophano had forced his supporters to accept herrule. Neither Heinrich nor his supporters were punished when Theophanoagain refused to take revenge as she, with political insight, realisedthat this would only extend the unrest in the Empire. While her threedaughters were brought up in convents, two would remain there to becomeAbbesses. Her son remained at her court where she took great care withhis education and, as a result, Otto III became one of the best educatedamongst the Holy Roman Emperors. Had he not died at twenty-one, he wouldhave made a much larger impact on history. As Regent, Theophano wasintelligent and active, thus achieving much more than what others wouldhave done by the sword. There were border skirmishes with Slav tribes aswell as with the Frankish kings. She obtained more co-operation from themagnates than did her father-in-law, Otto The Great. As regent she wasrequired to travel a great deal and, due to her capacity of negotation,she ensured a peaceful period for Germany. After a visit to Italy, shereturned to Germany in May 990 and from there to Nijmegen, where shedied on 15 June 991, probably only thirty-five years of age.
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    Father Constantine SKLEROS,   b. Abt 930,   d. Yes, date unknown 
    Mother Sophia PHOKAINA,   b. Abt 930,   d. Yes, date unknown 
    Married Abt 956 
    Family ID F2770  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family Otto II, Holy Roman Emperor,   b. 955, Europe Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 7 Dec 983, Roma, Italy Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 28 years) 
    Married EITHER 14 Apr 0972 OR 14 Jun 0972  Roma, Italy Find all individuals with events at this location  [1
     1. Mathilde OF SAXONY,   b. 978, Europe Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 4 Dec 1025, Deutschland Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 47 years)
    Last Modified 16 May 2018 
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