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King Charles I of France (Charlemagne) is a grandfather to many persons in our family tree. As a result we have many kings, queens, dukes, duchesses, etc. as grandparents and cousins.


Welcome to Joel Morin's family history site. You will find information pertaining to my daughter's ancestors and those of my wife. The most common locations are in: France, England, Canada and the USA. We have commoners, filles du roy, saints and royalty galore. My sources are varied and multilingual. names may be based on English, French, German and others and notes may be in English or French. If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site,please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Jean Nicolet

Jean Nicolet was born around 1598 in the Cherbourg region, in Normandy. By turn interpreter, explorer, public servant and colonist, Nicollet is one of the most prestigious figures in the history of North American exploration. Since the late 19th century, he has been credited as being as the first European to have sailed around Manitoulin Island to enter Lake Michigan. However, a thorough analysis of the Jesuit Relations for 1640 and 1642-1643, the only sources that allow us to follow Nicollet?s progress to the American Northwest, suggests another itinerary: Nicollet probably carried on past Sault Sainte-Marie ? where ?tienne Brule had stopped ? and discovered Lake Superior.