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Anglesey, Wales


Tree: Joel

County/Shire : Latitude: 53.2640423, Longitude: -4.2156043

Tree: Work in progress june2018

Latitude: 53.2653250, Longitude: -4.4291403


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Lleuci ferch Hwfa ap Brochwel ap Bledrus of Anglesey  CA 1080Anglesey, Wales I79547
2 AP EINION, Einion Fychan  1220Anglesey, Wales I78204
3 AP GRIFFITH, Tudor  1365Anglesey, Wales I78699
4 AP TUDOR FYCHAN, Margaret  1370Anglesey, Wales I51663
5 DAFYDD, Angharad ferch  Abt 1373Anglesey, Wales I79683
6 DAFYDD, Mrs. Gruffudd ap  1505Anglesey, Wales I79739
7 DAFYDD, Morfudd ferch  Abt 1378Anglesey, Wales I79682
8 DE VELVILLE, Jane  Abt 1512Anglesey, Wales I12553
9 EDYNFED FYCHAN, Madoc Ap  Abt 1160Anglesey, Wales I77895
10 GWYNN, Howel Ap  Abt 1310Anglesey, Wales I79333
11 HUGHES, Owen  Abt 1878Anglesey, Wales I1444
12 HUGHES, Owen  Abt 1878Anglesey, Wales I1253
13 IORWERTH, Hywel ap  1236Anglesey, Wales I52589
14 IORWERTH, Hywel ap  1505Anglesey, Wales I52580
15 LLEWELYN, Angharad Verch  May 1205Anglesey, Wales I9045
16 LLYWARCH, Iowerth ap  Abt 1132Anglesey, Wales I78814
17 LLYWELYN, Gwenhwyfar ferch  Abt 1326Anglesey, Wales I78608
18 LLYWELYN, Gwenhwyfar I ferch  1505Anglesey, Wales I52689
19 MAREDUDD, Ednyfed ap  1230Anglesey, Wales I52588
20 MAREDUDD, Gronwy ap  1232Anglesey, Wales I52444
21 PULESTON, Eleanor  1399Anglesey, Wales I78937
22 PYLL, Gweir ap  949Anglesey, Wales I51178
23 TUDUR, Dyddgu ferch  1505Anglesey, Wales I51633
24 VERCH SEISYLE, Medlan  953Anglesey, Wales I51871


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Angharad Verch MEURIG  920Anglesey, Wales I52518
2 AP ANARAWD, Idwal Foel  Anglesey, Wales I77918
3 AP MERFYN, Rhodri Mawr  Anglesey, Wales I51764
4 AP MERFYN FRYCH, King of Wales Rhodri  878Anglesey, Wales I52519
5 AP RHODRI, Anarawd  916Anglesey, Wales I52669
6 AP TUDOR FYCHAN, Margaret  1428Anglesey, Wales I51663
7 DE CLIFFORD, Roger II  6 Nov 1282Anglesey, Wales I57772
8 GAM, Mary  Anglesey, Wales I18423
9 GRIFFITH, William  16 May 1563Anglesey, Wales I14593
10 HARRINGTON, Alianore  8 Jan 1523Anglesey, Wales I56254
11 HARRINGTON, Elizabeth  1445Anglesey, Wales I16587
12 HARRINGTON, Isabel Elizabeth  26 Oct 1414Anglesey, Wales I15541
13 HARRINGTON, Isabella  8 Jan 1523Anglesey, Wales I56253
14 MERFYN, Rhodri (King of The Welsh) Ap  877Anglesey, Wales I52529
15 MEURIG, Angharad Verch  Anglesey, Wales I52528
16 PULESTON, Eleanor  1456Anglesey, Wales I78937


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 GRIFFITH, William  May 1563Anglesey, Wales I14593


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Llywarch / Llywarch  Abt 1176Anglesey, Wales F41301