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Buckinghamshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann  Abt 1610Buckinghamshire, England I11396
2 Juliana Krynge  Abt 1361Buckinghamshire, England I17520
3 Katherine  1489Buckinghamshire, England I12409
4 ALLYN, George  12 May 1507Buckinghamshire, England I53979
5 ALLYN, James  4 Oct 1505Buckinghamshire, England I53978
6 ALLYN, John  22 Apr 1480Buckinghamshire, England I53612
7 ALLYN, Lillie  18 Mar 1502Buckinghamshire, England I53977
8 BLACKNALL, Agnes  1528Buckinghamshire, England I44893
9 BOULOGNE, Matilda De  1112Buckinghamshire, England I35600
10 BOVINDON, Thomas  1530Buckinghamshire, England I12689
11 BOVINDON, Thriston  1530Buckinghamshire, England I12692
12 CAREW, Sir Nicholas Keeper of the Privy-Seal  1332Buckinghamshire, England I83481
13 CHEYNEY, robert  Aug 1488Buckinghamshire, England I54335
14 COPE, Letitia  Buckinghamshire, England I54845
15 DALBY, Alice  Abt 1487Buckinghamshire, England I54843
16 DE NOERS, Mrs Hugh  Abt 1146Buckinghamshire, England I50315
17 DE OLNEY, John III  Abt 1365Buckinghamshire, England I98814
18 DE STOKES, Amicia  1262Buckinghamshire, England I97979
19 DE STRATELE, William  1310Buckinghamshire, England I16040
20 FITZALAN, John 14th Earl of Arundel  14 Feb 1408Buckinghamshire, England I56026
21 FITZALAN, Ranulph  1359Buckinghamshire, England I16222
22 FLETCHER, William  1525Buckinghamshire, England I53269
23 GIFFARD, Eleanor  1460Buckinghamshire, England I13523
24 HAMPDEN, Alice  1432Buckinghamshire, England I47743
25 HAMPDEN, Christian de  Abt 1260Buckinghamshire, England I48700
26 HAMPDEN, Elizabeth Bishop  1442Buckinghamshire, England I47748
27 HAMPDEN, John  Abt 1442Buckinghamshire, England I47547
28 LEE, Leticia  <1537>Buckinghamshire, England I53827
29 MASCHON, Agnes  1411Buckinghamshire, England I54983
30 MAUNSELL, Henry Esquire  Abt 1068Buckinghamshire, England I61666
31 NOERS, Mrs William De Missenden  Abt 1121Buckinghamshire, England I50611
32 NORTH, Roger  2 Feb 1489Buckinghamshire, England I53616
33 PICKERING, Gilbert  1535Buckinghamshire, England I70457
34 POHL, Hope  1 Nov 1480Buckinghamshire, England I53613
35 POPHAM, Margery  Oct 1434Buckinghamshire, England I47418
36 STAFFORD, Ann  Abt 1446Buckinghamshire, England I15472
37 STAFFORD, Henry  MAYBE 1433Buckinghamshire, England I15473
38 STAFFORD, Henry Earl of Stafford  Abt 1425Buckinghamshire, England I47776
39 WALKER, Anne  1545Buckinghamshire, England I95603
40 WELLS, Jane  Abt 1570Buckinghamshire, England I71883
41 WOOD, Edward  1426Buckinghamshire, England I55368
42 WOOD, Joan  1435Buckinghamshire, England I55367


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 GOODSPEED, Robert  1529Buckinghamshire, England I53149
2 PAXSON, William  4 Jan 1685Buckinghamshire, England I20891
3 STAFFORD, Henry Earl of Stafford  1425Buckinghamshire, England I47776


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLEYNE, John  1483Buckinghamshire, England I54982
2 ALLYN, John  7 Feb 1543Buckinghamshire, England I53612
3 ALLYN, Lillie  1 Mar 1504Buckinghamshire, England I53977
4 BASSETT, Thomas  1500Buckinghamshire, England I12751
5 BELLO, Milonis de  Abt 1330Buckinghamshire, England I44999
6 BURKE, William  1507Buckinghamshire, England I83794
7 CAREW, Sir Nicholas Keeper of the Privy-Seal  17 Aug 1390Buckinghamshire, England I83481
8 CHENEY, Anne  21 Jun 1435Buckinghamshire, England I55617
9 CHEYNEY, Isabella  Buckinghamshire, England I54334
10 CHEYNEY, robert  9 Dec 1552Buckinghamshire, England I54335
11 COLYNGERYGE, John  25 Jul 1405Buckinghamshire, England I17570
12 COPE, Joan  1539Buckinghamshire, England I54841
13 DE HAMPDEN, Robert  1203Buckinghamshire, England I38240
14 DE HAMPDEN, Robert  1204Buckinghamshire, England I38243
15 DE HAMPDON, Sir Alexander  1264Buckinghamshire, England I48435
16 DE LA PLAUNCHE, James  Aft 1306Buckinghamshire, England I16181
17 DE RAAN, Walter  Aft 1372Buckinghamshire, England I56871
18 DE RAAN, Walter  Aft 1372Buckinghamshire, England I57349
19 DE RANE, Walter  Aft 1293Buckinghamshire, England I57798
20 DE SEAGRAVE, Alice  1 Apr 1370Buckinghamshire, England I18287
21 GREINVILLE, John  1265Buckinghamshire, England I21599
22 HAMPDEN, Sir Edmund  25 Aug 1521Buckinghamshire, England I47550
23 HAMPDEN, Elizabeth Bishop  1492Buckinghamshire, England I47748
24 HAMPDEN, John  24 Aug 1498Buckinghamshire, England I47547
25 HANKEFORD, Sir Richard  8 Feb 1431Buckinghamshire, England I19147
26 HARBOTTLE, Elizabeth  1480Buckinghamshire, England I15828
27 LEE, Robert  23 Feb 1538Buckinghamshire, England I54320
28 MAUNSELL, Philip  Buckinghamshire, England I61076
29 MOLEYNS, Anne  1441Buckinghamshire, England I82677
30 NEWBURGH, Margaret De  1223Buckinghamshire, England I49994
31 NOERS, Hugh  1185Buckinghamshire, England I50870
32 POHL, Hope  17 May 1548Buckinghamshire, England I53613
33 POPHAM, Margery  22 Aug 1483Buckinghamshire, England I47418
34 RUTLAND, Thomas  Abt 1562Buckinghamshire, England I70251
35 TOOKEFIELD, Christian  Aft 18 Feb 1632Buckinghamshire, England I72686
36 WILLOUGHBY, LUCY  17 Aug 1390Buckinghamshire, England I83448
37 WOOD, Elizabeth  1476Buckinghamshire, England I54323


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 PAXTON, John  Buckinghamshire, England I72793
2 TRIPPE, John  Buckinghamshire, England I12613


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allyn / Pohl  10 May 1502Buckinghamshire, England F27375
2 Baldwin / Chase  1562Buckinghamshire, England F37502
3 Banks / Walker  1571Buckinghamshire, England F50457
4 Burke / Gifford  1477Buckinghamshire, England F43708
5 Cholmondeley / Cheney  1419Buckinghamshire, England F24731
6 Colyngeryge / Fitz Alan  Abt 1380Buckinghamshire, England F9371
7 de Hampden / de Hampden  1065Buckinghamshire, England F19952
8 de Hampden / DeAylesbury  1333Buckinghamshire, England F24557
9 De Hampden / Michelle deFiennes  Abt 1190Buckinghamshire, England F19949
10 de Windsor / de Stapleton  1294Buckinghamshire, England F23712
11 Eyre / Ashurst  Abt 1462Buckinghamshire, England F28604
12 Eyre / Saint Andrew  Abt 1450Buckinghamshire, England F28599
13 Goodwin / Windsor  Abt 1498Buckinghamshire, England F43217
14 Hampden /   Abt 1035Buckinghamshire, England F19953
15 Hampden / Hampden  Abt 1147Buckinghamshire, England F19946
16 Hampden Buckingham / DeGrenville  1281Buckinghamshire, England F25059
17 KNYVETT / Stafford  1465Buckinghamshire, England F8859
18 Molyns / Beaumont  1377Buckinghamshire, England F43140
19 Reade / Farnley  1441Buckinghamshire, England F29198
20 Stern / Hampden  Abt 1454Buckinghamshire, England F24548
21 Wheeler /   Bef 1535Buckinghamshire, England F7326