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Carmarthenshire, Wales


Tree: Joel

Latitude: 51.8598535, Longitude: -4.2608531


Matches 1 to 61 of 61

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mrs. Einion Clud  Carmarthenshire, Wales I75360
2 Llywelyn  Carmarthenshire, Wales I79539
3 AP GRONWY, Rhys  1190Carmarthenshire, Wales I78384
4 AP GRUFFUDD, Mrs. Einion  935Carmarthenshire, Wales I76521
5 AP GRUFFUDD, Owain  1198Carmarthenshire, Wales I78538
6 AP HEILIN, Mrs Maredudd  Carmarthenshire, Wales I79540
7 AP LLEWELYN, Ifor  1210Carmarthenshire, Wales I77371
8 AP LLYWARCH, Lord Einion  Abt 1130Carmarthenshire, Wales I78379
9 AP RHYS, Gruffudd King of South Wales  1148Carmarthenshire, Wales I22503
10 APELIDIR, Elidir Ddu  1246Carmarthenshire, Wales I84055
11 APRHYS, Ieuan  1186Carmarthenshire, Wales I84125
12 ARBENNIG, Rhys  1027Carmarthenshire, Wales I76494
13 ARBENNIG, Rhys  1031Carmarthenshire, Wales I76495
14 DAFYDD, Angharad ferch  Carmarthenshire, Wales I77154
15 DAFYDD, Miss ferch  Abt 1370Carmarthenshire, Wales I52226
16 DDU, Maud ferch Elidir  1505Carmarthenshire, Wales I78080
17 DE DEUHEUBARTH, Gwenllian  Abt 1242Carmarthenshire, Wales I78072
18 DE LONDRES, Mrs Maurice  Abt 1142Carmarthenshire, Wales I62194
19 DECHAWORTH, Maud  1282Carmarthenshire, Wales I8516
20 DWNN, Cadwgon Llwyd  Abt 1330Carmarthenshire, Wales I84082
21 GRUFFUDD, Glwadus ferch  Abt 1051Carmarthenshire, Wales I50083
22 GRUFFUDD, Iorwerth ap  Abt 1275Carmarthenshire, Wales I79016
23 GRUFFUDD, Lleucu verch  1192Carmarthenshire, Wales I77797
24 GWALLTER, Nest ferch  Carmarthenshire, Wales I78860
25 GWION, Angharad ferch  Carmarthenshire, Wales I78539
26 GWION, Madog ap  Carmarthenshire, Wales I79040
27 GWYN, Llywarch ap  Carmarthenshire, Wales I79292
28 HEILIN, Gwenllian ferch  Carmarthenshire, Wales I79294
29 HEILIN, Gwion ap  Abt 1077Carmarthenshire, Wales I78768
30 HEILIN, Ieuan ap  Carmarthenshire, Wales I79295
31 HYWEL, Rhys ap  Carmarthenshire, Wales I78346
32 IEUAN, Llywelyn Ap  1270Carmarthenshire, Wales I77795
33 LESTYN, Catrin verch  Abt 670Carmarthenshire, Wales I79027
34 LLYWELYN, Einion ap  Carmarthenshire, Wales I78331
35 LLYWELYN, Gruffudd ap  Carmarthenshire, Wales I77523
36 MAREDUDD, Ellyw I ferch  Aft 1250Carmarthenshire, Wales I77180
37 MORGAN, Dafydd ap  Abt 1020Carmarthenshire, Wales I76093
38 MORUS, Llywelyn ap  Carmarthenshire, Wales I78305
39 OWAIN, Cadwgon Ap  Carmarthenshire, Wales I50151
40 OWAIN, John ap  Carmarthenshire, Wales I78339
41 PARRY, Hugh  4 Jul 1473Carmarthenshire, Wales I47863
42 RHODRI, Reingar Ap  865Carmarthenshire, Wales I52716
43 RHYS, Agnes verch  Abt 1184Carmarthenshire, Wales I49855
44 RHYS, Angharad ferch  Abt 1229Carmarthenshire, Wales I50254
45 RHYS, Elinor ferch  Abt 1085Carmarthenshire, Wales I74996
46 RHYS, Miss ferch  Abt 1232Carmarthenshire, Wales I50248
47 RHYS, Gwenllian ferch  Abt 1240Carmarthenshire, Wales I78378
48 RHYS, Margred ferch  Abt 1145Carmarthenshire, Wales I49852
49 RHYS, Rhys ap  Abt 1224Carmarthenshire, Wales I50247
50 RHYS, Rhys Ap  Abt 1225Carmarthenshire, Wales I50255
51 RHYS, Rhys Ap  Abt 1227Carmarthenshire, Wales I50253
52 RHYS, Tangwystl Verch  Abt 1156Carmarthenshire, Wales I75398
53 RHYS, Thomas ap  1530Carmarthenshire, Wales I83921
54 RHYS MECHYLL, Rhys Ieuanc ap  Carmarthenshire, Wales I49927
55 TEWDWR, Nest Verch  Abt 1046Carmarthenshire, Wales I75254
56 VERCH GRIFFITH, Lleci  1135Carmarthenshire, Wales I77885
57 VERCH GRIFFITH, Lleucu  1436Carmarthenshire, Wales I76754
58 VERCH LLYWARCH, Princess of Dyfed Elen  887Carmarthenshire, Wales I52526
59 VYCHAN, Margaret Verch Rhys  Abt 1232Carmarthenshire, Wales I50245
60 WALES, Llewellyn II Prince of (The Last)  1220Carmarthenshire, Wales I21518
61 WINTER, Thomas  Carmarthenshire, Wales I77779


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 AP LLYWARCH, Lord Einion  Carmarthenshire, Wales I78379


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AP GRONWY, Rhys  1246Carmarthenshire, Wales I78384
2 AP LLYWARCH, Lord Einion  1164Carmarthenshire, Wales I78379
3 AP PHILIP, Nicolas  1393Carmarthenshire, Wales I83997
4 BULKELEY, Janet  1527Carmarthenshire, Wales I47651
5 DINEFWR, Gruffydd Ap Rhys  avril 1137Carmarthenshire, Wales I50467
6 EINION, Cadell ap  Aft 1018Carmarthenshire, Wales I51772
7 HYDDGAM, Verch Madog  1320Carmarthenshire, Wales I84056
8 JEVEN, Jenet Verch  Carmarthenshire, Wales I17617
9 LE BOTELER, Catherine  Bef 1412Carmarthenshire, Wales I17700
10 LESTYN, Catrin verch  Abt 750Carmarthenshire, Wales I79027
11 LLYWELYN, Mabli ferch  1405Carmarthenshire, Wales I77357
12 PARRY, Hugh  1527Carmarthenshire, Wales I47863
13 RHYS, Hywel ap  1204Carmarthenshire, Wales I49845
14 SCUDAMORE, Jane Joan Lady Donne  1448Carmarthenshire, Wales I84041


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 LESTYN, Catrin verch  Abt 750Carmarthenshire, Wales I79027


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ap Llywarch / Llewelyn  Abt 1159Carmarthenshire, Wales F40869
2 Ap Llywarch / Llewelyn  Abt 1159Carmarthenshire, Wales F40896
3 apGruffudd / Richard  1214Carmarthenshire, Wales F43930
4 apGruffudd / Richard  1214Carmarthenshire, Wales F43950
5 Idnerth / Verch Gruffydd  1096Carmarthenshire, Wales F39701
6 Idnerth / Verch Gruffydd  1096Carmarthenshire, Wales F39710
7 Parry / Bulkeley  1497Carmarthenshire, Wales F24500