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Cedweli, Carmarthenshire, Wales



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AP CADWGON, Ieuan  1255Cedweli, Carmarthenshire, Wales I84083
2 AP IEUAN, Cadwgon  1281Cedweli, Carmarthenshire, Wales I84053
3 AP MAREDUDD, Iorwerth  1235Cedweli, Carmarthenshire, Wales I84138
4 AP MAREDUDD, Mrs. Iorwerth  1239Cedweli, Carmarthenshire, Wales I84139
5 COFFIN, Jane  1329Cedweli, Carmarthenshire, Wales I79597
6 EINION, Efa Verch  1329Cedweli, Carmarthenshire, Wales I79600
7 GRUFFUDD, Cadwgon  1332Cedweli, Carmarthenshire, Wales I84020
8 IORWERTH, Lleucu Verch  1260Cedweli, Carmarthenshire, Wales I84084


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ap Cadwgon / Iorwerth  1280Cedweli, Carmarthenshire, Wales F43856
2 Ap Cadwgon / Iorwerth  1280Cedweli, Carmarthenshire, Wales F43878
3 Ap Maredudd / Ap Maredudd  1259Cedweli, Carmarthenshire, Wales F43890
4 Ap Maredudd / Ap Maredudd  1259Cedweli, Carmarthenshire, Wales F43904
5 Cadwgon / Cydifor  1237Cedweli, Carmarthenshire, Wales F43880
6 Cadwgon / Cydifor  1237Cedweli, Carmarthenshire, Wales F43903
7 Gruffudd / Llywelyn  1349Cedweli, Carmarthenshire, Wales F43822