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Cegidfa, Montgomeryshire, Wales



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DAFYDD, Gwenhwyfar ferch  Abt 1406Cegidfa, Montgomeryshire, Wales I76356
2 DAFYDD, Mawd Wen ferch  Cegidfa, Montgomeryshire, Wales I75928
3 GRUFFUDD, Alswn ferch  Abt 1410Cegidfa, Montgomeryshire, Wales I79395
4 GRUFFUDD, Miss ferch  Cegidfa, Montgomeryshire, Wales I77500
5 GRUFFUDD, Miss ferch  Abt 1415Cegidfa, Montgomeryshire, Wales I79396
6 GRUFFUDD, Robert ap  Abt 1420Cegidfa, Montgomeryshire, Wales I79397
7 IEUAN, Dafydd ap  Cegidfa, Montgomeryshire, Wales I76680
8 IEUAN, Gwenllian ferch  Abt 1357Cegidfa, Montgomeryshire, Wales I52076
9 IEUAN, Llywelyn ap  Cegidfa, Montgomeryshire, Wales I77292
10 LLYWELYN, Morus ap  Cegidfa, Montgomeryshire, Wales I77512
11 MAREDUDD, Dafydd ap  Abt 1110Cegidfa, Montgomeryshire, Wales I76230