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Chester, Cheshire, England


Tree: Joel

Latitude: 53.1933920, Longitude: -2.8930750


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Agnes of Chester  1174Chester, Cheshire, England I49028
2 Agnes of Chester Beatrix Lady of Chartley  1174Chester, Cheshire, England I90199
3 BLUNDEVILLE, Agnes  Abt 1182Chester, Cheshire, England I90190
4 BLUNDEVILLE, Nichola  Abt 1230Chester, Cheshire, England I90191
5 CLERE, Matilda  Abt 1245Chester, Cheshire, England I60562
6 COVENTRE, de  1120Chester, Cheshire, England I50792
7 D' AVRANCHES, Adam  1099Chester, Cheshire, England I46394
8 DE BLUNDEVILLE, Mabel  1182Chester, Cheshire, England I90188
9 DE CHADDERTON, Adam  Abt 1214Chester, Cheshire, England I66832
10 DE CHADDERTON, Geoffrey  1208Chester, Cheshire, England I66523
11 DE CHADDERTON, Richard  Abt 1216Chester, Cheshire, England I66831
12 DE DAVENPORT, Henry  1256Chester, Cheshire, England I17883
13 DE HOKENHULL, Dunniger Lord of Hockenhull Huxley  Abt 1200Chester, Cheshire, England I68842
14 DE HOKENHULL, Swane Lord of Hockenhull Huxley  Abt 1195Chester, Cheshire, England I68853
15 DE HOKENHULL, William Lord of Hokenhull and Huxley  1210Chester, Cheshire, England I68815
16 DE HUXLEGH, William  Abt 1210Chester, Cheshire, England I68868
17 DE KEVELIOC, Matilda Maud  1171Chester, Cheshire, England I21800
18 DE KEVELIOC, Matilda Maud of Chester  1170Chester, Cheshire, England I75122
19 DE KEVELIOCK, Maud  1171Chester, Cheshire, England I49903
20 DE MESCHINES, Mabel Countess of Sussex  Abt 1173Chester, Cheshire, England I34535
21 DE WORSLEY, Margaret  1305Chester, Cheshire, England I48649
22 DEDAVENPORT, Ellen  1254Chester, Cheshire, England I57566
23 ERDESWIK, Thomas de  1206Chester, Cheshire, England I50203
24 HUXLEGH, . Hugh de  Abt 1250Chester, Cheshire, England I68783
25 HUXLEGH, Lenke  1212Chester, Cheshire, England I68816
26 HUXLEGH, Margaret de  Abt 1328Chester, Cheshire, England I68746
27 HUXLEGH, Robert de Sir Knt  Abt 1234Chester, Cheshire, England I68845
28 HUXLEGH, . William de  Abt 1275Chester, Cheshire, England I68749
29 HUXLEIGH, Ellen de  Abt 1336Chester, Cheshire, England I68745
30 HUXLEY, Simon de  Abt 1248Chester, Cheshire, England I68841
31 KENELIOC DE BOSTOCK, Hawise  1180Chester, Cheshire, England I90197
32 KNOWN, NOT  1543Chester, Cheshire, England I12036
33 LAWSON, Margaret  1472Chester, Cheshire, England I55725
34 MALET, Mercia  Abt 1005Chester, Cheshire, England I101233
35 MESCHINES, Miss de  Abt 1180Chester, Cheshire, England I90186
36 MESCHINES, Nicola de  Abt 1182Chester, Cheshire, England I90185
37 MOHAUT, Roger de  Abt 1185Chester, Cheshire, England I35397
38 OREBY, Mrs. Philip De  Abt 1196Chester, Cheshire, England I49924
39 SMITH, Margeret  1487Chester, Cheshire, England I13892
40 WARENNA, Edith de  Abt 1076Chester, Cheshire, England I62568


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 DUTTON, Richard  Chester, Cheshire, England I15691


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ATHELSTANSDOTTAR, Alwara  1044Chester, Cheshire, England I24314
2 BOLINGBROKE, Lady Lucia Countess Avranches Bayeux Chester  26 Jun 1144Chester, Cheshire, England I22521
3 BRERETON, Sir Andrew  Abt 1527Chester, Cheshire, England I55214
4 BRERETON, Lady Elizabeth  12 Apr 1497Chester, Cheshire, England I54202
5 BRERETON, Joan  30 Apr 1517Chester, Cheshire, England I55211
6 BRERETON, Nicholas  13 Mar 1460Chester, Cheshire, England I56204
7 BRERETON, Sir William VIII  13 Mar 1461Chester, Cheshire, England I55218
8 BRERETON, Lord William  18 Oct 1485Chester, Cheshire, England I54710
9 BUNBURY, Richard de  1459Chester, Cheshire, England I18466
10 CORBET, Alice  8 Sep 1458Chester, Cheshire, England I99033
11 COTTON, Mary  16 Nov 1580Chester, Cheshire, England I13280
12 D'AUBIGNY, Cicely  18 Jun 1260Chester, Cheshire, England I34900
13 DE BRIQUESSART, Ranulf Viscount of Bayeux  Abt 1089Chester, Cheshire, England I24673
14 DE LACY, Nigell  Chester, Cheshire, England I96683
15 DE MANDEVILLE, Geoffrey III 2nd Earl of Essex  21 Oct 1166Chester, Cheshire, England I22671
16 DE MESCHINES, Mabel Countess of Sussex  6 Jan 1232Chester, Cheshire, England I34535
17 DE ORREBY, Clemence  1258Chester, Cheshire, England I50230
18 DE ORREBY, Phillip  1238Chester, Cheshire, England I49923
19 FITZHUGH, Osbern  1186Chester, Cheshire, England I45428
20 FITZROBERT, Mabel de Solariis  Aft 1190Chester, Cheshire, England I60262
21 FITZROBERT, Maud  29 Jul 1189Chester, Cheshire, England I22758
22 FITZROGER, Roger  Abt 1304Chester, Cheshire, England I57140
23 GERBOD  1071Chester, Cheshire, England I24248
24 HULMES, Robert  14 Jan 1605Chester, Cheshire, England I11788
25 INGHAM, Sir Oliver  1344Chester, Cheshire, England I33973
26 LAWSON, Margaret  1543Chester, Cheshire, England I55725
27 LE PINCERNA, Richard  Aft 1119Chester, Cheshire, England I50497
28 LEGH, Agnes  1478Chester, Cheshire, England I55724
29 LIMESAY, Baldric de  1086Chester, Cheshire, England I51009
30 LLEWELYN, Margaret Verch  1253Chester, Cheshire, England I7570
31 OREBY, Mrs. Philip De  1227Chester, Cheshire, England I49924
32 RODE, William de  1304Chester, Cheshire, England I74364


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 D'AVRANCHES, Hugh  Chester, Cheshire, England I46353
2 DE BANASTRE, Thurstan II  1154Chester, Cheshire, England I60334
3 DE MESCHINES, Ranulph  3 Nov 1232Chester, Cheshire, England I90193
4 DE MOHAUT, Lady Cecily  1201Chester, Cheshire, England I60335
5 UA TUATHAIL, St. Laurence Earl- Chester  3 Nov 1232chester, Cheshire, England I63023
6 WYNN, Margaret  Chester, Cheshire, England I12910


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 LLEWELYN, Margaret Verch  1253Chester, Cheshire, England I8835


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Stavelegh  Abt 1328Chester, Cheshire, England F24876
2 ap Irowerth / of England  16 Apr 1205Chester, Cheshire, England F3552
3 ap Irowerth / of England  16 Apr 1205Chester, Cheshire, England F3557
4 Brereton / Hulse  1436Chester, Cheshire, England F27824
5 De Hyde / Stavelegh  Abt 1328Chester, Cheshire, England F24756
6 DeGernon / DeMontfort  1169Chester, Cheshire, England F38960
7 Kevelioc 'Earl of Chester' /   1169Chester, Cheshire, England F47570


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Kevelioc 'Earl of Chester' /   1169Chester, Cheshire, England F17842