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Derby, Derbyshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Lady Katherine Lister  1345Derby, Derbyshire, England I96524
2 BANCROFT, John  1592Derby, Derbyshire, England I8157
3 BASSETT, William  Oct 1600Derby, Derbyshire, England I67647
4 BONYTHON, Jane  1601Derby, Derbyshire, England I8121
5 CURZON, Richard I Sir  1405Derby, Derbyshire, England I73357
6 DE BOHUN DE FERRERS, Alianore  1250Derby, Derbyshire, England I50355
7 DE FERRERS, Agnes  1244Derby, Derbyshire, England I97554
8 DE FERRERS, Henry  1148Derby, Derbyshire, England I6381
9 DE FERRERS, Hugo  1146Derby, Derbyshire, England I6380
10 DE FERRERS, Isabell  Abt 1170Derby, Derbyshire, England I6430
11 DE FERRERS, Isolda  Abt 1142Derby, Derbyshire, England I6377
12 DE FERRERS, Matilda  Abt 1143Derby, Derbyshire, England I6378
13 DE FERRERS, Robert  1144Derby, Derbyshire, England I6379
14 DE FERRERS, Sibyl  25 Jul 1216Derby, Derbyshire, England I48677
15 DE FERRERS, Sibyl FitzGuillaume  1230 (4th dau)Derby, Derbyshire, England I97535
16 DE FERRERS, William  1193Derby, Derbyshire, England I21936
17 DE FERRERS, William 5th Earl of Derby  1193Derby, Derbyshire, England I97492
18 EYRE, Roger  1424Derby, Derbyshire, England I44941
19 FERRERS, Eleanor Countess of Winchestser 1252-74  1236Derby, Derbyshire, England I22258
20 FERRERS, Eleanor  1268Derby, Derbyshire, England I19558
21 FERRERS, Elizabeth  Abt 1242Derby, Derbyshire, England I49771
22 FERRERS, sir Hugh of Bugbrooke  Abt 1204Derby, Derbyshire, England I49361
23 FERRERS, Joan Co-heiress  1233 (5th dau)Derby, Derbyshire, England I49099
24 FERRERS, Joan Margaret  1248Derby, Derbyshire, England I8199
25 FERRERS, Robert 6th Earl of Derby  1239Derby, Derbyshire, England I18382
26 FERRERS, Sybil  1230 (4th dau)Derby, Derbyshire, England I97536
27 FERRERS, sir Thomas of Chartley  Abt 1202Derby, Derbyshire, England I49359
28 FERRERS, William of Groby 7th Earl of Derby  1240 2nd sonDerby, Derbyshire, England I49015
29 LEEKE, Isabel  1390Derby, Derbyshire, England I15817
30 LEEKE, Katherine  1412Derby, Derbyshire, England I13405
31 LISTER, Sir John  1290Derby, Derbyshire, England I96441
32 LISTER, Sir Richard  1345Derby, Derbyshire, England I96482
33 LISTER, Richard  1396Derby, Derbyshire, England I96398
34 LISTER, Sir Thomas  1260Derby, Derbyshire, England I96481
35 OLDHAM, John  1430Derby, Derbyshire, England I17180
36 PARKER, Robert  1386Derby, Derbyshire, England I99140
37 SALTONSTALL, Lady Anna  10 Jan 1550Derby, Derbyshire, England I70105
38 STATHAM, Sir John Earl of Stahum  1408Derby, Derbyshire, England I15211
39 WHITTINGTON  1224Derby, Derbyshire, England I66725


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Lady Katherine Lister  1403Derby, Derbyshire, England I96524
2 ABELL, Robert  18 Mar 1577Derby, Derbyshire, England I72553
3 AUDLEY, Joan  1392Derby, Derbyshire, England I18919
4 BANCROFT, Thomas  13 Oct 1626Derby, Derbyshire, England I8123
5 BOOTH, Margery  1460Derby, Derbyshire, England I32474
6 DE BOLTON, Isabel  Abt 1379Derby, Derbyshire, England I96521
7 DE PERSHALE, Isabel  1410Derby, Derbyshire, England I15274
8 DE SOMERVILLE, Margaret  1244Derby, Derbyshire, England I60712
9 ERRINGTON, Rebecca  1639Derby, Derbyshire, England I8092
10 FITZHUBERT, Ralph Of Crick  1086Derby, Derbyshire, England I76042
11 HALL, Isabell  23 Jul 1578Derby, Derbyshire, England I72429
12 LEEKE, Isabel  1440Derby, Derbyshire, England I15817
13 LEEKE, Katherine  1500Derby, Derbyshire, England I13405
14 LISTER, Sir John  Derby, Derbyshire, England I96441
15 LISTER, Sir Thomas  1316Derby, Derbyshire, England I96481
16 OF HUNTINGDON, Robert  1221Derby, Derbyshire, England I75309
17 OLDHAM, John  1465Derby, Derbyshire, England I17180
18 WHITTINGTON, Simon  Derby, Derbyshire, England I66727


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bancroft / Bonython  1620Derby, Derbyshire, England F4293
2 Blount / Ferrieres  1111Derby, Derbyshire, England F31747
3 de Bohun / de la Chapelle  1274Derby, Derbyshire, England F24769
4 DE VIPONT / Fitz Geoffrey  Bef 1260Derby, Derbyshire, England F25215
5 Harvie / Saltonstall  1570Derby, Derbyshire, England F36226
6 Musard / Musard  1141Derby, Derbyshire, England F44222
7 Parker / Birley  1409Derby, Derbyshire, England F52273
8 Vernon / Pembruge  1366Derby, Derbyshire, England F52282