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Derbyshire, England


Tree: 15sep

Latitude: 53.1666667, Longitude: -1.5833333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ann  1604Derbyshire, England I11895 15sep 
2 Ann  1614Derbyshire, England I11928 15sep 
3 Emota  1552Derbyshire, England I11267 15sep 
4 Walter  1377Derbyshire, England I20128 15sep 
5 Babington, Anne  1485Derbyshire, England I33125 15sep 
6 Babington, Edward  Abt 1504Derbyshire, England I33138 15sep 
7 Babington, Henry  Abt 1506Derbyshire, England I33140 15sep 
8 Bernehaud, Isabel  1363Derbyshire, England I25322 15sep 
9 Chapin, Honor  Sep 1630Derbyshire, England I10673 15sep 
10 Cokayne, Elizabeth  1388Derbyshire, England I25554 15sep 
11 De Bohun, Elizabeth  1350Derbyshire, England I5233 15sep 
12 De Ferrers, Agnes  1105Derbyshire, England I42836 15sep 
13 de Lee, Maria  1469Derbyshire, England I18049 15sep 
14 de Normandie, Adelisa  1047Derbyshire, England I29371 15sep 
15 Deincourt, Roger IV Lord of Knapthorpe  1290Derbyshire, England I20648 15sep 
16 Edensor, Fulcher II Lord of Endensor  Abt 1135Derbyshire, England I30493 15sep 
17 Eland, Mary  1494Derbyshire, England I17770 15sep 
18 Errington, Rebecca  1574Derbyshire, England I5469 15sep 
19 Ferrers, Isolde de  1118Derbyshire, England I30669 15sep 
20 Ferrers, Sybil de  1218Derbyshire, England I22565 15sep 
21 Foljambe, Benet  1498Derbyshire, England I17765 15sep 
22 Greene, William  1500Derbyshire, England I32748 15sep 
23 Gresley, John  1386Derbyshire, England I25091 15sep 
24 Hansard, Mary  1650Derbyshire, England I10587 15sep 
25 Harvey, Anna  1590Derbyshire, England I11917 15sep 
26 Harvie, William  1545Derbyshire, England I11264 15sep 
27 Lumley Lytton, Joane  Abt 1532Derbyshire, England I32626 15sep 
28 Parker, Roger  1374Derbyshire, England I20003 15sep 
29 Piperell, Alice  1408Derbyshire, England I32885 15sep 
30 Revell, John  1460Derbyshire, England I17386 15sep 
31 Revell, John  31 May 1468Derbyshire, England I17773 15sep 
32 Revell, Roland  1499Derbyshire, England I17572 15sep 
33 Stanley, Margaret  1483Derbyshire, England I33416 15sep 
34 Tompson, William  1588Derbyshire, England I12452 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Walter  Derbyshire, England I20128 15sep 
2 Bradbourne, Benedicta  1515Derbyshire, England I33328 15sep 
3 Burleigh, Juliana  1450Derbyshire, England I21005 15sep 
4 Chapin, Honor  6 Apr 1631Derbyshire, England I10673 15sep 
5 de Audley, Joan  1392Derbyshire, England I25166 15sep 
6 De Curzon, Richard I.  3 Aug 1496Derbyshire, England I25454 15sep 
7 De Fraunceys, John  1333Derbyshire, England I25464 15sep 
8 du Hommet, Lucy  1282Derbyshire, England I22689 15sep 
9 Empson, Henry  Derbyshire, England I21574 15sep 
10 Eyre, Margery  8 Mar 1501Derbyshire, England I17593 15sep 
11 North, Jane Margaret  Derbyshire, England I17425 15sep 
12 Roe, Richard  1646Derbyshire, England I11172 15sep 
13 Wadham, Anne Septvans  Aft 1431Derbyshire, England I40563 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blount, Walter  Derbyshire, England I20006 15sep 
2 De Curzon, Richard I.  3 Aug 1496Derbyshire, England I25454 15sep 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Babington / FitzHerbert  Abt 1475Derbyshire, England F14478 15sep 
2 Fitzalan / De Bohun  28 Sep 1359Derbyshire, England F2573 15sep 
3 FitzHerbert / Kniveton  1365Derbyshire, England F9937 15sep 
4 Harvie /   1574Derbyshire, England F5571 15sep 
5 Pierrepont / Babington  25 Nov 1532Derbyshire, England F14483 15sep