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Derbyshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANNESLEY, John  1193Derbyshire, England I66720
2 BERESFORD, Jane  Abt 1440Derbyshire, England I56711
3 BLOUNT, Mrs Walter  1377Derbyshire, England I16477
4 BROWNE, Elizabeth  1554Derbyshire, England I71263
5 COKAYNE, Elizabeth  1347Derbyshire, England I57318
6 COTES, Elizabeth  1520Derbyshire, England I99015
7 DE BOHUN, Elizabeth  1350Derbyshire, England I7420
8 DE CALENGWODE, Sir Ralph Knight  Abt 1100–1180Derbyshire, England I45502
9 DE DERBY, Guillaume de Ferrers Comte  Abt 1193Derbyshire, England I33909
10 DE FERRERS, Agatha  Abt 1225Derbyshire, England I97538
11 DE FERRERS, Agnes  1105Derbyshire, England I52060
12 DE FERRERS, Berta de  1208Derbyshire, England I49363
13 DE FERRERS, Joan  1248Derbyshire, England I57436
14 DE FERRERS, Malcheline  Abt 1141Derbyshire, England I6382
15 DE FERRERS, Petronilla  Derbyshire, England I58742
16 DE FERRERS, Robert  Abt 1090Derbyshire, England I6375
17 DE THICK, Isabel  1401Derbyshire, England I17499
18 DESTACKPOLR, Johanna  1409Derbyshire, England I80337
19 ERRINGTON, Rebecca  1574Derbyshire, England I8092
20 EYRE, Robert Le  1317Derbyshire, England I56750
21 FERRERS, Agnes De  Abt 1224Derbyshire, England I97537
22 FITZHERBERT, Robert  1515Derbyshire, England I99031
23 FRANCIS, Elizabeth  Derbyshire, England I15278
24 FRANCIS, Elizabeth  1401Derbyshire, England I16417
25 FRANCIS, Isabell  Derbyshire, England I15275
26 FRANCIS, Jane  Abt 1383Derbyshire, England I16414
27 FRANCIS, Johan  Derbyshire, England I15276
28 FRANCIS, Margaret  Derbyshire, England I15277
29 FRANCIS, Margaret  Abt 1352Derbyshire, England I48087
30 FRANCIS, Thomas  Derbyshire, England I13673
31 GILBERT, William  1530Derbyshire, England I68463
32 GOUSHILL, Lady Elizabeth  1404Derbyshire, England I13118
33 HORSLEY, Mrs. Vincent  Abt 1551Derbyshire, England I71253
34 JEFFREY, Joane  23 Aug 1603Derbyshire, England I47205
35 LE EYRE, Nicholas  1318Derbyshire, England I56749
36 OLDHAM, John  1400Derbyshire, England I15923
37 ROYAL, Anne  1430Derbyshire, England I18588
38 STANLEY, Margaret  1533Derbyshire, England I12872
39 STONYE, Robert  1579Derbyshire, England I83784
40 WALE, Sir William Thomas  1478Derbyshire, England I73121


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ABELL, Helene Robert  Derbyshire, England I72815
2 BIRLEY, Elizabeth  Derbyshire, England I99105
3 BIRLEY, Elizabeth Margaret  Derbyshire, England I99104
4 BLOUNT, James  1409Derbyshire, England I15325
5 BLOUNT, Mrs Walter  Derbyshire, England I16477
6 BRADSHAW, Jane Anne  1547Derbyshire, England I65482
7 BRERTETON, Margery Mary  1539Derbyshire, England I55216
8 BROWNE, Elizabeth  1595Derbyshire, England I71263
9 BURLEY, Elizabeth  1488Derbyshire, England I99099
10 BURLEY, Juliana Katherine  1492Derbyshire, England I99096
11 COKAYNE, John  1369Derbyshire, England I7341
12 COKAYNE, John  22 May 1429Derbyshire, England I7128
13 CURZON, Richard I Sir  3 Aug 1496Derbyshire, England I73357
14 DE BICKERSTAFF, Adam  Aft 1272Derbyshire, England I62149
15 DE BICKERSTAFF, Simon  Aft 1272Derbyshire, England I60995
16 DE PADLEY, Robert  Derbyshire, England I56745
17 DE VERNON, Isabel  1356Derbyshire, England I18405
18 DE VERNON, Margaret  1228Derbyshire, England I34879
19 DE VERNON, Richard II  1275Derbyshire, England I49358
20 DEFRANCEIS, Robert  Derbyshire, England I58559
21 EYRE, Robert Esquire  1490Derbyshire, England I55262
22 EYRE, Robert Le  1379Derbyshire, England I56750
23 FOUCHE, Antionette  1320Derbyshire, England I57239
24 FRESCHVILLE, Eleanor  1557Derbyshire, England I55259
25 GRESLEY, Thomasine  25 Dec 1480Derbyshire, England I47600
26 GREY, Sir John Baron of Codnor  Bef 5 Jan 1272Derbyshire, England I62684
27 HARVEY, Richard  1603Derbyshire, England I70983
28 LATHBURY, Robert CollCountor of Subidies of derbyshire 1349  1376Derbyshire, England I19744
29 LE EYRE, Nicholas  1385Derbyshire, England I56749
30 NOMEN NESCIO, Marjory  1450Derbyshire, England I73544
31 SALTONSTALL, Lady Anna  1620Derbyshire, England I70105
32 TENSELY, Margaret de  Abt 1200Derbyshire, England I84749
33 THORNTON, Lady Elizabeth  Derbyshire, England I96483
34 TRUSSELL, Margaret  1366Derbyshire, England I17450
35 VERNON, Cecilia  1376Derbyshire, England I7757
36 VERNON, Elizabeth Matilda  1480Derbyshire, England I14554
37 VERNON, Robert  1236Derbyshire, England I34883


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BLOUNT, Walter  Derbyshire, England I15331
2 FRANCIS, Johan  Derbyshire, England I15276


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 MONTGOMERY, Mrs Robert  Abt 1099Derbyshire, England I24006


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 DE FERRERS, William 4th Earl of Derby  22 Sep 1247Derbyshire, England I97533


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Curzon / De Mortimer  1392Derbyshire, England F38191
2 De Franceis / Mobert  1069Derbyshire, England F30379
3 De Franceis / Mobert  1069Derbyshire, England F30380
4 de Gresley / DeWalsh Baroness Gresley  1386Derbyshire, England F24469
5 de Huntingfield / de Grey  Abt 1256Derbyshire, England F50469
6 de Somery / Grey  Abt 1304Derbyshire, England F10463
7 De Stanley / Harrington  1442Derbyshire, England F6964
8 de Vernon / de Vipont  1250Derbyshire, England F25220
9 de Vernon / Pembruge  1367Derbyshire, England F52283
10 Fitz Alan /   28 Sep 1359Derbyshire, England F7597
11 Fitzalan / De Bohun  28 Sep 1359Derbyshire, England F3965
12 Harvey / Browne  1580Derbyshire, England F36725
13 Knyvett / Stanley  1563Derbyshire, England F7143
14 Leech / Eyre  Abt 1453Derbyshire, England F28601
15 Montgomrie / Montgomery  Abt 1119Derbyshire, England F12664
16 Revell / Eyre  Abt 1496Derbyshire, England F27599
17 Stourton / Stanley  10 Feb 1548Derbyshire, England F7141
18 Vernon / de Ludlow  1414Derbyshire, England F23548
19 Vipont / de Ferrers  1232Derbyshire, England F24891