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Exeter, Devonshire, England


Tree: Joel

Latitude: 50.7184120, Longitude: -3.5338990


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 COURTENAY, Elizabeth  1333Exeter, Devonshire, England I8728
2 COURTENAY, Elizabeth  1333Exeter, Devonshire, England I7467
3 COURTENAY, Hugh Iii de Earl of Devon K. G.  Abt 1360Exeter, Devonshire, England I56256
4 CROCKER, Francis  1628Exeter, Devonshire, England I52883
5 DE COURTENAY, Margaret  1342Exeter, Devonshire, England I7943
6 DE COURTENAY, Sir Philip 'Lord Lieutenant of Ireland'  1340Exeter, Devonshire, England I7928
7 DRAKE, Gillian  1605Exeter, Devonshire, England I2865
8 DRAKE, Gillian  1605Exeter, Devonshire, England I2652
9 DURBOROUGH, Ralph  1296Exeter, Devonshire, England I84949
10 FITZURSE, Joan  1300Exeter, Devonshire, England I84956
11 HERLING, Lady Agnes  1490Exeter, Devonshire, England I13733
12 HERLING, Sir Arved Lord of Exeter  1468Exeter, Devonshire, England I68268
13 HILL, John  1338Exeter, Devonshire, England I84911
14 HILL, Mary  1570Exeter, Devonshire, England I46950
15 LITTLEFIELD, Francis Jr  1565Exeter, Devonshire, England I46948
16 MANSFIELD, John  11 Oct 1580Exeter, Devonshire, England I71224
17 MANSFIELD, Moses  Abt 1640Exeter, Devonshire, England I4189
18 MANSFIELD, Moses  Abt 1640Exeter, Devonshire, England I3968
19 MANSFIELD, Richard  1611Exeter, Devonshire, England I2864
20 MANSFIELD, Richard  1611Exeter, Devonshire, England I2651
21 MATTHEWS, Elizabeth  Abt 1612Exeter, Devonshire, England I4166
22 MATTHEWS, Elizabeth  Abt 1612Exeter, Devonshire, England I3945
23 PAGE, Maude  1460Exeter, Devonshire, England I12849
24 SMITH, Henry  1498Exeter, Devonshire, England I13227
25 SMITH, Jane  1577Exeter, Devonshire, England I54565
26 SMYTHE, Robert  1460Exeter, Devonshire, England I12848
27 WESCOTE, Sir John de  1255Exeter, Devonshire, England I99119


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 CROCKER, Francis  1628Exeter, Devonshire, England I52883


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DE COURTENAY, Sir Philip 'Lord Lieutenant of Ireland'  29 Jul 1406Exeter, Devonshire, England I7928
2 DE WESTCOTE, Canon John  1272Exeter, Devonshire, England I99150
3 DEBOHUN, Margaret  16 Dec 1391Exeter, Devonshire, England I8833
4 DEBOHUN, Margaret  16 Dec 1391Exeter, Devonshire, England I7568
5 DECOURTENAY, Hugh  23 Dec 1340Exeter, Devonshire, England I7976
6 DECOURTENAY, Hugh  02 May 1377Exeter, Devonshire, England I8997
7 DECOURTENAY, Hugh  2 May 1377Exeter, Devonshire, England I7721
8 DECOURTENAY, Sir Hugh II  23 Dec 1340Exeter, Devonshire, England I8004
9 DECOURTENAY, Sir Hugh III  2 May 1377Exeter, Devonshire, England I7995
10 DURBOROUGH, Ralph  1358Exeter, Devonshire, England I84949
11 FITZURSE, Joan  1341Exeter, Devonshire, England I84956
12 HERLING, Sir Arved Lord of Exeter  1560Exeter, Devonshire, England I68268
13 OF BAALUN, Adelise Lucia  1168Exeter, Devonshire, England I46450
14 PARKER, Loretta Alice Lady of Morley  Exeter, Devonshire, England I68142
15 SAINTJOHN, Agnes  11 Jun 1345Exeter, Devonshire, England I8041
16 SMITH, John  1668Exeter, Devonshire, England I12095
17 STJOHN, Agnes  11 Jun 1345Exeter, Devonshire, England I7931
18 WAKE, Anne  1390Exeter, Devonshire, England I8047


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 COTTERELL, Suzan  Exeter, Devonshire, England I55068
2 DE VERE, Isabel  1300Exeter, Devonshire, England I59865


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DeCourtenay / DeBohun  11 Aug 1325Exeter, Devonshire, England F4189
2 Smythe / Herling  1510Exeter, Devonshire, England F7365