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Flintshire, Wales



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AP CYNWRIG, Cynwrig  1255Flintshire, Wales I51852
2 AP EDWIN, Owain Tegaingl Lord  1020Flintshire, Wales I50920
3 AP GRUFFYDD, Iorwert  1057Flintshire, Wales I24292
4 AP NEINIAD ARGLWYDD OF TEGEINGL, Ednywain  1030Flintshire, Wales I77173
5 APCYNAN, Ednowain  Flintshire, Wales I77174
6 BELDDYN, Sir Flint Ithel Anwyl  1300Flintshire, Wales I73797
7 BIRCHINSHAW, Anne  Flintshire, Wales I14608
8 BLEDDYN, Efa ferch  Abt 1400Flintshire, Wales I78115
9 BLEDDYN, Gwenllian ferch  Flintshire, Wales I78117
10 BLEDDYN, Madog ap  1501Flintshire, Wales I77518
11 CADWGON, Einion ap  Flintshire, Wales I78356
12 CLOUGH, Anne  1561Flintshire, Wales I13323
13 CYNWRIG, Gwenllian ferch  1374Flintshire, Wales I51610
14 CYNWRIG, Richard ap  1505Flintshire, Wales I79100
15 DE LA MARE DE MONTALT, Robert  1096Flintshire, Wales I63007
16 DE MONTALT, Roger  1035Flintshire, Wales I62110
17 EDNYWAIN, Gwyn Ddistain ap  Abt 1132Flintshire, Wales I52162
18 EDWIN, Howel Ap  1042Flintshire, Wales I51267
19 EINION, Bleddyn ap  Flintshire, Wales I77766
20 EINION, Einion ap  Flintshire, Wales I78114
21 EINION, Gwyn ap  Abt 1240Flintshire, Wales I20126
22 FERCH GORONWY, Trahaearn Cristin  1105Flintshire, Wales I50812
23 FERCH OWAIN AP EDWIN, Angharad  1065Flintshire, Wales I50707
24 FITZNORMAN DE LA MARE, Ralph  1040Flintshire, Wales I63425
25 FLINT, William  1603Flintshire, Wales I69320
26 GRONWY, Cristin verch  1115Flintshire, Wales I51032
27 GRUFFUDD, Iorwerth ap  Abt 1282Flintshire, Wales I52410
28 HWFA, Margred ferch  Flintshire, Wales I74223
29 IORWERTH, Miss ferch  Abt 1312Flintshire, Wales I52166
30 IORWERTH, Gronwy Ap  1205Flintshire, Wales I78836
31 LLYWARCH, Einion ap  Flintshire, Wales I78805
32 LLYWELYN, Llywarch ap  Flintshire, Wales I79077
33 MADOG, Mali ferch  1501Flintshire, Wales I77313
34 MAREDUDD, Hywel ap  Abt 1375Flintshire, Wales I81739
35 RHYS, Lleucu ferch  Abt 1377Flintshire, Wales I81740


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 AP CYNWRIG, Dafydd  Flintshire, Wales I79380


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Goronwy verch Llydocca  1070Flintshire, Wales I77413
2 AP CYNWRIG, Cynwrig  10 Jun 1294Flintshire, Wales I51852
3 AP LLYWARCH, Ednyfed  1076Flintshire, Wales I77160
4 APCYNAN, Ednowain  1070Flintshire, Wales I77174
5 BELDDYN, Sir Flint Ithel Anwyl  1340Flintshire, Wales I73797
6 CLOUGH, Anne  1614Flintshire, Wales I13323
7 HWFA, Margred ferch  1280Flintshire, Wales I74223
8 LLEWELYN, Angharad Agnes Verch  Abt 1357Flintshire, Wales I16434
9 RICHARD, Adles Verch  1290Flintshire, Wales I74979
10 TUDOR, Gwerfyl Vychan verch  Aft 1397Flintshire, Wales I18976
11 VYCHAN, Cynwrig Ap Ithel  1520Flintshire, Wales I52099
12 WOGAN, Katherine  1460Flintshire, Wales I84043


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BELDDYN, Sir Flint Ithel Anwyl  1340Flintshire, Wales I73797


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Belddyn / Beddyn  1326Flintshire, Wales F38004
2 Belddyn / Beddyn  1326Flintshire, Wales F38016
3 Bendew / Bradwen  4 May 1154Flintshire, Wales F26374
4 Eonion / Eonion  Abt 1195Flintshire, Wales F43913
5 Salisbury / Clough  1581Flintshire, Wales F7167
6 Young / de Heneage  1363Flintshire, Wales F37760
7 Young / de Heneage  1363Flintshire, Wales F37775