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Gloucestershire, England


Tree: 15sep

Latitude: 51.8333333, Longitude: -2.1666667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mary  1580Gloucestershire, England I12590 15sep 
2 Albright, Mary  1570Gloucestershire, England I10592 15sep 
3 Belcher  1280Gloucestershire, England I22016 15sep 
4 Berkeley, Joane  1300Gloucestershire, England I21869 15sep 
5 Bohun, Humphrey de II  1070Gloucestershire, England I30253 15sep 
6 Booth, Phillip Knt  1446Gloucestershire, England I32994 15sep 
7 Bray, Edmund  1526Gloucestershire, England I32390 15sep 
8 Bray, Richard  1455Gloucestershire, England I18812 15sep 
9 Bytton, Sir John  1290Gloucestershire, England I41098 15sep 
10 Clare, Gilbert de  13 Sep 1229Gloucestershire, England I22555 15sep 
11 Cowles, John  1598Gloucestershire, England I17134 15sep 
12 de Ballon, Adelise  1099Gloucestershire, England I22763 15sep 
13 De Baluun, Emmeline Berthe  Abt 1067Gloucestershire, England I35507 15sep 
14 de Beauchamp, Philippa  1334Gloucestershire, England I21794 15sep 
15 de Bohun, Humphrey III  1143Gloucestershire, England I14370 15sep 
16 de Bohun, Humphrey I.  1079Gloucestershire, England I30256 15sep 
17 de Clare, Agnes  18 May 1228Gloucestershire, England I22557 15sep 
18 de Clare, William  18 May 1228Gloucestershire, England I22498 15sep 
19 De Freville, Margery  1292Gloucestershire, England I20197 15sep 
20 de Harley, Joan  1465Gloucestershire, England I21013 15sep 
21 de Hereford, Mahel  1132Gloucestershire, England I23016 15sep 
22 de Monthermer, Mary Countess of Fife  Oct 1297Gloucestershire, England I36323 15sep 
23 De Stafford, Catharine  1290Gloucestershire, England I21220 15sep 
24 Denys, Gilbert  1358Gloucestershire, England I24398 15sep 
25 FitzHammon, Mabel  1100Gloucestershire, England I23181 15sep 
26 FitzHerbert, Herbert lord of Blaen Llyfni  Abt 1125Gloucestershire, England I6000000003649677294 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
27 Fitzmiles, Bertha  1130Gloucestershire, England I4840 15sep 
28 Fitzmiles, Henry  1122Gloucestershire, England I23011 15sep 
29 FitzMiles, Roger ,of Gloucester, Earl of Hereford  1121Gloucestershire, England I23036 15sep 
30 FitzPons, Nn  Abt 1038Gloucestershire, England I6000000005760119519 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
31 FitzRobert, Bishop Roger  1114Gloucestershire, England I23319 15sep 
32 FitzRobert, Roger Bishop of Worcester  1128Gloucestershire, England I23110 15sep 
33 FitzRobert of Gloucester, Mabel Maud  Gloucestershire, England I22811 15sep 
34 Fitzwalter, Miles  1087Gloucestershire, England I5116 15sep 
35 Harris, Henry  1496Gloucestershire, England I17468 15sep 
36 Haworth Haward, Alice  1480Gloucestershire, England I19213 15sep 
37 Hereford, Walter de  1124Gloucestershire, England I23013 15sep 
38 Hereford, William de  1128Gloucestershire, England I23015 15sep 
39 Jordeyne, Edward  10 Jan 1479Gloucestershire, England I19256 15sep 
40 Le Strange, Anne  1462Gloucestershire, England I17499 15sep 
41 Lygon, Katharine  Abt 1584Gloucestershire, England I32401 15sep 
42 Mare, Robert de la  1152Gloucestershire, England I29701 15sep 
43 Monson, Remember  16 Mar 1604/5Gloucestershire, England I23766 15sep 
44 of Gloucester, Mabel  1128Gloucestershire, England I23322 15sep 
45 of Hereford, Lucy  1136Gloucestershire, England I23019 15sep 
46 of Hereford, Margaret  1122Gloucestershire, England I23009 15sep 
47 Pauncefoot, Grimbald  1297Gloucestershire, England I20684 15sep 
48 Strange, Catherine  1462Gloucestershire, England I17500 15sep 
49 Sudeley Boteler, Ralph  1390Gloucestershire, England I19972 15sep 
50 Throckmorton, Joan  1410Gloucestershire, England I17997 15sep 
51 Winter, Roger II Esq of Hodington  1425Gloucestershire, England I18178 15sep 
52 Winter, Roger  1451Gloucestershire, England I18175 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 de Clare, Isabel  8 Nov 1226Gloucestershire, England I6000000004250256579 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
2 ferch Llewelyn, Marared  1208Gloucestershire, England I28342 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ballon, Dreux II  1072Gloucestershire, England I23088 15sep 
2 Booth, Peter  Gloucestershire, England I33393 15sep 
3 de Baalun III, Dru Lord of Balidoon  1150Gloucestershire, England I23295 15sep 
4 de Baillon, Dreaux  1036Gloucestershire, England I23385 15sep 
5 De Ballon, Bertha  1101Gloucestershire, England I23298 15sep 
6 de Ballon, Osmund  1036Gloucestershire, England I6000000005928374145 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
7 De Baluun, Emmeline Berthe  1099Gloucestershire, England I35507 15sep 
8 de Berkeley, Elizabeth Countess of Warwick  28 Dec 1422Gloucestershire, England I19141 15sep 
9 de Berkeley, Thomas 3rd Baron Berekeley  27 Oct 1361Gloucestershire, England I21861 15sep 
10 De Braiose, Giles  13 Nov 1215Gloucestershire, England I4880 15sep 
11 de Burgh, Margaret  Nov 1237Gloucestershire, England I22634 15sep 
12 de Clare, Agnes  26 Dec 1261Gloucestershire, England I22557 15sep 
13 de Harley, Joan  1537Gloucestershire, England I21013 15sep 
14 de Hungerford, Margaret  27 Mar 1486Gloucestershire, England I17969 15sep 
15 de Montgomery, Sybil  1107Gloucestershire, England I35529 15sep 
16 De Neufmarche, Sybil  1143Gloucestershire, England I4892 15sep 
17 de Sudley, Otuel  1198Gloucestershire, England I22947 15sep 
18 De Vernon, Hawis  1145Gloucestershire, England I23205 15sep 
19 dePitres, Bertha  Gloucestershire, England I22869 15sep 
20 Faulkner, Thomas Francis  1590Gloucestershire, England I33930 15sep 
21 FitzMiles, Roger ,of Gloucester, Earl of Hereford  22 Sep 1155Gloucestershire, England I23036 15sep 
22 Griffin, Richard  1615Gloucestershire, England I12597 15sep 
23 Herbert, Blanche  1589Gloucestershire, England I23792 15sep 
24 Hody, Richard II  1399Gloucestershire, England I25618 15sep 
25 Horne, John I.  1498Gloucestershire, England I19877 15sep 
26 Hungerford, Elizabeth  1478Gloucestershire, England I17965 15sep 
27 Luce, Israel  1640Gloucestershire, England I23778 15sep 
28 Lumley, Ralph 1st Baron Lumley  5 Jan 1400Gloucestershire, England I18294 15sep 
29 Malherb, Sara  1310Gloucestershire, England I22393 15sep 
30 Monson, Remember  Gloucestershire, England I23766 15sep 
31 of Salisbury, Matilda  1142Gloucestershire, England I30243 15sep 
32 Powell, Walter Watkin  1588Gloucestershire, England I23791 15sep 
33 Smith, Gilbert  1383Gloucestershire, England I21618 15sep 
34 Soligny, Philip de  1114Gloucestershire, England I23351 15sep 
35 Strange, Catherine  Sep 1558Gloucestershire, England I17500 15sep 
36 Sudeley Boteler, Ralph  2 May 1473Gloucestershire, England I19972 15sep 
37 Throckmorton, Christopher  1514Gloucestershire, England I21135 15sep 
38 Walsh, Maurice  26 Sep 1556Gloucestershire, England I32728 15sep 
39 Whittingham, Robert Pendley  6 May 1471Gloucestershire, England I24131 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Berkeley, James de II  1463Gloucestershire, England I17187 15sep 
2 De Clare, Richard  10 Apr 1176Gloucestershire, England I4803 15sep 
3 de Mowbray, Isabel  29 Sep 1452Gloucestershire, England I17085 15sep 
4 FitzMiles, Roger ,of Gloucester, Earl of Hereford  Sep 1155Gloucestershire, England I23036 15sep 
5 Herbert, Jenkin Fits Jones of Treowen  Gloucestershire, England I28429 15sep 


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Berkeley / de Montgomery  Abt 1064Gloucestershire, England F15477 15sep 
2 Berkeley / de Mowbray  1412Gloucestershire, England F7873 15sep 
3 Blount /   Gloucestershire, England F9229 15sep 
4 Browne / Hulins  1621Gloucestershire, England F5635 15sep 
5 Browne / Hulins  1622Gloucestershire, England F5637 15sep 
6 Chamberlain /   Bef 1108Gloucestershire, England F18021 15sep 
7 Clivedon / Aller  Gloucestershire, England F10230 15sep 
8 de Gernon / FitzRobert  1135Gloucestershire, England F10365 15sep 
9 de Meschines / FitzRobert  1141Gloucestershire, England F6000000002905393347 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
10 de Pitres /   1060Gloucestershire, England F10631 15sep 
11 Denys / Russell  1399Gloucestershire, England F11109 15sep 
12 Denys / Stradling  1436Gloucestershire, England F11126 15sep 
13 Fitzpons / de Bardolf  1190Gloucestershire, England F10453 15sep 
14 Marney / Throckmorton  1440Gloucestershire, England F8333 15sep 
15 Powell / Herbert  1560Gloucestershire, England F10838 15sep 
16 Throckmorton / de Harley  1487Gloucestershire, England F9658 15sep 
17 Tiptoft / Neville  1449Gloucestershire, England F8187 15sep