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Groby, Leicestershire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DE FERRERS, Henry  1394Groby, Leicestershire, England I15588
2 DE FERRERS, Julianne  Abt 1352Groby, Leicestershire, England I19331
3 DE FERRERS, Phillipa  1337Groby, Leicestershire, England I19964
4 DE FERRERS ND BARON FERRERS OF GROBY., Lord Henry De Ferrers Earl of Nothumberland Duke of Northumberland  1303Groby, Leicestershire, England I48423
5 DE GREY, Bridget  1497Groby, Leicestershire, England I13832
6 DEFERRERS, Alice  1340Groby, Leicestershire, England I48673
7 DEFERRERS, Elizabeth  1336Groby, Leicestershire, England I48172
8 DEFERRERS, Phillippe  1321Groby, Leicestershire, England I48670
9 FERRERS, Anne  Abt 1310Groby, Leicestershire, England I49013
10 FERRERS, Margaret  1347Groby, Leicestershire, England I16665
11 FERRERS, MATILDA  1395Groby, Leicestershire, England I18345
12 GREENVILLE, Jane Grey  1500Groby, Leicestershire, England I67946
13 GREY, Lord Anthony  Abt 1476Groby, Leicestershire, England I13825
14 GREY, Cecily  1497Groby, Leicestershire, England I13838
15 GREY, Edward  1476Groby, Leicestershire, England I13824
16 GREY, Eleanor  1478Groby, Leicestershire, England I13834
17 GREY, Elizabeth Countess of Kildare  1489Groby, Leicestershire, England I13830
18 GREY, John  Abt 1432Groby, Leicestershire, England I15451
19 GREY, Sir John  1485Groby, Leicestershire, England I13826
20 GREY, Richard  1486Groby, Leicestershire, England I13820
21 GREY, Sir Thomas V  1456Groby, Leicestershire, England I13290
22 GREY, Thomas  22 Jun 1477Groby, Leicestershire, England I13818


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DE FERRERS, William  20 Mar 1324Groby, Leicestershire, England I48668
2 DE FERRERS ND BARON FERRERS OF GROBY., Lord Henry De Ferrers Earl of Nothumberland Duke of Northumberland  15 Sep 1343Groby, Leicestershire, England I48423
3 DE SEGRAVE, Ellen Margaret  9 Feb 1316Groby, Leicestershire, England I49344
4 DE UFFORD, Margaret  Bef 1368Groby, Leicestershire, England I18141
5 FERRAR, William  1468Groby, Leicestershire, England I55143
6 FERRARS TH BARON FERRERS OF GROBY, Lord Thomas  6 Jan 1459Groby, Leicestershire, England I18347
7 FERRERS, Baroness Elizabeth of Groby  23 Jan 1483Groby, Leicestershire, England I14506
8 FERRERS, William of Groby 7th Earl of Derby  20 Dec 1287Groby, Leicestershire, England I49015
9 SEGRAVE, Margaret  9 February 1316/1317Groby, Leicestershire, England I48669


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DE SEGRAVE, Ellen Margaret  1317Groby, Leicestershire, England I49344
2 SEGRAVE, Margaret  1317Groby, Leicestershire, England I48669


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Arundell / Grey  1499Groby, Leicestershire, England F7728
2 Ferrers / De Grey  1350Groby, Leicestershire, England F25038
3 Grey /   18 Jul 1474Groby, Leicestershire, England F7148
4 Le Despencer / de Ferrers  20 Apr 1335Groby, Leicestershire, England F9687
5 Strathbogie / DeFerrers  Abt 1352Groby, Leicestershire, England F24630