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Leicester, Leicestershire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Nun Hawise de Beaumont  1162Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22215
2 Hugh 1st Earl Of Bedford De Beaumont  1105Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22973
3 Pernel de Beaumont  1169Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22216
4 William de Breteuil  1160Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22213
5 BARRES, Henry  1156Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22580
6 BEAUMONT, Duchess Adelinde De  1162Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22993
7 BEAUMONT, Adeline De  1102Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22987
8 BEAUMONT, Amice De  Abt 1156Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22218
9 BEAUMONT, Aubreye  1097Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22982
10 BEAUMONT, Geoffrey De  Abt 1161Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22238
11 BEAUMONT, Havoise de  Abt 1110Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22965
12 BEAUMONT, Hugh de  1106Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22995
13 BEAUMONT, Hugh Earl of Bedford de  Abt 1106Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22977
14 BEAUMONT, Mabel De  Abt 1162Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22229
15 BEAUMONT, Mabel de  Abt 1162Leicester, Leicestershire, England I59281
16 BEAUMONT, Margaret De  1125Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22562
17 BEAUMONT, Maud de  Abt 1114Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22972
18 BEAUMONT, Miss de  1104Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22976
19 BEAUMONT, Roger de Bishop of St Andrews  1160Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22225
20 BEAUMONT, Walerun De  1104Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22981
21 BROOKS, George  Abt 1550Leicester, Leicestershire, England I65507
22 DE BEAUMONT, Agnes  1105Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22978
23 DE BEAUMONT, Amicia  Abt 1112Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22980
24 DE BEAUMONT, Amicie  1156Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22233
25 DE BEAUMONT, Emma  1102Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22964
26 DE BEAUMONT, Hawise Countess of Leicester  1129Leicester, Leicestershire, England I36354
27 DE BEAUMONT, Countess of Pembroke Isabel  7 Nov 1102Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22988
28 DE BEAUMONT, Isabel Elizabeth Countess of Leicester  1122Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22563
29 DE BEAUMONT, Waleran  Abt 1104Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22969
30 DE BEAUMONT, Weve Gheuve  1107Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22974
31 DE FERRERS, Anne  1401Leicester, Leicestershire, England I18343
32 DE PERCIVAL, William Gouel Lord of Yvery  Abt 1098Leicester, Leicestershire, England I23379
33 DE TYBOTOT, Henry  1199Leicester, Leicestershire, England I49767
34 ESTOUTEVILLE, Alice  Abt 1106Leicester, Leicestershire, England I23385
35 FERRERS, EDMOND  1398Leicester, Leicestershire, England I18342
36 GRENVILLE, Richard  1160Leicester, Leicestershire, England I23425
37 HARCOURT, Geoffrey de  Abt 1161Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22248
38 HARCOURT, Mabel de  Abt 1162Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22230
39 HARCOURT, Pernel de  Abt 1166Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22244
40 HAWES, Lawrence James  Abt 1528Leicester, Leicestershire, England I65498
41 HERRICK, Agnes  1538Leicester, Leicestershire, England I65269
42 HERRICK, Christiana  Abt 1554Leicester, Leicestershire, England I65417
43 HERRICK, Helen  1546Leicester, Leicestershire, England I65416
44 HERRICK, Mary  1544Leicester, Leicestershire, England I65412
45 HERRICK, Nicholas  Abt 1511Leicester, Leicestershire, England I65514
46 HOLDEN, Mr  Abt 1549Leicester, Leicestershire, England I65500
47 LEIFEN  1410Leicester, Leicestershire, England I73289
48 MANBY, Elizabeth  Abt 1539Leicester, Leicestershire, England I65504
49 MANDEVILLE, Geoffry  Abt 1170Leicester, Leicestershire, England I50695
50 MAUREWARD, Philippa  1392Leicester, Leicestershire, England I19367
51 MEUILLENT, William  Abt 1158Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22572
52 MEULLENT, William  Abt 1158Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22571
53 MEULLENT, William  1162Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22574
54 MONTEVILLE, Alice de  Abt 1106Leicester, Leicestershire, England I23388
55 MONTFORT, Duke Hugh De IV  1104Leicester, Leicestershire, England I23428
56 PECK, Hugh  Abt 1609Leicester, Leicestershire, England I44564
57 PECK, Richard  Abt 1603Leicester, Leicestershire, England I44562
58 PLANTAGANET, Elizabeth Princess  21 Feb 1362Leicester, Leicestershire, England I18131
59 ROCKLEY, Anne  1290Leicester, Leicestershire, England I19676
60 STONE, Julia  1542Leicester, Leicestershire, England I65503
61 TIPETOT, Mrs Alda de  1203Leicester, Leicestershire, England I49134
62 WEBSTER, Richard  1545Leicester, Leicestershire, England I72636


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 HERRICK, Alice  29 Jul 1564Leicester, Leicestershire, England I65418
2 HERRICK, Bartholomew William  9 Dec 1562Leicester, Leicestershire, England I65420
3 HERRICK, John  1513Leicester, Leicestershire, England I65346


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 John of Ghent  3 Feb 1399Leicester, Leicestershire, England I19288
2 BEAUFORD, Constance  9 Apr 1394Leicester, Leicestershire, England I19987
3 BEAUMONT, Duchess Adelinde De  1200Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22993
4 BEAUMONT, Hugh de  S.P.Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22995
5 BROKESBY, John  Nov 1483Leicester, Leicestershire, England I16682
6 DE BEAUMONT, Duchess of Lancaster Isabel  24 Mar 1361Leicester, Leicestershire, England I49002
7 DE BEAUMONT, Robert 4th Earl of Leicester  21 Oct 1204Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22234
8 DE BEAUMONT, Robert 'le bossu' 2nd Earl of Leicester  05 Apr 1168Leicester, Leicestershire, England I7691
9 DE BEAUMONT, Robert 'le bossu' 2nd Earl of Leicester  5 Apr 1168Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6502
10 DE GRANDMESNIL, Hugh  22 Feb 1094Leicester, Leicestershire, England I23431
11 DE GRANDMESNIL, Petronilla Countess of Leicester  1 Apr 1212Leicester, Leicestershire, England I21940
12 DESEGRAVE, John  01 Apr 1353Leicester, Leicestershire, England I8772
13 DESEGRAVE, John  1 Apr 1353Leicester, Leicestershire, England I7510
14 HERRICK, Bartholomew William  2 Mar 1652Leicester, Leicestershire, England I65420
15 HERRICK, Nicholas  9 Nov 1592Leicester, Leicestershire, England I65411
16 PLANTAGENET, Henry Earl Lancaster  22 Sep 1345Leicester, Leicestershire, England I8236
17 STONE, Julia  14 Feb 1623Leicester, Leicestershire, England I65503


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Richard III  1485Leicester, Leicestershire, England I17975
2 BEAUMONT, Roger de Bishop of St Andrews  Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22225
3 DE BEAUMONT, Robert 4th Earl of Leicester  21 Oct 1205Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22234
4 DE GRANDMESNIL, Petronilla Countess of Leicester  Leicester, Leicestershire, England I21940
5 DE HUNGERFORD, Mary  Aft 10 Jul 1533Leicester, Leicestershire, England I13261
6 HERRICK, Nicholas  1592Leicester, Leicestershire, England I65411
7 MANBY, Elizabeth  5 Sep 1626Leicester, Leicestershire, England I65504


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEAUMONT, Miss de  Abt 1104Leicester, Leicestershire, England I22976
2 DE BEAUMONT, Hawise Countess of Leicester  1129Leicester, Leicestershire, England I36354
3 ESTONTEVILLE, Alice de  1106Leicester, Leicestershire, England I23390


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Estouteville  <1127>Leicester, Leicestershire, England F12295
2 / Monteville  Abt 1130Leicester, Leicestershire, England F12296
3 Beaumont / de Gael  Abt 1131Leicester, Leicestershire, England F11771
4 Davis / Herrick  1557Leicester, Leicestershire, England F33958
5 de Percival / Bellomont  Abt 1130Leicester, Leicestershire, England F12287
6 Grenville / Beaumont  1183Leicester, Leicestershire, England F12337
7 Herrick / Manby  Abt 1560Leicester, Leicestershire, England F34064
8 Meuillent / Beaumont  Abt 1183Leicester, Leicestershire, England F11948
9 Montfort / Beaumont  From Abt 1118 to 1139Leicester, Leicestershire, England F12336


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Meullent / Beaumont  Abt 1183Leicester, Leicestershire, England F11947