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Leicestershire, England


Tree: Joel

Latitude: 52.7401228, Longitude: -1.1405925


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amida  Abt 1175Leicestershire, England I22236
2 Henry I Count of Eu  1075Leicestershire, England I62091
3 Roger  Abt 1771Leicestershire, England I22235
4 ASHBY, Robert  1275Leicestershire, England I73948
5 BEAUMONT, Elizabeth Isabel  1088Leicestershire, England I22989
6 BECKERING, Elizabeth Millicent  1357Leicestershire, England I45738
7 BRUDENALL, Sir Robert  1461Leicestershire, England I55399
8 CHAMPAGNE, Margaret  Abt 1090Leicestershire, England I62090
9 COMYN, Agnes  1244Leicestershire, England I21448
10 D' AMBROISE, Agnes Hue  1118Leicestershire, England I87114
11 DE BEAUMONT, Robert 3rd Earl of Leicester  Abt 1125Leicestershire, England I21938
12 DE FERRERS, Thomas  1354Leicestershire, England I19329
13 DE HARCOURT, Jane  Abt 1325Leicestershire, England I66603
14 DE HOUGHTON, Katherine  Abt 1490Leicestershire, England I73374
15 DE PAYEN, Edmond  1129Leicestershire, England I60327
16 DEHARCOURT, Thomas  1343Leicestershire, England I66431
17 DUDLEY, James  Abt 1616Leicestershire, England I72050
18 DUDLEY, Thomas  Abt 1610Leicestershire, England I72046
19 FALAISE, Beatrice  1028Leicestershire, England I51792
20 FITZ HERBERT, John  Abt 1210Leicestershire, England I74905
21 FITZ HERBERT, Mrs John  Abt 1210Leicestershire, England I74906
22 GREY, Margaret  1494Leicestershire, England I13821
23 GREY, Sir John  1432Leicestershire, England I13837
24 HARRINGTON, Joan  Abt 1510Leicestershire, England I13785
25 HEER DE AMBOISE, Hugo II  1075Leicestershire, England I88123
26 HOUGHTON, Katherine De  1449Leicestershire, England I73023
27 HUNT, Thomas  1610Leicestershire, England I72113
28 MALLORY, daughter of Piers  Abt 1254Leicestershire, England I58648
29 MALLORY, Mrs Iseult  1169Leicestershire, England I50050
30 MOSELEY, Anne  1425Leicestershire, England I73217
31 OSEVILLE, Mrs William  Abt 1310Leicestershire, England I74146
32 OSEVILLE, William  Abt 1310Leicestershire, England I74148
33 OSSEVILLE, Elizabeth  gegen 1332Leicestershire, England I73922
34 PERNELL, Amicia Fitz  1191Leicestershire, England I22237
35 PLANTAGENET, Edward  Abt 1365Leicestershire, England I18135
36 QUINCY, Alice de  1139Leicestershire, England I95667
37 SHIRLEY, John  23 Apr 1535Leicestershire, England I46541
38 SMITH, William Harris  1507Leicestershire, England I73381
39 SMYTHE, Thomas  1530Leicestershire, England I53851
40 STRATTON Lady  Abt 1170Leicestershire, England I22584
41 TRUSSEL, Alice  1384Leicestershire, England I68408
42 WEBSTER, Agnes  Abt 1518Leicestershire, England I72888
43 WEIGHTMAN, Thomas  1425Leicestershire, England I68209
44 WELLE, Emett  1406Leicestershire, England I73290
45 WHITMAN, Henry  1463Leicestershire, England I68050
46 WOLSEY, Scissely  1295Leicestershire, England I68528


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 DE BEAUMONT, Margaret  1160Leicestershire, England I21658


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alice  Aft 1134Leicestershire, England I50900
2 ALTON, Roger  1527Leicestershire, England I72790
3 ASHBY, Robert  1330Leicestershire, England I73948
4 ASHBY, William  1365Leicestershire, England I73749
5 BASSET, Alice  19 May 1390Leicestershire, England I19612
6 BRADBORNE, Agnes  1490Leicestershire, England I72892
7 BURDON, John  1440Leicestershire, England I45739
8 CHAMBERLAYN, Mrs Peganus Le  Leicestershire, England I62675
9 CHARNELLS, Mary  1575Leicestershire, England I47445
10 CLARK, Coletta  Leicestershire, England I82073
11 D'AMBOISE, Elizabeth  1153Leicestershire, England I87479
12 DE BEAUMONT, Isabel Elizabeth Countess of Leicester  Aft May 1188Leicestershire, England I22563
13 DE BEAUMONT, Robert  05 Jun 1118Leicestershire, England I7687
14 DE BEAUMONT, Robert  5 Jun 1118Leicestershire, England I6498
15 DE FERRERS, Anne 7th Baroness Ferrers of Chartley  9 Jan 1469Leicestershire, England I13816
16 DE GRENTEMESNIL, Agnes  1094Leicestershire, England I96712
17 DE HARCOURT, Sir Richard  1349Leicestershire, England I66428
18 DE HARCOURT, Richard  6 Jun 1379Leicestershire, England I66432
19 DE HOUGHTON, Katherine  1541Leicestershire, England I73374
20 DE LA ZOUCHE, Alan  10 Aug 1270Leicestershire, England I8171
21 DE LUSIGNAN, Raoul III First Count of Eu Lusignan  1 May 1219Leicestershire, England I50310
22 DE MONTSORREL, Demoiselle  Leicestershire, England I61078
23 DE SENLIS, Matilda  1140Leicestershire, England I24276
24 DEVEREUX, Walter 7th Baron Lord Ferrers of Chartley  22 Aug 1485Leicestershire, England I13815
25 DEWINDSOR, Hadewise  1135Leicestershire, England I63718
26 GREY, Edward  18 Dec 1457Leicestershire, England I14508
27 HARTOP, Sir Edward  Jan 1655Leicestershire, England I71240
28 HASTINGS, Amicia  1260Leicestershire, England I73940
29 HASTINGS, Edward John  1573Leicestershire, England I13250
30 HOUGHTON, Katherine De  1514Leicestershire, England I73023
31 HOWARD, John 1st Duke of Norfolk  22 Aug 1485Leicestershire, England I15835
32 HULCOCK, Ann  1585Leicestershire, England I72123
33 JACKS, Lady Jane Barkemsted  Abt 1593Leicestershire, England I72791
34 LEIFEN  1470Leicestershire, England I73289
35 MOTON, SIR Robert  1457Leicestershire, England I96370
36 PAYNE, Robert  Leicestershire, England I100004
37 THORNTON, sir Alan  1250Leicestershire, England I59901
38 WEBSTER, Agnes  1596Leicestershire, England I72888
39 WEBSTER, Elizabeth  1 Feb 1593Leicestershire, England I73450
40 WEBSTER, Richard  1605Leicestershire, England I72636
41 WELLE, Emett  MAYBE 20 Mar 1457Leicestershire, England I73290
42 WRASKE, Robert  31 Aug 1584Leicestershire, England I72120


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DE SEGRAVE, Elizabeth 5th Baroness Segrave  Leicestershire, England I73517
2 DE UMFREVILLE ¦, Maud Margaret Margery  Leicestershire, England I98796


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bodilly / Nelson  Abt 1514Leicestershire, England F16017
2 Bodilly / Nelson  Abt 1514Leicestershire, England F16101
3 Crophull / de la Bere  1370Leicestershire, England F9561
4 Crophull / la Bere  1370Leicestershire, England F9560
5 de Beaumont / de Vermandois  Abt 1096Leicestershire, England F2898
6 de Beaumont / de Vermandois  Abt 1096Leicestershire, England F2902
7 de Harcourt / Zouche  1254Leicestershire, England F34906
8 de Segrave / Despencer  1199Leicestershire, England F25560
9 de Stanley / Hastings  1503Leicestershire, England F6955
10 FitzRobert / de Beaumont  1150Leicestershire, England F42318
11 Pigott / Stuteville  Abt 1236Leicestershire, England F7625
12 Rie / de Toeni  1095Leicestershire, England F13304
13 Smith / Wraske  Abt 1580Leicestershire, England F37024
14 Somerville / Hamelton  1170Leicestershire, England F30516
15 Vere / Bigod  1100Leicestershire, England F26483
16 Webster / Cottrell  21 Jan 1571Leicestershire, England F37470