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Llandderfel, Merionethshire, Wales



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DAFYDD, Alice ferch  Llandderfel, Merionethshire, Wales I52092
2 DAFYDD, Dyddgu ferch  Abt 1430Llandderfel, Merionethshire, Wales I78955
3 DAFYDD, Gwenhwyfar ferch  Llandderfel, Merionethshire, Wales I79489
4 DAFYDD, John ap  Llandderfel, Merionethshire, Wales I79488
5 GRUFFUDD, Dafydd Goch ap  Llandderfel, Merionethshire, Wales I51209
6 GRUFFUDD, Huw ap  Llandderfel, Merionethshire, Wales I51214
7 GRUFFUDD, William ap  Llandderfel, Merionethshire, Wales I51212
8 HYWEL, Dafydd ap  Llandderfel, Merionethshire, Wales I79208
9 HYWEL, Gwenhwyfar ferch  Llandderfel, Merionethshire, Wales I79686
10 HYWEL, Gwerful ferch  Llandderfel, Merionethshire, Wales I78358
11 TUDUR, Hywel ap  1470Llandderfel, Merionethshire, Wales I79486