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Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AP MAREDUDD, Robert  1422Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I47859
2 CADWGON, Ednyfed ap  Abt 1365Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51620
3 CADWGON, Rhys ap  Abt 1370Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51191
4 EDNYFED, Ieuan ap  Abt 1334Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51898
5 EINION, Ednyfed ap  Abt 1300Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51632
6 GRUFFUDD, Rhys ap  Abt 1265Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51619
7 HWLCYN, Alswn ferch  Abt 1380Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51907
8 HWLCYN, Angharad ferch  Abt 1378Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51389
9 HYWEL, Angharad ferch  Abt 1336Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51887
10 HYWEL, Annes ferch  Abt 1332Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51882
11 HYWEL, Arddun ferch  Abt 1326Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51883
12 HYWEL, Efa ferch  Abt 1340Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51384
13 HYWEL, Elen ferch  Abt 1330Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51888
14 HYWEL, Gwenhwyfar ferch  Abt 1328Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51886
15 HYWEL, Gwenllian I ferch  Abt 1318Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51884
16 HYWEL, Gwenllian II ferch  Abt 1321Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51885
17 HYWEL, Gwerful I ferch  Abt 1322Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51881
18 IEUAN, Ednyfed ap  Abt 1372Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I52177
19 IORWERTH, Einion ap  Abt 1266Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51899
20 LLYWELYN, Gruffudd ap  Abt 1466Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51896
21 LLYWELYN, Morfudd ferch  Abt 1368Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51382
22 MADOG, Owain ap  Abt 1200Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I52139
23 OWAIN, Gruffudd ap  Abt 1230Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51869
24 RHIWALLON, Tudwal ap  Abt 1124Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I79558
25 RHYS, Cadwgon ap  Abt 1300Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51378
26 RHYS, Ieuan ap  Abt 1404Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51379
27 RHYS, Madog ap  Abt 1402Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I50966
28 ROBERT, Elsbeth ferch  Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I75857
29 TUDUR, Ednyfed ap  Abt 1346Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51876
30 TUDUR, Gwilym ap  Abt 1348Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51877
31 TUDUR, Llywelyn ap  Abt 1342Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51629
32 TUDWAL, Anne ferch  Abt 1160Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I79313
33 VERCH EDNYWAIN, Gwenllian  1100Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51031


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AP MAREDUDD, Robert  1509Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I47859
2 BULKELEY, Ellen  1497Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I47647
3 EINION, Goronwy ap  1331Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51890
4 GWYN, Generis verch  Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51891


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 EINION, Goronwy ap  19 Dec 1331Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire, Wales I51890