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Llanynys, Denbighshire, Wales



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AP HENRY, Deicws  Llanynys, Denbighshire, Wales I20114
2 CYNWRIG, Madog ap  Abt 1356Llanynys, Denbighshire, Wales I77651
3 DAFYDD, Llywelyn ap  Abt 1380Llanynys, Denbighshire, Wales I78357
4 HYWEL, Cynwrig ap  Abt 1330Llanynys, Denbighshire, Wales I77920
5 HYWEL, Dafydd ap  Abt 1328Llanynys, Denbighshire, Wales I78460
6 LLYWELYN, Gwerful ferch  From 1400 to 1500Llanynys, Denbighshire, Wales I77165
7 MADOG, Gwenllian ferch  Abt 1380Llanynys, Denbighshire, Wales I77921
8 MADOG, Llywelyn ap  Abt 1400Llanynys, Denbighshire, Wales I77404
9 MADOG, Thomas ap  Abt 1408Llanynys, Denbighshire, Wales I77922