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Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Iorwerth Fychan ap Iorwerth  Abt 1135Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I78144
2 AP IORWERTH, Maredudd Fychan  Abt 1180Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I77800
3 AP MAREDUDD, Gruffudd  Abt 1266Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I77802
4 AP MAREDUDD, Maredudd Goch  Abt 1220Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I77551
5 AP TUDUR, Rhys  Abt 1406Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I77072
6 GRONWY, Ieuan ap  Abt 1270Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I79645
7 GRUFFUDD, Anne ferch  Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I51210
8 GRUFFUDD, Gwen ferch  Abt 1404Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I77511
9 IEUAN, Hywel ap  Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I77586
10 IORWERTH, Madog ap  Abt 1030Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I78388
11 JOHN, Mawd II ferch  Abt 1441Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I79583
12 LLYWELYN, Maredudd ap  Abt 1295Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I77065
13 MAREDUDD, Angharad ferch  Abt 1268Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I77803
14 MAREDUDD, Catrin ferch  Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I76676
15 MAREDUDD, Elsbeth ferch  Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I76679
16 MAREDUDD, Harry ap  Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I76678
17 MAREDUDD, Ieuan ap  Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I77854
18 MAREDUDD, Llywelyn ap  Abt 1354Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I77331
19 MAREDUDD, Maredudd ap  Abt 1260Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I77801
20 MAREDUDD, Owain ap  Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I76116
21 MAREDUDD, Thomas ap  Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I76677
22 MAREDUDD, Tudur ap  Abt 1356Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I76674
23 OWAIN, Catrin ferch  Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I75732
24 OWAIN, Dafydd ap  Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I76361
25 OWAIN, Elen ferch  Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I76358
26 OWAIN, Llywelyn ap  Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I76357
27 OWAIN, Lowri ferch  Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I76362
28 ROGER, Richard ap  Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I76682
29 TUDUR, Dafydd ap  Abt 1398Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I77068
30 TUDUR, Gruffudd ap  Abt 1399Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I77069
31 TUDUR, Hywel ap  Abt 1397Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I77067
32 TUDUR, Ieuan ap  Abt 1408Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I77071
33 TUDUR, Llywelyn ap  Abt 1404Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I77070
34 TUDUR, Maredudd ap  Abt 1402Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I76355
35 VERCH MAREDUDD, Gwen  Abt 1349Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I77330
36 VERCH MAREDUDD, Margred  Abt 1264Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I77329


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 AP MAREDUDD, Madog  1160Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales I51019