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Montgomeryshire, Wales


Tree: Joel

Latitude: 52.6305556, Longitude: -3.4436111


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 VERCH RHIRID, Tudful  Abt 1243Montgomeryshire, Wales I52131
2 VERCH IEUAN, Alice  Abt 1320Montgomeryshire, Wales I19226
3 VERCH CYNFELYN, Arddun  Abt 1197Montgomeryshire, Wales I78400
4 TIBBOT, William  1517Montgomeryshire, Wales I82130
5 SEISYLL, Rhirid ap  Abt 1195Montgomeryshire, Wales I75183
6 RHIWALLAWN, DOlffyn  1140Montgomeryshire, Wales I78397
7 RHIRID, Ithel ap  Abt 1078Montgomeryshire, Wales I79311
8 RHIRID, Gruffudd ap  Montgomeryshire, Wales I77832
9 PITCHER, Efa  Abt 1185Montgomeryshire, Wales I75201
10 PHILIP DDU, Efa verch  Abt 1187Montgomeryshire, Wales I52448
11 OWAIN, Gruffudd ap  Abt 1172Montgomeryshire, Wales I50689
12 OF POWYS, Margaret Verch Madog  1133Montgomeryshire, Wales I52285
13 MAREDUDD, Gwladus ferch  Abt 1160Montgomeryshire, Wales I51641
14 MAREDUDD, Gwenllian ferch  Montgomeryshire, Wales I52079
15 MAREDUDD, Dyddgu Verch  Abt 1100Montgomeryshire, Wales I51014
16 MANOFON, Arddun Cynfelyn ferch  1206Montgomeryshire, Wales I78411
17 MADOG, Rhiwallon Cadwgon  1135Montgomeryshire, Wales I78596
18 MADOG, Nest ferch  Abt 1315Montgomeryshire, Wales I77861
19 MADOG, Margred Verch  1129Montgomeryshire, Wales I7541
20 MADOG, Lleucu ferch  Abt 1240Montgomeryshire, Wales I51171
21 MADOG, Isabel ferch  Abt 1241Montgomeryshire, Wales I79073
22 MADOG, Efa Verch  Abt 1133Montgomeryshire, Wales I78829
23 MADOG, Efa Verch  1133Montgomeryshire, Wales I84348
24 LLYWELYN, Arddun II ferch  Abt 1326Montgomeryshire, Wales I77573
25 LLYWARCH, Robert Ap  1100Montgomeryshire, Wales I50813
26 LLYWARCH, Elen Verch  1102Montgomeryshire, Wales I50810
27 ITHEL, Hywel ap  Abt 1120Montgomeryshire, Wales I79055
28 IORWERTH, Mallt ferch  Montgomeryshire, Wales I77532
29 IORWERTH, Einion ap  Abt 1183Montgomeryshire, Wales I78824
30 IEUAN, Maredudd ap  Abt 1401Montgomeryshire, Wales I79619
31 HYWEL, Nest ferch  Abt 1187Montgomeryshire, Wales I78789
32 GWYNEDD, Trahaearn Ap Caradog  1044Montgomeryshire, Wales I24785
33 GRUFFUDD, Owain ap  Abt 1223Montgomeryshire, Wales I79703
34 GRUFFUDD, Meddefus Verch  Abt 1318Montgomeryshire, Wales I75850
35 GRUFFUDD, Madog ap  Abt 1280Montgomeryshire, Wales I79476
36 GRUFFUDD, Madog ap  Abt 1219Montgomeryshire, Wales I79320
37 GRUFFUDD, Llywelyn ap  Abt 1225Montgomeryshire, Wales I79704
38 GRUFFUDD, Ieuan ap  Abt 1337Montgomeryshire, Wales I75586
39 GRUFFUDD, Generys ferch  Abt 1300Montgomeryshire, Wales I51669
40 GRUFFUDD, Einion ap  Abt 1227Montgomeryshire, Wales I79705
41 GRUFFUDD, Arthynwyn ferch  Montgomeryshire, Wales I76681
42 GRONWY, Gruffudd ap  Montgomeryshire, Wales I77081
43 EVAN, Morvydd  1465Montgomeryshire, Wales I78774
44 EIRIAN, Efa verch  <1095>Montgomeryshire, Wales I75401
45 EINION, Llewelyn ap  Abt 1038Montgomeryshire, Wales I77337
46 EDNYFED LLWYD, Leucu verch  Abt 1034Montgomeryshire, Wales I77338
47 DOLFFYN, CYnfelyn  1170Montgomeryshire, Wales I78165
48 DAFYDD, Gwenllian ferch  Abt 1430Montgomeryshire, Wales I77848
49 CYNWRIG, Gruffudd ap  Abt 1189Montgomeryshire, Wales I79560
50 CYNWRIG, Cynwrig ap  Abt 1268Montgomeryshire, Wales I51372
51 CYNFYN, Iwerydd Verch  1024Montgomeryshire, Wales I24312
52 CYNFYN, Bleddyn Mrs ap  Abt 1028Montgomeryshire, Wales I79329
53 CYNFELYN, Nest Verch  1210Montgomeryshire, Wales I78399
54 CYNFELYN, Madog ap  Abt 1204Montgomeryshire, Wales I78401
55 CYNFELYN, Llywelyn ap  Abt 1202Montgomeryshire, Wales I78405
56 CORBET, Jane  Montgomeryshire, Wales I84228
57 CADWGON, Maredudd Ap  Abt 1080Montgomeryshire, Wales I79310
58 CADFAEL, Cadian ap  Abt 1110Montgomeryshire, Wales I75346
59 BLEDDYN, Llywarch ap  Abt 1072Montgomeryshire, Wales I51022
60 BLEDDYN, Hunydd Verch  Abt 1054Montgomeryshire, Wales I79288
61 BLEDDYN, Gwellian Verch  1056Montgomeryshire, Wales I79695
62 APGRUFFUDD, Madog  1185Montgomeryshire, Wales I79445
63 AP SELYF, Beli  1070Montgomeryshire, Wales I78436
64 AP MADOG, Gruffydd  1121Montgomeryshire, Wales I84354
65 AP IORWERTH, Gruffudd  Abt 1200Montgomeryshire, Wales I52561
66 AP GWENWYNWYN, Gruffydd  1200Montgomeryshire, Wales I49966
67 AP CYNFYN, King Bleddyn  Abt 1025Montgomeryshire, Wales I79328
68 AP CYNFELYN, Iorwerth  Abt 1212Montgomeryshire, Wales I78402
69 Maredudd Ddu  1299Montgomeryshire, Wales I77149
70 Elen Aleson Ferch Maredudd ap Howell  1405Montgomeryshire, Wales I98321


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 VERCH VERCH CYNFELYN, Jonet  1288Montgomeryshire, Wales I77821
2 VERCH CYNFELYN, Arddun  Montgomeryshire, Wales I78400
3 SIESSYLLT, Annesta Verch Ap  Montgomeryshire, Wales I84419
4 PRICE, Richard  23 Aug 1601Montgomeryshire, Wales I98319
5 LE STRANGE, Hawise  1310Montgomeryshire, Wales I50292
6 EINION, Llewelyn ap  Abt 1130Montgomeryshire, Wales I77337
7 EDNYFED LLWYD, Leucu verch  Abt 1130Montgomeryshire, Wales I77338
8 EDNYFED AP LLYWARCH  1076Montgomeryshire, Wales I76196
9 CRIPPIL, Madog Vychan AP Madoc  1324Montgomeryshire, Wales I50534
10 BLAYNEY, Elizabeth  Apr 1574Montgomeryshire, Wales I98313
11 AP GRUFFYDD, Ithell  1069Montgomeryshire, Wales I24294
12 AP CYNFYN, King Rhiwallon of Wales  From 1069 to 1070Montgomeryshire, Wales I76466


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 EINION, Llewelyn ap  Abt 1130Montgomeryshire, Wales I77337
2 EDNYFED LLWYD, Leucu verch  Abt 1130Montgomeryshire, Wales I77338


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Madog /   Abt 1349Montgomeryshire, Wales F40223
2 Llywelyn Fychan / Ednyfed Llwyd  Abt 1362Montgomeryshire, Wales F26542
3 Llywelyn / Rhys  Abt 1377Montgomeryshire, Wales F40519
4 Ieuan / Hywel  Abt 1435Montgomeryshire, Wales F26831
5 Gruffudd / Llywelyn  Abt 1398Montgomeryshire, Wales F26836
6 ap Maredudd /   Abt 1116Montgomeryshire, Wales F38991
7 Ap Gwrast / Coel  407Montgomeryshire, Wales F40109
8 ap Cadwgon / Madog  Montgomeryshire, Wales F41129
9 / Eirian  1116Montgomeryshire, Wales F39017
10 / Eirian  1116Montgomeryshire, Wales F39034