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Norfolkshire, England


Tree: Joel

Latitude: 52.3555177, Longitude: -1.1743197


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEVER, Sarah  1583Norfolkshire, England I8602
2 BEVER, Sarah  1583Norfolkshire, England I7354
3 BOLEYN, Jane  1485Norfolkshire, England I8447
4 BOLEYN, Jane  1485Norfolkshire, England I7209
5 BRACTON, Jane  1354Norfolkshire, England I8795
6 BRACTON, Jane  1354Norfolkshire, England I7531
7 DE BRAOSE, Giles  Jan 1270Norfolkshire, England I8628
8 DE BRAOSE, Giles  Jan 1270Norfolkshire, England I7380
9 DEBRAOSE, Mary  1267Norfolkshire, England I8990
10 DEBRAOSE, Mary  1267Norfolkshire, England I7714
11 DEBRAOSE, Richard  1280Norfolkshire, England I8900
12 DEBRAOSE, Richard  1280Norfolkshire, England I7630
13 DEMOWBRAY, Margaret  1387Norfolkshire, England I9044
14 DEMOWBRAY, Margaret  1387Norfolkshire, England I7763
15 DESEGRAVE, John  1315Norfolkshire, England I8772
16 DESEGRAVE, John  1315Norfolkshire, England I7510
17 DETHORPE, Edmund  1319Norfolkshire, England I8549
18 DETHORPE, Edmund  1319Norfolkshire, England I7306
19 DUNKHORN, Sara  Abt 1550Norfolkshire, England I3187
20 FULLER, Robert  Abt 1550Norfolkshire, England I3186
21 HOWARD, Catherine  1414Norfolkshire, England I8663
22 HOWARD, Catherine  1414Norfolkshire, England I7409
23 HOWARD, Margaret  1445Norfolkshire, England I8350
24 HOWARD, Margaret  1445Norfolkshire, England I7117
25 PLANTAGENET, Joan  1310Norfolkshire, England I8349
26 PLANTAGENET, Joan  1310Norfolkshire, England I7116
27 PLANTAGENET, Margaret  1322Norfolkshire, England I8546
28 PLANTAGENET, Margaret  1322Norfolkshire, England I7303
29 TILNEY, Elizabeth  1450Norfolkshire, England I8757
30 TILNEY, Elizabeth  1450Norfolkshire, England I7495
31 TILNEY, Frederick  1416Norfolkshire, England I8967
32 TILNEY, Frederick  1416Norfolkshire, England I7692


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOLEYN, Ann  1510Norfolkshire, England I8679
2 BOLEYN, Ann  1510Norfolkshire, England I7423
3 BRACTON, Alice  1440Norfolkshire, England I9007
4 BRACTON, Alice  1440Norfolkshire, England I7730
5 DE CLARE, Agatha  27 Dec 1261Norfolkshire, England I8358
6 DE CLARE, Agatha  27 Dec 1261Norfolkshire, England I7125
7 DE RUS, Alice  28 Jan 1300Norfolkshire, England I8629
8 DE RUS, Alice  28 Jan 1300Norfolkshire, England I7381
9 LE RUS, William  1253Norfolkshire, England I8564
10 LE RUS, William  1253Norfolkshire, England I7321
11 WARDE, Sir Symon II  1391Norfolkshire, England I17489


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 de Lacy / fitzgeoffrey  1225Norfolkshire, England F11746
2 DeMoleyns / Beaumont  1377Norfolkshire, England F3940
3 DeMoleyns / Beaumont  1377Norfolkshire, England F3945
4 DeWeyland / DeBaldock  1316Norfolkshire, England F4089
5 DeWeyland / DeBaldock  1316Norfolkshire, England F4094
6 Howard / DeMowbray  1414Norfolkshire, England F4015
7 Howard / DeMowbray  1414Norfolkshire, England F4020
8 Howard / Tilney  30 Apr 1472Norfolkshire, England F3877
9 Howard / Tilney  30 Apr 1472Norfolkshire, England F3882