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Nottinghamshire, England


Tree: Joel

Latitude: 53.1285044, Longitude: -0.9030999


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary  <1476>Nottinghamshire, England I96408
2 BALLARDE, Thomas  1518Nottinghamshire, England I70543
3 BREWSTER, Prudence  1538Nottinghamshire, England I53844
4 BUMPASSE, Richard  1520Nottinghamshire, England I13759
5 DE AUNUS, Mrs Eberard  Abt 1194Nottinghamshire, England I59947
6 DE BECKERING, Thomas  1278Nottinghamshire, England I46007
7 DE CHAWORTH, Lady Elizabeth Baroness Scrope of Marsham  1395Nottinghamshire, England I55623
8 DE DIVE, Joan  Abt 1245Nottinghamshire, England I17065
9 DE EVERINGHAM, Thomas  1335Nottinghamshire, England I17429
10 DE LEXINGTON, John  Abt 1187Nottinghamshire, England I46145
11 DE LEXINGTON, Richard  1165Nottinghamshire, England I46088
12 DE LEXINGTON, Robert  Nottinghamshire, England I46149
13 DE LEXINGTON, Stephen  Abt 1198Nottinghamshire, England I46148
14 DENOTTINGHAM, Elgiva  1085Nottinghamshire, England I46205
15 DENOTTINGHAM, Randall  1122Nottinghamshire, England I46138
16 DEWEST, Lady Clarissa  1238Nottinghamshire, England I48633
17 EMPSON, Jane  1468Nottinghamshire, England I45690
18 EMPSON, Richard  1464Nottinghamshire, England I45637
19 FETCHINGHAM, Elizabeth  1125Nottinghamshire, England I46141
20 FURNIVAL, Matilda  Abt 1323Nottinghamshire, England I66102
21 GOUSHILL, Robert  Abt 1401Nottinghamshire, England I14219
22 GREGORY, Elizaphatt  1623Nottinghamshire, England I72005
23 GREGORY, Judah  Est 1617Nottinghamshire, England I71996
24 GREGORY, Samuel  1625Nottinghamshire, England I72006
25 HANSELYN, Mrs Ralph  1094Nottinghamshire, England I46370
26 LACELLES, Anne  <1586>Nottinghamshire, England I96327
27 LANCASTER, Lady Avice  1084Nottinghamshire, England I46403
28 LASCELLES, John George  <1560>Nottinghamshire, England I96371
29 LEA, William  Abt 1620Nottinghamshire, England I53085
30 MANNOURS, Michael  Abt 1084Nottinghamshire, England I50437
31 MANNOURS, Mrs. Michael  Abt 1088Nottinghamshire, England I50438
32 MANVERS, Leonius  1184Nottinghamshire, England I49480
33 OF NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, Joan FitzPayne  1272Nottinghamshire, England I58753
34 PECK, John  Abt 1617Nottinghamshire, England I44558
35 PECK, Thomas  1619Nottinghamshire, England I44559
36 PERRY, -----  <1608>Nottinghamshire, England I72263
37 SMYTHE, Mary  1535Nottinghamshire, England I53275
38 STAVELEY, Isabel Starely  1340Nottinghamshire, England I15820
39 SUTTON, Hugh De  Abt 1192Nottinghamshire, England I46196
40 TALBOT, Thomas  19 Jun 1416Nottinghamshire, England I47872
41 TRAVERS, Richard  1495Nottinghamshire, England I81731
42 TYLLE, Margaret  1490Nottinghamshire, England I13912
43 WELLS, Rodger  1495Nottinghamshire, England I72958
44 WILLOUGHBY, Henry  1437Nottinghamshire, England I83315
45 WILLOUGHBY, Juliana  Abt 1234Nottinghamshire, England I83471


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 MOLYNEUX, Edmund  Nottinghamshire, England I54880


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEESTON, Dorothy  1580Nottinghamshire, England I72259
2 BIRLEY, Lady Elizabeth Baroness Parker of Bulwell  Nottinghamshire, England I68546
3 CAREY, Philadelphia  03 Feb 1627Nottinghamshire, England I8339
4 CAREY, Philadelphia  3 Feb 1627Nottinghamshire, England I7106
5 D'ARCY, Philip  Aft 1326Nottinghamshire, England I17586
6 DE EVERINGHAM, Thomas  16 Aug 1369Nottinghamshire, England I17429
7 DE LEXINGTON, Robert  1165Nottinghamshire, England I46147
8 DE NEVILLE, Thomas  14 Mar 1406Nottinghamshire, England I17951
9 DE PIERPOINT, Margaret  Aft 1330Nottinghamshire, England I48531
10 DEWEST, Lady Clarissa  1276Nottinghamshire, England I48633
11 FITZALAN, Elizabeth  08 Jul 1425Nottinghamshire, England I8424
12 FITZALAN, Elizabeth Duchess of Norfolk  8 Jul 1425Nottinghamshire, England I15115
13 MARKHAM, William  Nottinghamshire, England I48375
14 NEVILLE, Elizabeth  CA 1488Nottinghamshire, England I13113
15 SCROPE, Emanuel  30 May 1630Nottinghamshire, England I8696
16 SCROPE, Emanuel  30 May 1630Nottinghamshire, England I7438
17 SCROPE, Thomas  02 Sep 1609Nottinghamshire, England I8491
18 SCROPE, Thomas  2 Sep 1609Nottinghamshire, England I7250
19 SIR ROBERT PARKER, Baron Parker of Bulwell  Nottinghamshire, England I68501
20 THOMAS, Mae  14 Oct 1588Nottinghamshire, England I11894
21 WATSON, William  1617Nottinghamshire, England I20939
22 WELLS, Rodger  Nottinghamshire, England I72958
23 WOOD, Alexander  5 Dec 1479Nottinghamshire, England I55297


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DE EVERINGHAM, Adam  1341Nottinghamshire, England I17437


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Avenel  Nottinghamshire, England F12020
2 Ballarde / Fitzwilliam  Abt 1556Nottinghamshire, England F36419
3 de Cromwell IV / de la Mare  1315Nottinghamshire, England F38180
4 De Ferrers / Peverell  Abt 1135Nottinghamshire, England F3565
5 De Ferrers / Peverell  Abt 1135Nottinghamshire, England F3570
6 de Grey / Somerville  Bef 6 Jun 1301Nottinghamshire, England F30202
7 de Marcham / de Lexington  1208Nottinghamshire, England F23654
8 de Marcham / de Marcham  Abt 1235Nottinghamshire, England F23719
9 Empson / Empson  1489Nottinghamshire, England F23497
10 Leeke / Chaworth  1434Nottinghamshire, England F8398
11 Markham / Cressy  1394Nottinghamshire, England F24431
12 Markham / DeWest  1262Nottinghamshire, England F24864
13 Of West Hallam / Of Nottinghamshire  Abt 1290Nottinghamshire, England F30198
14 Pierrepont / Empson  1485Nottinghamshire, England F23500
15 Radcliff / Booth  Abt 1499Nottinghamshire, England F28042
16 Smaley / Gregory  16 Sep 1611Nottinghamshire, England F37306
17 Willoughby / Mortaigne  1280Nottinghamshire, England F43537