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Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Gwladys ferch Rhiwallon  Abt 1041Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales I76819
2 Margaret  Abt 958Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales I79575
3 Morgeneu ap Elystan  Abt 973Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales I51753
4 AP ELYSTAN, Morgeneu  Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales I79532
5 CADWGON, Rhirid ap  Abt 1100Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales I75399
6 CHARLTON, Baron of Powys John  1334Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales I19961
7 CYNFYN, Gwenwyn verch  1025Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales I51525
8 DE LA POLE, Margaret  Abt 1258Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales I95581
9 EDNYFED AP LLYWARCH  969Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales I76196
10 FERCH GRUFFYDD, Margaret  1267Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales I48910
11 FERCH GWERYSTAN, Letitia Nest Powys  946Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales I25212
12 GRUFFUDD, Angharad Fechan ferch  Abt 1135Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales I75243
13 GRUFFYDD, Maredydd Ap  1161Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales I77601
14 RHIRID, Cadwgan Siethydd ap  Abt 1130Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales I75242
15 RHIRID, Cadwgon ap  Abt 1070Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales I75624
16 RHODRI, Owain ap  Abt 1070Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales I79114


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CHARLTON, Baron of Powys John  13 Jul 1374Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales I19961
2 MERFYN, Llywelyn ap  Abt 957Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales I52023
3 RHYS SAIS APEDNYFED  1073Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales I75956