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Radnorshire, Wales



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AP CADWGAN, Idnerth  1045Radnorshire, Wales I79744
2 AP CADWGON, Iorwerth  1020Radnorshire, Wales I79745
3 AP HYWEL, Gwrgeneu  1075Radnorshire, Wales I50738
4 AP IDNERTH, Ednyfed  Abt 1052Radnorshire, Wales I79505
5 BLEDRI, Llwarch Ap  1030Radnorshire, Wales I79261
6 CADWGAN, Idnerth ap  1018Radnorshire, Wales I79249
7 CADWGON, Iorwerth Ap  Abt 1020Radnorshire, Wales I79746
8 CADWGON, Llewelyn ap  Abt 1000Radnorshire, Wales I78750
9 CYNAN, daughter ferch  Radnorshire, Wales I79007
10 CYNAN, Gwaeddan ap  Radnorshire, Wales I78522
11 ELIDIR, Morus ap  Radnorshire, Wales I78057
12 ELYSTAN, Angharad Verch  1004Radnorshire, Wales I79530
13 GRUFFUDD, Ednyfed Llwyd ap  Abt 1280Radnorshire, Wales I77582
14 GRUFFUDD, Goleu ferch  Radnorshire, Wales I75999
15 GRUFFUDD, Gruffudd Foel ap  1505Radnorshire, Wales I77759
16 GWAEDDAN, Elidir ap  Radnorshire, Wales I78304
17 GWRGENEU, Cynan ap  Radnorshire, Wales I78749
18 GWRGENEU, Gwrgeneu ap  Radnorshire, Wales I79252
19 GWRGENEU, Meurig ap  Radnorshire, Wales I79253
20 HYWEL, Llywelyn ap  Radnorshire, Wales I79410
21 IDNERTH, Elidir ap  Radnorshire, Wales I77742
22 IDNERTH, Gronwy ap  Abt 1050Radnorshire, Wales I79006
23 IDNERTH, Gruffudd Ab  Abt 1054Radnorshire, Wales I79507
24 IDNERTH, Hywel Ap  Abt 1056Radnorshire, Wales I79508
25 IDNERTH, Iorwerth Ap  Abt 1048Radnorshire, Wales I79503
26 IDNERTH, Ivor ap  Abt 1041Radnorshire, Wales I79501
27 IDNERTH, Madag Ap  Abt 1076Radnorshire, Wales I76496
28 IDNERTH, Orwerth Ap  1076Radnorshire, Wales I79513
29 IDNERTH, Owain Ap  Abt 1044Radnorshire, Wales I79502
30 IORWERTH, Anne Verch  1104Radnorshire, Wales I79696
31 IORWERTH, Gwenllian ferch  1119Radnorshire, Wales I79259
32 LLEWELYN, Ann Verch  1130Radnorshire, Wales I78380
33 LLWARCH, Elidir Ap  1053Radnorshire, Wales I79013
34 LLYWELYN, Gruffudd ap  Radnorshire, Wales I78524
35 LLYWELYN, Gwladus ferch  Radnorshire, Wales I79011
36 LLYWELYN, Idnerth ap  1112Radnorshire, Wales I79012
37 LLYWELYN, Madog ap  Radnorshire, Wales I78523
38 MADOG, Llywelyn ap  Radnorshire, Wales I78306
39 VERCH MARCHUDD, Morfydd  Abt 1044Radnorshire, Wales I79690
40 VERCH RHUN, Gladys  Abt 1005Radnorshire, Wales I79281
41 WALDEBOEFF, Joice  Abt 1300Radnorshire, Wales I16313


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 IDNERTH, Gruffudd Ab  Aft 1096Radnorshire, Wales I79507
2 IDNERTH, Ivor ap  Aft 1096Radnorshire, Wales I79501


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 IORWERTH, Gwenllian ferch  Radnorshire, Wales I79259


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ap Cadwgan / Broughton  Abt 1043Radnorshire, Wales F41736
2 Ap Cadwgon / Broughton  1060Radnorshire, Wales F41737
3 Cadwallon / Morgan  Abt 1155Radnorshire, Wales F41600
4 Herbert / Maredudd  Abt 1350Radnorshire, Wales F26319
5 idnerth / Idnerth  1074Radnorshire, Wales F41697
6 Llywelyn / Cadwallon  Abt 1149Radnorshire, Wales F41599
7 Ynyr Fychan / Gruffudd  Abt 1325Radnorshire, Wales F26437