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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Concubine  1104Scotland I26479 15sep 
2   Abt 1301Scotland I35287 15sep 
3   Abt 1530Scotland I35138 15sep 
4 Airbhertach  807Scotland I16175 15sep 
5 Alan of Wynton  1225Scotland I39509 15sep 
6 Arthwys verch Ceneu of Rheged  459Scotland I27140 15sep 
7 Boete  1020Scotland I26525 15sep 
8 Cecilla de Dunbar  1272Scotland I26322 15sep 
9 Dougal  1128Scotland I26332 15sep 
10 Drust King Of The Picts  694Scotland I26895 15sep 
11 Edmund of Scotland Prince  1070Scotland I14573 15sep 
12 Fereth 2nd of Strathearn  1160Scotland I35373 15sep 
13 Fergus  735Scotland I26947 15sep 
14 Fergus King of Scotland  740Scotland I26975 15sep 
15 Fergusa  780Scotland I16108 15sep 
16 Ghilledonnain  Scotland I26722 15sep 
17 Gruaidh of Moray  1080Scotland I26457 15sep 
18 Helen  Scotland I39560 15sep 
19 Hutcheon Ban  Abt 1494Scotland I35090 15sep 
20 Ingen Alpín  830Scotland I26843 15sep 
21 John  1070Scotland I28796 15sep 
22 John  1325Scotland I26096 15sep 
23 John Drummond  1105Scotland I43033 15sep 
24 Juliana  Abt 1151Scotland I36179 15sep 
25 Liot Chieftain  1050Scotland I26822 15sep 
26 Malaise 1st of Strathearn  1099Scotland I35374 15sep 
27 Malcolm IV King of Scotland  3 Apr 1141Scotland I14165 15sep 
28 Margaret  1507Scotland I34010 15sep 
29 Mary  1416Scotland I25909 15sep 
30 Miscibility Lady de Norseman  1100Scotland I35296 15sep 
31 N. N. Sister of King Malcolm IV  1137Scotland I26483 15sep 
32 Nn Princess of Scotland  842Scotland I16198 15sep 
33 of Scotland  1039Scotland I14969 15sep 
34 Rhun Ap Arthgal  834Scotland I16105 15sep 
35 Robert  1310Scotland I26305 15sep 
36 Robert King of Scotland, Guardian of Scotland, High Steward of Scotland, Earl of Strathearn  2 Mar 1316Scotland I25919 15sep 
37 Sybilla  1009Scotland I3856 15sep 
38 Talorcen  720Scotland I16274 15sep 
39 Undweyn  Abt 1055Scotland I6000000011028059682 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
40 William  1370Scotland I26001 15sep 
41 ?, Mrs-David  Abt 1195Scotland I6000000002603658306 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
42 Ada  Scotland I6000000002187914102 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
43 Airth, Elizabeth de  1358Scotland I19847 15sep 
44 Alcelyn, Hanselyn of Penthièvre (nee Fitz Thorfin)  1080Scotland I23356 15sep 
45 Alpin, Margaret de Of Lochaber  1075Scotland I43371 15sep 
46 Alpin de Lochabar, Walter  Abt 1045Scotland I6000000003645825470 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
47 Androssan, Dean de  Abt 1148Scotland I6000000003828116843 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
48 Angus, Cruchne of  937Scotland I26575 15sep 
49 Arbuthnott, Hugh  1311Scotland I35589 15sep 
50 Armstrong, Joan  1278Scotland I39494 15sep 
51 Atholl, Donchad of  998Scotland I26792 15sep 
52 Balliol, Mrs William de  Abt 1255Scotland I42443 15sep 
53 Barclay, Ann  1277Scotland I39480 15sep 
54 Barclay, Ann  1277Scotland I6000000002576727642 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
55 Barclay, Richard de  Abt 1126Scotland I6000000003828116850 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
56 Basilia  Scotland I6000000002187914161 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
57 Ben Fitz'Kenneth, Giric II Mac Kenneth III De'Haya King of Scotland  985Scotland I26523 15sep 
58 Bethune, Maragret  1460Scotland I35671 15sep 
59 Bisset, Catherine  1387Scotland I34667 15sep 
60 Bisset, Hugh  1315Scotland I34771 15sep 
61 Bisset of Lovat, John 1st Lord of Lovat & Lord of the Aird  Abt 1150Scotland I6000000003828180179 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
62 Bisset of Lovat, John 3rd Lord of Lovat  Abt 1220Scotland I6000000009737604737 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
63 Bisset of Lovat, John "The Elder' 2nd Lord of Lovat  Abt 1190Scotland I6000000003828180186 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
64 Boidh, wife of Robert  Scotland I6000000013103027867 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
65 Borthwick Mrs.  1440Scotland I39462 15sep 
66 Boyd, Alexander  From 1315 to 1350Scotland I39538 15sep 
67 Buchanan, Anselan 7th of Buchanan  1205Scotland I36768 15sep 
68 Buchanan, Colman  1228Scotland I36741 15sep 
69 Buchanan, John  Scotland I36749 15sep 
70 Buchanan, John Of Auchneiven  Scotland I36753 15sep 
71 Buchanan, Maurice Treasurer  1425Scotland I36715 15sep 
72 Buchanan, Methien  Scotland I36796 15sep 
73 Buchanan, Thomas Of Gartincaber Drummill and Carbeth  Abt 1441Scotland I36716 15sep 
74 Buchanan, Walter 4th of Buchanan  1100Scotland I36747 15sep 
75 Cairns, Catherine  1351Scotland I25882 15sep 
76 Calder, John  1440Scotland I34610 15sep 
77 Calder of Muirtoune, Robert  1411Scotland I34907 15sep 
78 Cameron of Lochiel  Abt 1455Scotland I34593 15sep 
79 Cameron, Gillespick  1035Scotland I26490 15sep 
80 Campbell, Agnes  1515Scotland I19585 15sep 
81 Campbell, Amabilla  1265Scotland I35895 15sep 
82 Campbell, Arthur  Scotland I35831 15sep 
83 Campbell, Catherine  Abt 1432Scotland I34052 15sep 
84 Campbell, Donald  Scotland I35812 15sep 
85 Campbell, Elizabeth  1535Scotland I36652 15sep 
86 Campbell, George  1375Scotland I35818 15sep 
87 Campbell, Gwine  Scotland I35889 15sep 
88 Campbell, Helen  Abt 1474Scotland I36608 15sep 
89 Campbell, Isabelle  1470Scotland I34176 15sep 
90 Campbell, Joan  14 Mar 1373Scotland I35905 15sep 
91 Campbell, John  1500Scotland I19583 15sep 
92 Campbell, Margaret Mary  1540Scotland I36546 15sep 
93 Campbell, Marion Mor  Abt 1377Scotland I34606 15sep 
94 Campbell, Unknown  Abt 1317Scotland I6000000002188035840 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
95 Carlyle, Andrew  Scotland I35271 15sep 
96 Carlyle, James  Scotland I35270 15sep 
97 Carlyle, John  1304Scotland I35267 15sep 
98 Carlyle, Marion  1430Scotland I35168 15sep 
99 Carlyle, Thomas  1303Scotland I35278 15sep 
100 Carlyle, William  1335Scotland I36039 15sep 
101 Carruthers, Ellen  Abt 1445Scotland I35180 15sep 
102 Caudill, Alexander Christopher  CA 1495Scotland I36109 15sep 
103 chathain, aineni  Scotland I43774 15sep 
104 Cheyne, Mary  1334Scotland I19911 15sep 
105 Chisholm of Strathnairn, Janet  CA 1348Scotland I34791 15sep 
106 Comyn, A.  1120Scotland I28756 15sep 
107 Comyn, John of Ulceby  1268Scotland I35879 15sep 
108 Comyn, Marjory  Abt 1695Scotland I35067 15sep 
109 Comyn, Robert  1261Scotland I35872 15sep 
110 Cowan, Elizabeth  Abt 1190Scotland I36010 15sep 
111 Crawford, Susanna  Abt 1158Scotland I35897 15sep 
112 Crichton, Adam  1455Scotland I25820 15sep 
113 Crichton, Janet  1420Scotland I34490 15sep 
114 Crosbiei, Janet  1437Scotland I35146 15sep 
115 Cruachan, Dugald Thane of Over Lochow  1016Scotland I6000000002188035817 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
116 Culane, Margaret  1450Scotland I34815 15sep 
117 Cunningham, Alexander  1450Scotland I36089 15sep 
118 Cunningham, Edward  1245Scotland I26331 15sep 
119 Cuthbert, Catherine  CA 1610Scotland I33692 15sep 
120 D'Alba, Sabhdh  830Scotland I16159 15sep 
121 Dau Ainftech, Queen  714Scotland I26914 15sep 
122 de Atholl of Glenerochie, Duncan Earl of Atholl  Abt 1310Scotland I6000000009988575069 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
123 de Atholl of Glenerochie, Robert mac Donnachadh  1330Scotland I6000000002116140810 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
124 de Berkeley, Agatha heiress  Aft 1170Scotland I6000000004085115741 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
125 de Bohun, William le Bon  1215Scotland I22535 15sep 
126 de Cambrun, Angus I  Abt 1000Scotland I6000000025781832836 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
127 De DUNBAR, Dau  1125Scotland I26443 15sep 
128 de Faunes, Amabel  Scotland I6000000002188316763 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
129 de Fraser, Nessius  Abt 1155Scotland I43359 15sep 
130 de Galbraith, Gillespic "Archibald" 2nd Chief of Galbraith  Abt 1195Scotland I6000000032909547012 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
131 de Glen, John  Abt 1279Scotland I6000000004533469116 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
132 de Glen, Robert  Abt 1315Scotland I6000000003827394850 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
133 de Graham, Isabel  1300Scotland I26294 15sep 
134 de Halyburton, David  Abt 1110Scotland I6000000000701216030 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
135 De Hastings, Forbhlaith  1195Scotland I26752 15sep 
136 de La Haye of Errol, William Butler of Scotland  Abt 1150Scotland I6000000023191586885 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
137 de Lany, Margaret Of Lany  Scotland I36764 15sep 
138 de Leslie, Andrew 7th Dominus Ejusdem  Abt 1325Scotland I6000000003774828386 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
139 de Lindsay, William  Abt 1178Scotland I6000000005391528330 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
140 De Lochaber, Fleancha  1046Scotland I43406 15sep 
141 De Lyon, Jean  1224Scotland I35837 15sep 
142 de Maccuswell, Robert  Abt 1201Scotland I35289 15sep 
143 De MARR, Margaret  Abt 1225Scotland I36003 15sep 
144 De Moravia, Mary of Duffus  1244Scotland I43341 15sep 
145 de Moray, Ranulf  Abt 1122Scotland I42952 15sep 
146 de Moray Dunbar, Elizabeth  1415Scotland I34522 15sep 
147 de Morham, Thomas  Scotland I6000000002187914128 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
148 de Morville, Hugh  1180Scotland I22734 15sep 
149 de Rose, William 2nd Laird of Kilravock  CA 1270Scotland I42317 15sep 
150 de Ross, Euphemia  1322Scotland I26178 15sep 
151 de Ross, Janet  Scotland I36774 15sep 
152 de Seton, Barbara  Abt 1236Scotland I36962 15sep 
153 de Strathearn, Malise 6th Earl of Strathearn  12 Dec 1257Scotland I4337850700030013267 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
154 De Strathearn, Matida  1245Scotland I30381 15sep 
155 de Urquhart, William High Sheriff of Cromarty  Abt 1325Scotland I6000000036986729466 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
156 de Valognes, Lora  Abt 1210Scotland I6000000003828413995 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
157 delaHayes, Mariota  1408Scotland I34994 15sep 
158 DeVaux, Lady Mary  1317Scotland I39425 15sep 
159 Dishington, Thomas  1375Scotland I34739 15sep 
160 Dispensator, John  1140Scotland I26702 15sep 
161 Dorman, Rachel  Scotland I18378 15sep 
162 Douglas, Alexander  1207Scotland I42947 15sep 
163 Douglas, Ann  1505Scotland I34215 15sep 
164 Douglas, Archibald 1st of Cavers  Before 1388 (likely 1370s)Scotland I34703 15sep 
165 Douglas, Archibald  1346Scotland I35001 15sep 
166 Douglas, Elizabeth  1396Scotland I19652 15sep 
167 Douglas, Freskin  1205Scotland I42942 15sep 
168 Douglas, Helen  1359Scotland I19730 15sep 
169 Douglas, Henry  1200Scotland I42943 15sep 
170 Douglas, Hugh  1171Scotland I42944 15sep 
171 Douglas, James 1st Earl Of Morton, 4th Lord Of Dalkeith  Jan 1426Scotland I25750 15sep 
172 Douglas, Jane  Abt 1452Scotland I36076 15sep 
173 Douglas, Janet  1431Scotland I36743 15sep 
174 Douglas, John  1457Scotland I36084 15sep 
175 Douglas, Sir William of Hermiston  Abt 1250Scotland I39545 15sep 
176 Doune, Andrew de  Abt 1250Scotland I42373 15sep 
177 Drummond, John 4th Thane of Lennox  Abt 1125Scotland I6000000011155222558 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
178 Duffus, Marriota  1485Scotland I34555 15sep 
179 Dunbar, Agnes  Abt 1149Scotland I35947 15sep 
180 Dunbar, Mabel  1350Scotland I26039 15sep 
181 Dunbar, Margaret of Mochrum  1461Scotland I34529 15sep 
182 Dunbar, Marjorie  Abt 1505Scotland I33954 15sep 
183 Dunbar, Thomas  Abt 1572/1574Scotland I33802 15sep 
184 Duncan  1195Scotland I26348 15sep 
185 Duncan, King  995Scotland I26531 15sep 
186 Dunkeld, Ada  1140Scotland I3933 15sep 
187 Durham, Alexander 6th of Grange  CA 1485Scotland I34393 15sep 
188 Durward, Jean heiress of Lintrathen  Abt 1395Scotland I6000000002188045951 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
189 Dykes, William  13 Mar 1881Scotland I31113 15sep 
190 Edmonstone, John  1345Scotland I19827 15sep 
191 Edmund, Lord Megginch Hay  1450Scotland I43742 15sep 
192 Eochaid II  630Scotland I26921 15sep 
193 Eochaid IV King of Dalriada, Achaias Eacho IV  747Scotland I26902 15sep 
194 Erskine, Elizabeth  1522Scotland I36647 15sep 
195 Erskine, Janet  1420Scotland I34200 15sep 
196 Erskine, Margaret  Abt 1385Scotland I34974 15sep 
197 Erskine, Mary  1506Scotland I25739 15sep 
198 Erskine, Muriella  1407Scotland I25858 15sep 
199 Falconer, Katharine  1525Scotland I33918 15sep 
200 FitzAlan, Leonard  1170Scotland I26381 15sep 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Fraser of Lovat daughter of Lovat Fraser  1390Scotland I36224 15sep 
2 Hepburne, William  1502Scotland I25927 15sep 
3 Keith, Muriel  Scotland I19630 15sep 
4 Kennedy, Elizabeth  1332Scotland I35014 15sep 
5 Mac'Malcolm, Donalda MacAlpin of Scotland II  Scotland I26542 15sep 
6 MacDonald, Angus of Glengarry  1537Scotland I36607 15sep 
7 MacIver, Laleve  1390Scotland I36222 15sep 
8 Stewart, Alexander 5th. Laird of Darnley  Scotland I19826 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1   Scotland I35138 15sep 
2 Airbhertach  866Scotland I16175 15sep 
3 Alan of Wynton  1285Scotland I39509 15sep 
4 Alpin I. King of the Picts and Dalriada  741Scotland I26893 15sep 
5 Arthwys verch Ceneu of Rheged  559Scotland I27140 15sep 
6 Catherine  Aft 1512Scotland I34515 15sep 
7 Cecilla de Dunbar  Scotland I26322 15sep 
8 Fereth 2nd of Strathearn  1171Scotland I35373 15sep 
9 Forbhlaith Countess of Atholl Countess of Atholl  1244Scotland I6000000003828180764 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
10 Ingen Alpín  Scotland I26843 15sep 
11 James  Scotland I25805 15sep 
12 Janet  Scotland I33595 15sep 
13 Joanna Mistress  1409Scotland I34735 15sep 
14 Lochaber  Scotland I26938 15sep 
15 Máel Muire ingen Cináeda of Perth  913Scotland I16200 15sep 
16 Magnus II II  1239Scotland I6000000002187972946 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
17 Malaise 1st of Strathearn  1141Scotland I35374 15sep 
18 Margaret Verch Kylvert  Abt 1169Scotland I43355 15sep 
19 Marjorie  Scotland I6000000002187972572 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
20 Mary  1370Scotland I19747 15sep 
21 Mary of Stathearn  1329Scotland I36801 15sep 
22 Robert King of Scotland, Guardian of Scotland, High Steward of Scotland, Earl of Strathearn  19 Apr 1390Scotland I25919 15sep 
23 Robert de Brus  1094Scotland I22437 15sep 
24 Ugaria King of Scotland  Scotland I26918 15sep 
25 Unknown daughter of Constantine  Scotland I6000000002188032526 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
26 ---, Wife of Hugh  Scotland I6000000002188097148 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
27 ???, Unk  Scotland I6000000023222493627 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
28 Abercrombie, Humphrey of Pitmedden  1472Scotland I6000000000319431003 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
29 Abercromby, George of Pitmedden, Ley & Birkenbog  Abt 1552Scotland I6000000000319025864 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
30 Aedth,, Eugene King of Argyleshire  692Scotland I26924 15sep 
31 Alba, Murchadh  839Scotland I27185 15sep 
32 Aleyn, Magdalen Jernemuth Joan Winifred Stanbridge  1450Scotland I24369 15sep 
33 Alpin, Margaret de Of Lochaber  1140Scotland I43371 15sep 
34 Angus, Adam of  1198Scotland I26393 15sep 
35 Annandale, Beatrice Bruce of  2 Jul 1273Scotland I21905 15sep 
36 Arbuthnott, Hugh  1355Scotland I35589 15sep 
37 Armstrong, Joan  1337Scotland I39494 15sep 
38 Banastre, Maud  1180Scotland I28742 15sep 
39 Barclay, Ann  Scotland I39480 15sep 
40 Barclay, Ann  Scotland I6000000002576727642 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
41 Barclay, Walter XVIII Laird of Gartlie  1542Scotland I34262 15sep 
42 Basilia  Scotland I6000000002187914161 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
43 Basset, Maude  Abt 1180Scotland I6000000003043144156 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
44 Beaumont, Roger de  6 Jan 1203Scotland I22681 15sep 
45 Bethune, Angus  1630Scotland I35594 15sep 
46 Bethune, Elizabeth  Scotland I35754 15sep 
47 Bethune, Grissel  Scotland I35784 15sep 
48 Bethune, Janet  1494Scotland I35778 15sep 
49 Bethune, Maragret  Scotland I35671 15sep 
50 Bethune, Margaret  Scotland I35700 15sep 
51 Bisset, Catherine  1419Scotland I34667 15sep 
52 Bisset, Hugh  Scotland I34771 15sep 
53 Bjornssonn, Ketill  880Scotland I22 15sep 
54 Boidh, wife of Robert  Scotland I6000000013103027867 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
55 Borthwick, Cathrine  17 Jan 1527Scotland I19617 15sep 
56 Borthwick, James First of Glengelt  20 May 1503Scotland I39402 15sep 
57 Boyd, Alexander  Scotland I39538 15sep 
58 Boyd, Margaret  Aug 1502Scotland I43723 15sep 
59 Boyd, Sarah  Scotland I33720 15sep 
60 Bruce, Elizabeth  Scotland I26215 15sep 
61 Buchanan, Colman  Scotland I36741 15sep 
62 Buchanan, Egidia Giles  1520Scotland I36668 15sep 
63 Buchanan, John  Scotland I36749 15sep 
64 Buchanan, Macbeath 6th of Buchanan  Scotland I36793 15sep 
65 Buchanan, Maurice 10th of Buchanan  Aft 1371Scotland I36711 15sep 
66 Buchanan, Methien  Scotland I36796 15sep 
67 Buchanan, Thomas Of Gartincaber Drummill and Carbeth  Scotland I36716 15sep 
68 Buchanan, Walter 4th of Buchanan  Scotland I36747 15sep 
69 Buchanan, Walter 14th Laird of Buchanan  Sep 1526Scotland I36644 15sep 
70 Caisneto, William de  Scotland I23242 15sep 
71 Cameron, Angus Archibald I.  1035Scotland I26510 15sep 
72 Cameron, Christiane  Scotland I37144 15sep 
73 Cameron, Duncan Clunes  1717Scotland I33706 15sep 
74 Cameron of Ballegarno, Margaret  1360Scotland I6000000006727958137 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
75 Campbell, Ann  1619Scotland I36125 15sep 
76 Campbell, Catherine  Abt 1482Scotland I34052 15sep 
77 Campbell, Catherine of Glenorchy  14 Dec 1687Scotland I37147 15sep 
78 Campbell, David  Scotland I35741 15sep 
79 Campbell, Donald  6 Apr 1320Scotland I35853 15sep 
80 Campbell, Duncan 'Dubh' 1st of Strachur  1296Scotland I35894 15sep 
81 Campbell, Elizabeth  1485Scotland I34356 15sep 
82 Campbell, George  Abt 1492Scotland I34563 15sep 
83 Campbell, Helen  1498Scotland I34175 15sep 
84 Campbell, Isabelle  Scotland I34176 15sep 
85 Campbell, Isobel  1516Scotland I19573 15sep 
86 Campbell, Janet  1450Scotland I26080 15sep 
87 Campbell, Janet Mary dau of Alexander Campbell 6th Laird of Lochnell 1640-1714  Abt 1724Scotland I37149 15sep 
88 Campbell, John  1546Scotland I19583 15sep 
89 Campbell, Margaret  1530Scotland I19574 15sep 
90 Campbell, Margaret Mary  1570Scotland I36546 15sep 
91 Campbell, Marion  1530 at age 74Scotland I34172 15sep 
92 Campbell, Mary of Argyll  23 Jan 1528Scotland I34160 15sep 
93 Campbell, Neil  Scotland I35959 15sep 
94 Carlyle, William  Aft 1500Scotland I35157 15sep 
95 Carrick, Gilbert  1306Scotland I35347 15sep 
96 Carrick, Martha  Scotland I26173 15sep 
97 Cathcart, Marion  Aft 1575Scotland I36660 15sep 
98 Caudill, Alexander Christopher  Scotland I36109 15sep 
99 Ceanmor, Sigrid Sigarith  1126Scotland I14964 15sep 
100 Chisholm, Robert  1470Scotland I35032 15sep 
101 Colquhoun, John VIII  24 Sep 1439Scotland I26041 15sep 
102 Comyn, A.  1180Scotland I28756 15sep 
103 Comyn, David of Kilbride  7 Aug 1245Scotland I28751 15sep 
104 Comyn, Fergus  1199Scotland I28753 15sep 
105 Comyn, John I.  1214Scotland I28746 15sep 
106 Comyn, Margaret  Scotland I35909 15sep 
107 Comyn, Marjory  Scotland I35067 15sep 
108 Comyn, Robert  1306Scotland I35872 15sep 
109 Conung, Amlaíb  CA 874Scotland I36959 15sep 
110 Crichton, Edward  1476Scotland I35244 15sep 
111 Cruachan, Dugald Thane of Over Lochow  10 Apr 1057Scotland I6000000002188035817 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
112 Cumming, Ferquhard of Altyr  1384Scotland I35738 15sep 
113 Cunning Cummings, Alexander Comyn  1550Scotland I34150 15sep 
114 Cunningham, Edward  1292Scotland I26331 15sep 
115 Curtis, Anne  Scotland I35722 15sep 
116 D'Ufford, Edmund  3 Oct 1375Scotland I25456 15sep 
117 de Atholl of Glenerochie, Duncan Earl of Atholl  1355Scotland I6000000009988575069 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
118 de Atholl of Glenerochie, Robert mac Donnachadh  1392Scotland I6000000002116140810 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
119 De Barclay, Christian  1365Scotland I34778 15sep 
120 de Berchelei, Walter Chamberlain of Scotland, Lord Red Castle and Inverkeillor  Abt 1193Scotland I6000000001744982502 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
121 De Berkeley, Margaret  Scotland I6000000003828326130 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
122 de Berkley, Hugh  1300Scotland I39602 15sep 
123 de Bohun, William le Bon  1247Scotland I22535 15sep 
124 De Bonkyl, Adam  Scotland I27037 15sep 
125 de Bonkyl, Randolph  2 Aug 1247Scotland I27035 15sep 
126 De Brus, Adam  1094Scotland I22471 15sep 
127 de Brus, Robert 4th Lord of Annandale  1245Scotland I39944 15sep 
128 de Cambrun  Scotland I35735 15sep 
129 de Carre, Rose  Scotland I42626 15sep 
130 de Chesney, William Lord of Caenby & Glentham  1086Scotland I6000000002188040956 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
131 De Chisholme, John  1426Scotland I34666 15sep 
132 de Cornhill, Juliana  Scotland I6000000002187968645 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
133 de Cornhill, Lady Juliana  1261Scotland I39598 15sep 
134 De Crawford, Reginald II  1297Scotland I35932 15sep 
135 de Faunes, Amabel  Aft 1200Scotland I6000000002188316763 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
136 de Flanders, Walter de Lens  1124Scotland I6000000020013663002 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
137 de Fraser, Simon I  1132Scotland I6000000003828009743 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
138 de Fraser, Udard  Scotland I43373 15sep 
139 de Fraser, Udard  Aft 1169Scotland I6000000007150962274 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
140 de Fraser of Keith, Simon II  1190Scotland I6000000004533108363 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
141 de Glen, John  Scotland I6000000004533469116 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
142 de Halyburton, David  Abt 1176Scotland I6000000000701216030 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
143 de Hastings, Ada  Abt 26 Dec 1264Scotland I6000000002187972698 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
144 De Hay, Sir Thomas of Locherworth  Scotland I39544 15sep 
145 de Hythus, Margaret Mistress of King William  1179Scotland I14375 15sep 
146 de la Hay, William  Abt 1170Scotland I6000000003828128038 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
147 de La Haya, David  Abt 1230Scotland I6000000002187915543 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
148 de la Haye, Alice  Abt 1451Scotland I6000000003827781924 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
149 de La Haye of Errol, William Butler of Scotland  Abt 1201Scotland I6000000023191586885 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
150 de Lacy, Helen de L'Isle  1219Scotland I22521 15sep 
151 de Lany, Margaret Of Lany  Scotland I36764 15sep 
152 de Leslie, Norman of Lesslyn  Jul 1253Scotland I6000000011448117966 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
153 de Levenax, John 'Mor'  1306Scotland I26319 15sep 
154 de Maccuswell, Maccus Undweynsson De Norsman  1150Scotland I35302 15sep 
155 de Maccuswell, Robert  Aft 1221Scotland I35298 15sep 
156 de Maccuswell, Unknown  Scotland I6000000010987737871 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
157 de Mearns, Roland  1204Scotland I6000000008979718383 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
158 De Menteith, Margaret  2 May 1343Scotland I26251 15sep 
159 De Molle, Uchtred  22 Sep 1147Scotland I23260 15sep 
160 De Montgomerie, Margaret  1342Scotland I35449 15sep 
161 de Moravia, Kersdale  Scotland I6000000000189830522 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
162 De Moravia, Mary of Duffus  Aft 1271Scotland I43341 15sep 
163 De Moray, John  1322Scotland I26218 15sep 
164 de Moubray, David  1426Scotland I35013 15sep 
165 de Ross, Lillias  1366Scotland I34783 15sep 
166 de Scotland, Ada (Ela)  Scotland I6000000008177522957 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
167 de Strathbogie, Annabella  Abt 1320Scotland I6000000002187972482 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
168 de Strathearn, Ethen  Scotland I6000000002187915553 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
169 de Urquhart, William  1395Scotland I34779 15sep 
170 De Valoines, Hela  Scotland I26687 15sep 
171 De Vaux, John  1402Scotland I19812 15sep 
172 deCarbisdale, Christane  Aft 1560Scotland I33953 15sep 
173 DeFontaines, Pierre  1119Scotland I42546 15sep 
174 Deswinburne, Barbara  1360Scotland I25971 15sep 
175 DeVaux, Lady Mary  Aft 1347Scotland I39425 15sep 
176 Dispensator, John  Scotland I26702 15sep 
177 Doran, Lillian Of Abercorn and dalkeith  Scotland I6000000002188316799 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
178 Doran of Abercorn and Dalkeith, Lillian  1125Scotland I30394 15sep 
179 Douglas, Alexander  1238Scotland I42947 15sep 
180 Douglas, Sir Andrew of Hermiston  Abt 1277Scotland I39600 15sep 
181 Douglas, Ann  1599Scotland I34215 15sep 
182 Douglas, Archibald 1st of Cavers  1435Scotland I34703 15sep 
183 Douglas, Beatrix  15 Sep 1583Scotland I35136 15sep 
184 Douglas, Elizabeth  1472Scotland I19652 15sep 
185 Douglas, Elizabeth  21 Feb 1492Scotland I25777 15sep 
186 Douglas, Freskin  Sep 1232Scotland I42942 15sep 
187 Douglas, Helen  Scotland I19730 15sep 
188 Douglas, Henry  1245Scotland I42943 15sep 
189 Douglas, Hugh  1245Scotland I42944 15sep 
190 Douglas, James  24 Mar 1426Scotland I34807 15sep 
191 Douglas, Jean  Abt 1600Scotland I35113 15sep 
192 Douglas, Jeanette Janet Elizabeth of Glamis, Barroness of Erskine  1489Scotland I25802 15sep 
193 Douglas, Joan of Hermiston  1307Scotland I39532 15sep 
194 Douglas, Joanne  1391Scotland I19727 15sep 
195 Douglas, Richard  1564Scotland I25754 15sep 
196 Drummond, Dougal  Scotland I19816 15sep 
197 Drummond, John 4th Thane of Lennox  1180Scotland I6000000011155222558 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
198 Drummond, John Malcolm 12th Earl of Lennox  8 Nov 1402Scotland I19810 15sep 
199 Drummond, Maurice 1st Earl of Concraig  1362Scotland I26029 15sep 
200 Duff, Margaret  1760Scotland I6000000017323495801 Ancestors of Donald Ross 

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Matches 1 to 135 of 135

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anleta of Scotland  Scotland I16155 15sep 
2 Arthwys verch Ceneu of Rheged  559Scotland I27140 15sep 
3 Máel Muire ingen Cináeda of Perth  Scotland I16200 15sep 
4 Nn of Scottish Dál Riata  Scotland I26907 15sep 
5 Urgust King Of the Picts  Scotland I26957 15sep 
6 Abernethy, Janet  Scotland I33870 15sep 
7 Aedth,, Eugene King of Argyleshire  692Scotland I26924 15sep 
8 Aingyech, Spondana ingen Aingtech Princess of the Picts  695Scotland I16245 15sep 
9 Bonkyl, Margaret de  1304Scotland I26127 15sep 
10 Bruce, Christina  Scotland I26043 15sep 
11 Cameron, Allan MacOchtery 9th. Clan Chief  1449Scotland I35728 15sep 
12 Cameron, John Ochtery 7th Chief of Clan Cameron  1382Scotland I35723 15sep 
13 Cameron 'de Cambrun', Robert 5th Chief of Ballegarno  1296Scotland I35729 15sep 
14 Campbell, Archibald  23 Jan 1581–1582Scotland I36581 15sep 
15 Campbell, Catherine  19 Nov 1516Scotland I34098 15sep 
16 Campbell, Elizabeth  1548Scotland I36570 15sep 
17 Campbell, Janet  1577Scotland I36446 15sep 
18 Campbell, Moire Heiress of Ardkinglass  1556Scotland I36631 15sep 
19 Clerk, Robert  Scotland I35796 15sep 
20 Colquhoun, John VIII  Oct 1439Scotland I26041 15sep 
21 Comyn, Margaret  1274Scotland I28727 15sep 
22 Cumming, Ferquhard of Altyr  1384Scotland I35738 15sep 
23 Cunningham, Margaret  1604Scotland I36569 15sep 
24 De Erskine, Thomas  1493Scotland I25786 15sep 
25 de Gordon, Adam 7th Lord of Gordon  1296Scotland I36385 15sep 
26 de Hythus, Margaret Mistress of King William  1179Scotland I14375 15sep 
27 de Keith, William of Humbie  1293Scotland I36963 15sep 
28 De Menteith, Margaret  1343Scotland I26251 15sep 
29 De Montgomerie, John  1239Scotland I35438 15sep 
30 De Montgomerie, Margaret  1342Scotland I35449 15sep 
31 de Montgomery, John  1285Scotland I35404 15sep 
32 de Montgomery, Robert  Abt 1180Scotland I35475 15sep 
33 de Moray, Duncan  1165Scotland I23027 15sep 
34 de Paganell, Agnès  Scotland I6000000001744982683 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
35 de Seton, Sir Alexander 1st Lord Gordon  Scotland I39377 15sep 
36 de Strathearn, Christian  1220Scotland I36011 15sep 
37 DeGalloway Crawford, Margaret Eve  Scotland I22910 15sep 
38 Dougal, Dunegal  1124Scotland I42951 15sep 
39 Douglas, Alexander  1238Scotland I42947 15sep 
40 Douglas, Elizabeth  1472Scotland I19652 15sep 
41 Douglas, Henry  1245Scotland I42943 15sep 
42 Douglas, Henry Laird of Lochleven  1393Scotland I26025 15sep 
43 Douglas, Hugh  1245Scotland I42944 15sep 
44 Douglas, Isabel  Scotland I34037 15sep 
45 Douglas, James 1st of Dalkeith  Scotland I19818 15sep 
46 Douglas, Jeanette Elizabeth  Feb 1490Scotland I25791 15sep 
47 Douglas, John of Dalkeith  1350Scotland I25945 15sep 
48 Douglas, Margaret  1260Scotland I42946 15sep 
49 Douglas, Nicholas 1st of Dounteray Wakefield and Mains  1 Jun 1406Scotland I26040 15sep 
50 Douglas of Hermiston, Andrew  1277Scotland I39791 15sep 
51 Drummond, Isabell  1410Scotland I35740 15sep 
52 Drummond, William  1503Scotland I34367 15sep 
53 Duff, Margaret  1760Scotland I6000000017323495801 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
54 Erskine, Christian  1479Scotland I25863 15sep 
55 Erskine, Elizabeth  1540Scotland I34512 15sep 
56 Erskine, Helen  1509Scotland I25813 15sep 
57 Erskine, Janet  1360Scotland I35451 15sep 
58 Erskine, Jean  1411Scotland I25978 15sep 
59 Erskine, Robert High Chamberlain Scotland  1385Scotland I25908 15sep 
60 ERSKINE of Kinnoull, William  1468Scotland I35171 15sep 
61 Ferguson, John 5th. Laird of Craigdarroch  1514Scotland I25806 15sep 
62 Finn, Fergina of Scottish Dál Riata  778Scotland I16244 15sep 
63 Fionn, Mong Queen of Ireland  Scotland I16319 15sep 
64 Forbes, Alexander  1448Scotland I34255 15sep 
65 Gordon, Janet  1530Scotland I36535 15sep 
66 Graham, William 3rd. Earl of Menteith  1544Scotland I36551 15sep 
67 Graham Archbishop Of St Andrews, Patrick  1466Scotland I25899 15sep 
68 Gray, Margaret  1556Scotland I25737 15sep 
69 Hamilton,, Elizabeth Countess of Lennox  1531Scotland I39294 15sep 
70 Hay, Janet  Scotland I35783 15sep 
71 Innes, Margaret Of Innes  1522Scotland I34114 15sep 
72 Keith, Gilbert of Troup  Dec 1537Scotland I25756 15sep 
73 Kennedy, Margaret of Moray  1280Scotland I35372 15sep 
74 Kerr, Andrew Trotter 5th Baron Lord Kerr of Aultournburn and Cessfor  Scotland I35011 15sep 
75 Livingston, Marion  Scotland I34693 15sep 
76 Mac Donald, Owen III  Scotland I16163 15sep 
77 mac Echdach, Áed  Scotland I16135 15sep 
78 Mac Malcolm, Doda of Falaise  1034Scotland I26765 15sep 
79 MacAlpin, Eugene Prince of Cumberland  Scotland I16167 15sep 
80 MacDonald, Allan John 9th of Clanranald and Moidart  1593Scotland I36510 15sep 
81 MacDonald, Donald Gormson Sassunach 6th Baron of Sleat  1573Scotland I36534 15sep 
82 MacDonald, John Muiderteach 8th. of Clanranald and Moidart  1584Scotland I35770 15sep 
83 MacDonald, Margaret of Ardnamurchan  1595Scotland I35757 15sep 
84 MacDonald, Mary of Islay and the Glens of Antrim  1550Scotland I36427 15sep 
85 MacDonnell, Donald II  1643Scotland I36529 15sep 
86 MacDougall, Alan de Ergadia Argyll of Lorn  1330Scotland I34717 15sep 
87 MacDougall, Janet Ergadia Lorn  1415Scotland I34706 15sep 
88 MacFergus, Bethoc of Moray  1165Scotland I22887 15sep 
89 MacGillebride, Countess Mariotte  1170Scotland I26489 15sep 
90 MacGilleCrist, Bethoc Countess of Angus  1270Scotland I26353 15sep 
91 MacKenzie, Alexander IV of Davochmaluag  Scotland I34089 15sep 
92 Mackintosh, Ferqhuard 12th of Mackintosh & 13th of Chattan  1514Scotland I34635 15sep 
93 MacLean, Eachann Óg 13th Clan Chief  1575Scotland I36444 15sep 
94 MacLean, Fynvola of Duart Castle  1515Scotland I34598 15sep 
95 MacLeod, Torquil 8th of the Lewes  1511Scotland I34370 15sep 
96 MacRory, James Lord of Bute MacRory & Arran  Jan 1211Scotland I26658 15sep 
97 MacSomerled, Dubhgall MacRory King of Innesgall  1192Scotland I26681 15sep 
98 Maddadsson, Harald  Scotland I26673 15sep 
99 Man, Ragnhild Olafsdatter Princess of  1200Scotland I26676 15sep 
100 Mearns, Fynuella  Scotland I26391 15sep 
101 Menteith, Walter  1333Scotland I26138 15sep 
102 Moray, Joanna Lady of Bothwell  1409Scotland I19662 15sep 
103 Morggan, Alesta  1210Scotland I26359 15sep 
104 Mowat, Ellen of Montealto  1338Scotland I35745 15sep 
105 Murray, William  1297Scotland I26326 15sep 
106 of Strathearn, Ada  1333Scotland I26304 15sep 
107 of Strathearn, Gille Brigte 3rd of Strathearn Justicar of Scotia  1223Scotland I35407 15sep 
108 Ogilvie, Elizabeth Margaret of Deskford  1585Scotland I34254 15sep 
109 Patrick, John  1460Scotland I39406 15sep 
110 Princess, Fergusa Ungust Unuistice of Picts  803Scotland I16111 15sep 
111 Reginaldsdottir, Ragnhild Helen  1218Scotland I36182 15sep 
112 Ross, William 5th Earl of Ross  1372Scotland I26063 15sep 
113 Scotland, Mogallus Prince of  Scotland I26595 15sep 
114 Sinclair, Catherine Duchess of Albany  Jul 1496Scotland I39419 15sep 
115 Sinclair, Margaret Heiress Of Deskford and Findlater  Scotland I34258 15sep 
116 Sinclair, Robert 4th Earl of Strathearn  1258Scotland I30365 15sep 
117 Spondan, Iof Lennox of Argyleshire  Scotland I26904 15sep 
118 Stair Dalrymple, Agnes Casillis  1255Scotland I35422 15sep 
119 Stewart, Alan  1333Scotland I26152 15sep 
120 Stewart, Christine  1387Scotland I25906 15sep 
121 Stewart, Egidia Jill  1407Scotland I34431 15sep 
122 Stewart, Elizabeth  1529Scotland I33989 15sep 
123 Stewart, Elizabeth Isabel  Jun 1567Scotland I33770 15sep 
124 Stewart, Hawise  Feb 1317Scotland I26260 15sep 
125 Stewart, Joan  1439Scotland I34304 15sep 
126 Stewart, John 3rd Earl of Lennox  Sep 1526Scotland I34088 15sep 
127 Stewart, Lady Katherine  Scotland I39304 15sep 
128 Stewart, Margaret Jane  Scotland I34341 15sep 
129 Stewart, Robert  1388Scotland I34449 15sep 
130 Strathbogie, David Earl of Atholl  Scotland I6000000002187972662 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
131 Sutherland, Isobel Elizabeth of Duffus  Scotland I34041 15sep 
132 Turnbull, Sir John  1355Scotland I39427 15sep 
133 Urquhart, Agnes  Scotland I33852 15sep 
134 verch Dyfnwal, Sarsdwen of Alba  600Scotland I27114 15sep 
135 Wallace, Adam Laird of Riccarton and Kyle  Scotland I26374 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 de Dunbar, George  Scotland I6000000004533931913 Ancestors of Donald Ross 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Melancon, Pierre Dit La Verdure  Abt 1657Scotland I3286 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 William de Mar 5th Earl of Mar  From 1252 to Abt 1260Scotland I28709 15sep 
2 6th, Alexander /Comyn 6th/2nd Earl of Buchan  1251Scotland I6000000004148923307 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
3 6th, Alexander /Comyn 6th/2nd Earl of Buchan  1257Scotland I6000000004148923307 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
4 6th, Alexander /Comyn 6th/2nd Earl of Buchan  1270Scotland I6000000004148923307 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
5 6th, Alexander /Comyn 6th/2nd Earl of Buchan  1286Scotland I6000000004148923307 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
6 de Dunbar, Patrick 4th Earl of Dunbar  Scotland I6000000021766606401 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
7 Dunbar, Patrick of Bele (Biel) Knight  1346Scotland I6000000021766729901 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
8 Dunbar, Patrick of Bele (Biel) Knight  1346Scotland I6000000021766729901 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
9 FitzAlan, Walter 3rd High Steward of Scotland  1230Scotland I6000000006714384628 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
10 Mac Cináeda, King of Scotland Máel Coluim "The Destroyer", Rí na h'Alba  1005Scotland I6000000000013017126 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
11 mac Donnchada, Domnall  1093Scotland I6000000000769914003 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
12 mac Donnchada, Domnall  1097Scotland I6000000000769914003 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
13 mac Donnchada, Máel Coluim III  1058Scotland I6000000005029367221 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
14 mac Maíl Choluim, King Davíd "The Saint" I  Scotland I6000000002461246164 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
15 mac Uilliam, Alaxandair "The Peaceful" II  4 Dec 1214Scotland I6000000000424836694 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
16 MacDonald, chief of Clan Donald John Carrach 7th Lord of the Isles  From 1336 to 1386Scotland I19850 15sep 
17 Ross, conquered Hebrides William MacFearchar 2nd Earl of Ross  Scotland I26145 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Duncan Abthane of Dule, Lay Abbot of Dunkeld, Mormaer of Atholl Abthane of Dule, Lay Abbot of Dunkeld, Mormaer of Atholl  Scotland I6000000003645672480 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
2 ingen Maíl Coluim meic Cináeda, Bethóc  Scotland I6000000002236872569 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
3 mac Alpín, Cináed  Scotland I6000000001041559796 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
4 mac Alpín, Cináed  Scotland I6000000001041559796 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
5 mac Causantín, Domnall Rí na h'Alba  Scotland I4613540682210058642 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
6 mac Causantín, Domnall Rí na h'Alba  Scotland I4613540682210058642 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
7 mac Cináeda, Causantín  Scotland I6000000009432092256 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
8 mac Cináeda, Causantín  Scotland I6000000009432092256 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
9 Mac Cináeda, King of Scotland Máel Coluim "The Destroyer", Rí na h'Alba  Scotland I6000000000013017126 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
10 Mac Cináeda, King of Scotland Máel Coluim "The Destroyer", Rí na h'Alba  Scotland I6000000000013017126 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
11 Mac Domnaill, Máel Coluim I Rí na h'Alba  Scotland I6000000001041617210 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
12 mac Donnchad, Crínán of Dunkeld  Scotland I6000000002236747331 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
13 mac Donnchada, Máel Coluim III  Scotland I6000000005029367221 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
14 mac Maíl Choluim, King Davíd "The Saint" I  Scotland I6000000002461246164 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
15 of Scotland, Henry  Scotland I6000000001068387165 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
16 of Scotland, Suthen Sibylla of Northumbria  Scotland I6000000000424732452 Ancestors of Donald Ross 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Cameron  Bef 1370Scotland F18176 15sep 
2 / Limesi  1174Scotland F17869 15sep 
3 / Stewart  1341Scotland F17702 15sep 
4 /   867Scotland F7491 15sep 
5 /   1160Scotland F6698 15sep 
6 / Dau Ainftech  734Scotland F12183 15sep 
7 / Hlodversdottir  997Scotland F12134 15sep 
8 / King Of Dalriada  711Scotland F12185 15sep 
9 / Moddansdatter  1081Scotland F12138 15sep 
10 / of Northumberland  1094Scotland F6883 15sep 
11 / Princess Of Loarn  749Scotland F7508 15sep 
12 Abernethy /   1470Scotland F18137 15sep 
13 Balfour / Stirling  Abt 1435Scotland F15552 15sep 
14 Barclay / of Brechin  26 Mar 1315Scotland F6000000004534046764 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
15 Bartholf Leslie / Mure  CA 1244Scotland F15760 15sep 
16 Beaumont / Maria  1215Scotland F10398 15sep 
17 Bigod / MacWilliam  1183Scotland F11982 15sep 
18 Bissett / MacDuff  Aft 10 Jan 1363Scotland F9157 15sep 
19 Boidh / Boidh  Abt 1229Scotland F6000000013103124347 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
20 Boyd / Colville  3 Jul 1504Scotland F21491 15sep 
21 Boyd / MacPHERSON  Bef 1801Scotland F14715 15sep 
22 Buchan /   1150Scotland F17896 15sep 
23 Buchanan / Killearn  Abt 1439Scotland F15928 15sep 
24 Cameron 'de Cambrun' /   Bef 1275Scotland F18207 15sep 
25 Campbell / de Brus  1310Scotland F11922 15sep 
26 Campbell / de Crawford  1295Scotland F6000000002188746938 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
27 Campbell / Stewart  Bef 1442Scotland F19386 15sep 
28 Campbell of Lochow / Ó Duibhne  Abt 1067Scotland F4026468526530030426 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
29 Campbell, / Stewart  1531Scotland F19371 15sep 
30 Carlyle / Crosbiei  Bef 1446Scotland F15335 15sep 
31 Colquhoun / Erskine  1380Scotland F11819 15sep 
32 Colquhoun / Erskine  1474Scotland F11731 15sep 
33 Comyn / de Ros  Abt 1240Scotland F15622 15sep 
34 Comyn / Fitzhugh  Abt 1189Scotland F6000000003828483373 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
35 Crichton / Erskine  Abt 1457Scotland F15272 15sep 
36 Crichton / Stewart  8 May 1472Scotland F19378 15sep 
37 de Abernathy / de Eógain  5 Apr 1281Scotland F6000000000074500311 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
38 De Blair / Mure  Abt 1329Scotland F15435 15sep 
39 de Brus / de Clare  12 May 1240Scotland F10327 15sep 
40 de Brus / de Clare  1242Scotland F6000000002980290203 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
41 De Crawford / Sinclair  Abt 1247Scotland F15611 15sep 
42 de Dunbar / Bruce  1242Scotland F19651 15sep 
43 de Fife / Fife  1100Scotland F12004 15sep 
44 de Fraser / of Lochaber  1102Scotland F6000000003828602579 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
45 de Graham / d'Aubigny  1160Scotland F6000000007152062983 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
46 de Isaac / Bruce  1330Scotland F6000000001019236717 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
47 de Keith / Douglas  Abt 1292Scotland F16028 15sep 
48 de Keith of Humbie / Seton  Abt 1261Scotland F6000000002188738275 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
49 de Leslie / Leith  1288Scotland F15757 15sep 
50 de Lindsay / deCrawford  1225Scotland F11889 15sep 
51 De Maxwell / De Maxwell  Abt 1280Scotland F15374 15sep 
52 de Montgomery /   Abt 1240Scotland F18193 15sep 
53 de Montgomery / Cospatrick  Abt 1122Scotland F15466 15sep 
54 de Montgomery / Fitz Alan  1143Scotland F15460 15sep 
55 de Montgomery / Kennedy  Abt 1240Scotland F15415 15sep 
56 De Moravia / Mac Duncan  1200Scotland F13521 15sep 
57 de Moravia / Menteith  11 Jul 1339Scotland F6000000002188773975 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
58 de Moravia / Menteith  1345Scotland F15119 15sep 
59 de Moravia / Stewart  1389Scotland F14983 15sep 
60 de Moray / MacFergus  1145Scotland F10489 15sep 
61 de Morham / St. Martin  Abt 1180Scotland F6000000002188796318 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
62 de Morville II / De Lancaster  1150Scotland F10490 15sep 
63 de Soules / Stewart  1270Scotland F11950 15sep 
64 De Strathearn / of Ruthven  Bef 1146Scotland F15674 15sep 
65 de Synton / Gifford  1279Scotland F6000000002188738279 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
66 De Vaux / Douglas  1400Scotland F9074 15sep 
67 Dougal / de Rumilly  Bef 1120Scotland F21131 15sep 
68 Douglas /   1385Scotland F11804 15sep 
69 Douglas / Erskine  1432Scotland F11758 15sep 
70 Douglas / Galbraith  Sep 1373Scotland F11850 15sep 
71 Douglas / Napier  1520Scotland F11702 15sep 
72 Douglas / Stewart  1355Scotland F11843 15sep 
73 Douglas / Stewart  23 Sep 1371Scotland F9121 15sep 
74 Douglas / Stewart  1387Scotland F6000000006445079611 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
75 Douglas / Stewart  1395Scotland F9083 15sep 
76 Douglas / Stewart  1420Scotland F9053 15sep 
77 Douglas of Hermiston / Berclay  Bef 1243Scotland F19591 15sep 
78 Drummond / Douglas  1388Scotland F9149 15sep 
79 Drummond of that Ilk / Montifex  Bef 1350Scotland F6000000001827560599 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
80 Dunbar / Mac Crinan  1149Scotland F6802 15sep 
81 Dunbar / Mackenzie  Abt 1596Scotland F14774 15sep 
82 Dunbar of Conzie / Innes  Abt 1525Scotland F14910 15sep 
83 Earl of Fife /   1265Scotland F18264 15sep 
84 Edmonstone / Stewart  1425Scotland F9103 15sep 
85 Eglinton of that Ilk / Stewart  Oct 1357Scotland F6000000008517460115 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
86 Eochaid IV King of Dalriada / Fergusa  755Scotland F12178 15sep 
87 Erskin of Inchmartin / Erskine of Inchmartin  Abt 1320Scotland F15491 15sep 
88 Ferguson / Douglas  1489Scotland F11710 15sep 
89 fitz Alan / fitz Alen  1129Scotland F12002 15sep 
90 FitzWalter / Morggan  1167Scotland F10554 15sep 
91 Flanders / Crawford  1189Scotland F6000000000334918139 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
92 Forbes / Seton - Gordon  18 Jul 1468Scotland F15022 15sep 
93 Forster / De Orde  19 Sep 1356Scotland F11269 15sep 
94 Foulis / Ogilvie  1481Scotland F15133 15sep 
95 Fraser /   Abt 1161Scotland F21331 15sep 
96 Fraser / de Fenton  1405Scotland F15180 15sep 
97 Fraser / Fraser  Abt 1169Scotland F21336 15sep 
98 Fraser / Gray  1509Scotland F15078 15sep 
99 Fraser / Lascelles of Oliver Castles  1225Scotland F6000000002188811479 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
100 Freskin / Bruce de Huntingdon  1188Scotland F11978 15sep 
101 Glendonwyn / Douglas  1355Scotland F11835 15sep 
102 Graham / Douglas  1460Scotland F15949 15sep 
103 Grant / Fraser  Bef 1609Scotland F14760 15sep 
104 Grant / Fraser  19 Jul 1686Scotland F14723 15sep 
105 Grant / Glencarnie  1400Scotland F21453 15sep 
106 Grant / MacLean  1647Scotland F14722 15sep 
107 Halyburton / Stewart  7 Feb 1408Scotland F6000000002188739097 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
108 Hamilton. / Douglas  8 Mar 1388Scotland F11739 15sep 
109 Hay / Cunningham of Belton  3 Aug 1469Scotland F6000000006445075372 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
110 Hay / Rose  Sep 1605Scotland F14781 15sep 
111 Hay of Lochorwart and Yester / de la Haye  Abt 1399Scotland F6000000003828531170 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
112 Hay Of Yester /   1396Scotland F17700 15sep 
113 Hepburn of Dunsyre / Wallace of Elderslie  1433Scotland F6000000002188773909 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
114 Hepburn of Hailes / Borthwick  2 Nov 1411Scotland F6000000006422229058 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
115 Hepburn of Hailes / de Vaux  1364Scotland F6000000002188773919 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
116 Hepburn, / Of Huntly  21 Feb 1490Scotland F11718 15sep 
117 Hlodversson / Mackenneth  988Scotland F44 15sep 
118 Johnston / Leighton  1410Scotland F6000000006930966229 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
119 Johnstone / Maxwell  1506Scotland F15336 15sep 
120 Keith / Stewart  1367Scotland F9100 15sep 
121 Keith / Stewart  1392Scotland F9094 15sep 
122 Kennedy / Blair  1500Scotland F15026 15sep 
123 Kennedy / Stewart  1530Scotland F14833 15sep 
124 Kenneth / Longspree  989Scotland F12047 15sep 
125 Kirkpatrick / Kirkpatrick  Abt 1136Scotland F15717 15sep 
126 Kirkpatrick Second Lord Of Closeburn /   Abt 1255Scotland F18251 15sep 
127 Lascelles / de Ireby  Abt 1237Scotland F21369 15sep 
128 le Cheyne / De Moravia  1258Scotland F21327 15sep 
129 Leslie / Keith  1347Scotland F9191 15sep 
130 Leslie / Moncrieffe  1517Scotland F14907 15sep 
131 Leslie of that Ilk / Leith  1288Scotland F6000000002188832468 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
132 Lindsay / Dunbar  1410Scotland F11793 15sep 
133 Livingston / Hepburn  5 Apr 1501Scotland F14855 15sep 
134 Lochaber / Nic Cineada  Abt 989Scotland F6000000013415060426 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
135 Logan / Stewart  1365Scotland F9108 15sep 
136 Lovell, / Deincourt  Scotland F15224 15sep 
137 Lyon / Lindsay  1475Scotland F15157 15sep 
138 mac Áeda /   Abt 1142Scotland F6000000044430261058 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
139 mac Causantín /   897Scotland F6000000000172856202 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
140 Mac Cináeda / Sigurdsdatter  983Scotland F157 15sep 
141 Mac Crinain /   1030Scotland F1894 15sep 
142 mac Crínáin / of Scotland  1030Scotland F6000000005029270210 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
143 mac Donnchada /   1059Scotland F6000000003041285508 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
144 Mac Donnell / MacQuillan  <1547>Scotland F15904 15sep 
145 Mac Dubhghaill / de Comyn  1263Scotland F6000000004534130468 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
146 mac Echdach / Scotland  744Scotland F7477 15sep 
147 mac Echdach / Spondan  705Scotland F2864 15sep 
148 mac Indrechtaich / Mearns  1118Scotland F11994 15sep 
149 mac Muredach /   1125Scotland F6000000005597843494 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
150 Mac Ranald / Stewart  Bef 1247Scotland F11980 15sep 
151 mac Ruadri /   Abt 1102Scotland F11992 15sep 
152 Mac Somhairlie / of Moray  Abt 1172Scotland F12102 15sep 
153 macCináeda / Mac Kenneth  1013Scotland F12041 15sep 
154 MacDonald / Balloch  1430Scotland F15581 15sep 
155 MacDonald / Bannatyne  <1581>Scotland F15889 15sep 
156 MacDonald / MacDonald  1430Scotland F15582 15sep 
157 MacDonald / MacDonald  Bef 1524Scotland F15585 15sep 
158 MacDonald / MacDonald  Abt 1544Scotland F15586 15sep 
159 MacDonald / MacDonald  Abt 1589Scotland F15840 15sep 
160 MacDonald / MacDonald  Abt 1595Scotland F15841 15sep 
161 MacDonald / MacDonald of Dunyvaig  Abt 1569Scotland F15863 15sep 
162 MacDonald / MacDougall  Abt 1395Scotland F15560 15sep 
163 MacDonald / MacIain  1467Scotland F15557 15sep 
164 MacDonald / Macimie  Abt 1418Scotland F15750 15sep 
165 MacDonald / Mackintosh  1490Scotland F15546 15sep 
166 MacDonald / MacLean  Bef 1546Scotland F15871 15sep 
167 MacDonald / MacNeill  Abt 1654Scotland F15818 15sep 
168 MacDonald / MacNeill  Abt 1657Scotland F15824 15sep 
169 MacDougall / MacLachlan  Abt 1197Scotland F15623 15sep 
170 Macduff / de Monthermer  12 Oct 1307Scotland F15783 15sep 
171 MacDuff / De Warenne  25 Dec 1160Scotland F12114 15sep 
172 MacEth /   1120Scotland F12025 15sep 
173 MacEth /   1152Scotland F12026 15sep 
174 MacFarlane / Herries  1503Scotland F15368 15sep 
175 Mackenzie / Cameron  Abt 1475Scotland F15044 15sep 
176 MacKenzie / Fraser  Bef 1472Scotland F14882 15sep 
177 MacKenzie / Grant of Freuchie  Bef 1504Scotland F14816 15sep 
178 MacKenzie / Mac Ranald  1512Scotland F15042 15sep 
179 MacKenzie / MacDonald  1512Scotland F15043 15sep 
180 MacKenzie / MacDougall  Abt 1430Scotland F14937 15sep 
181 MacKenzie / MacKenzie  1604Scotland F14771 15sep 
182 MacKenzie / Munro  Abt 1505Scotland F14925 15sep 
183 Mackintosh of Badenoch, / Grant  Bef 1444Scotland F21459 15sep 
184 MacLachlan / Cowan  Bef 1230Scotland F15650 15sep 
185 MacLachlan / Lachlan  Abt 1176Scotland F15627 15sep 
186 MacLean / Cameron  Abt 1441Scotland F15153 15sep 
187 MacLean / Campbell  1562Scotland F15876 15sep 
188 MacLean / MacDonald  Abt 1520Scotland F15835 15sep 
189 Maclean / MacLeod  Abt 1358Scotland F15273 15sep 
190 MacLean / MacLeod  Abt 1560Scotland F15874 15sep 
191 MacLean / Stewart  Abt 1431Scotland F15068 15sep 
192 MacLeod / Campbell  28 Jun 1498Scotland F14947 15sep 
193 MacLeod / De Ross  1265Scotland F11913 15sep 
194 MacLeod of Harris / Campbell  Bef 1330Scotland F15159 15sep 
195 MacRaghnaill / Rognvaldsson  Abt 1199Scotland F15735 15sep 
196 MacSomerled / Stewart  1165Scotland F12107 15sep 
197 MacUchtred / de Morville  1196Scotland F10420 15sep 
198 Maxwell / Crichton  Abt 1454Scotland F15140 15sep 
199 Maxwell / Douglas  25 Jul 1530Scotland F15321 15sep 
200 Maxwell / Douglas of Drumlanrig  6 Jan 1509Scotland F15328 15sep 

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1 / Stewart  1341Scotland F17702 15sep