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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
401 VERCH MAREDUDD, Tangwystl  930Wales, United Kingdom I76522
402 VERCH MEREDITH, Elinor  1340Wales, United Kingdom I77353
403 VERCH PHILIP, Gladys  Abt 1120Wales, United Kingdom I77178
404 VERCH RHIWALLON, Gwladus  1041Wales, United Kingdom I50141
405 VERCH RHYS, Margred  1075Wales, United Kingdom I79276
406 VERCH ROBERT, Margred  Abt 1452Wales, United Kingdom I79171
407 VERCH ROBERT AB MAREDUDD, Grayson  Abt 1482Wales, United Kingdom I14588
408 VICHAN, Ynir King of Gwent  1140Wales, United Kingdom I75225
409 VLAITH, Gwenlian ap  Abt 1265Wales, United Kingdom I52155
410 VLAITH, Rhyvyd  Abt 1250Wales, United Kingdom I52395
411 VR OWAIN AB EDWIN, Angharad II  Wales, United Kingdom I84342
412 VYCHAN, Ynyr  Abt 1160Wales, United Kingdom I52464
413 WALES-GWYNEDD, Prince Daffyd Ap Lleweyn Fawr of  Wales, United Kingdom I21515
414 WALZ, Mary  1341Wales, United Kingdom I51416
415 WEAVER, Madoc  1225Wales, United Kingdom I52638
416 WEEKS, Susan  1620Wales, United Kingdom I75778
417 WHYTE, John  1523Wales, United Kingdom I77941
418 WIRIOT, Mrs David  1280Wales, United Kingdom I73846
419 WOGAN, Katherine  1417Wales, United Kingdom I84043
420 WOGAN, Mary  Abt 1467Wales, United Kingdom I73461
421 WYSHAM, Margaret  Abt 1370Wales, United Kingdom I19683
422 WYSTYL, Lady Goch Tang  Abt 1235Wales, United Kingdom I84365
423 YNYR, John ap  1776Wales, United Kingdom I50962
424 YNYR, Richard ap  1777Wales, United Kingdom I50963
425 YNYR, Robert ap  1782Wales, United Kingdom I50965
426 YNYR, Mrs. Robert ap  1785Wales, United Kingdom I51192
427 YNYR, William ap  1779Wales, United Kingdom I50964
428 YORWERTH, Gruffydd ap  Abt 1260Wales, United Kingdom I52154

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