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Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut


Tree: 15sep

Latitude: 41.4569400, Longitude: -72.8236100


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andrews, Mary  15 Jun 1714Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I18381 15sep 
2 Andrews, Sarah  27 Mar 1677Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I17213 15sep 
3 Beach, Atwater  17 Dec 1688Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I18393 15sep 
4 Beach, Hannah Ellen  17 Mar 1682/3Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I18391 15sep 
5 Beach, John Esquire  15 Oct 1690Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I18395 15sep 
6 Beach, Samuel  29 Dec 1696Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I18400 15sep 
7 Brooks, Martha  21 Feb 1713/4Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16833 15sep 
8 Cole, Abigail  18 Jan 1702/3Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I3682 15sep 
9 Cole, Samuel  10 Dec 1701Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16819 15sep 
10 Cook, Samuel Jr.  3 Mar 1667/8Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I10431 15sep 
11 Cook, Susannah  5 Sep 1711Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16852 15sep 
12 Cools, Samuell  2 Feb 1703/4Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16822 15sep 
13 Cowles, Eunis  28 Apr 1708Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16824 15sep 
14 Cowles, Hannah  11 Apr 1706Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16823 15sep 
15 Cowles, Joseph  4 Mar 1709/10Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16825 15sep 
16 Cowles, Lois  25 Apr 1700Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16821 15sep 
17 Crampton, Abigail  17 Oct 1704Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I18374 15sep 
18 Curtis, Daniel  7 Aug 1707Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I18385 15sep 
19 Hart, Hawkins  1 Mar 1707/8Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I9878 15sep 
20 Hull, Elizabeth  7 Apr 1698Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I9874 15sep 
21 Ives, Benjamin  22 Nov 1697Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I9872 15sep 
22 Lathrop, Samuel  1677Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I10382 15sep 
23 Merriman, John  16 Oct 1691Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I9646 15sep 
24 Mix, Thomas Sr.  25 Mar 1679Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16845 15sep 
25 Moss, Lt Benjamin  10 Feb 1701/2Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I3680 15sep 
26 Moss, Martha  22 Dec 1684Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I10372 15sep 
27 Moss, Sarah Ann  1586Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I10378 15sep 
28 Parker, Eliphalet  1687Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I18422 15sep 
29 Peck, Anna  Mar 1686Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I9899 15sep 
30 Peck, Ruth  20 Jul 1679Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I9897 15sep 
31 Potter, Sarah  22 Aug 1641Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I11304 15sep 
32 Robinson, Josiah  1700Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I9877 15sep 
33 Royce, Abigail  29 Nov 1677Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16817 15sep 
34 Royce, Deborah  9 Sep 1683Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16832 15sep 
35 Royce, Isaac  10 Mar 1688Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16836 15sep 
36 Royce, Prudence  6 Jan 1680Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16834 15sep 
37 Street, Susanna  15 Jun 1675Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I10364 15sep 
38 Tuttle, Eunice  9 Apr 1725Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I17218 15sep 
39 Tyler, Phebe  28 Oct 1700Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I18426 15sep 
40 Tyler, Sarah  25 Nov 1697Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I18421 15sep 
41 Ward, Ambrose  6 Mar 1708/9Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I18346 15sep 
42 Ward, Lottie  17 Jun 1711Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I18349 15sep 
43 Ward, Macock  17 Jul 1702Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I18337 15sep 
44 Ward, Mary  10 Mar 1702/3Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I1188 15sep 
45 Ward, William  18 Oct 1678Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I18335 15sep 
46 Ward, William  7 Jan 1704/5Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I18338 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hull, Elizabeth  1700Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I9874 15sep 
2 Royce, Mary  1658Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I18365 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abernathy, Elisabeth  5 Oct 1758Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I18380 15sep 
2 Allen, Joan Alling  22 May 1659Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I5585 15sep 
3 Andrews, Samuel  6 Oct 1704Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I11055 15sep 
4 Atwater, Ebenezer  28 Oct 1758Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I1108 15sep 
5 Austin, John III  8 Apr 1773Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16848 15sep 
6 Beach, Hannah Ellen  21 Dec 1749Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I18391 15sep 
7 Beach, John  6 Jun 1709Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I18369 15sep 
8 Beach, Samuel  20 Jul 1765Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I18400 15sep 
9 Bradley, Mary  12 Jun 1737Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I10368 15sep 
10 Charles, Abigail  1656Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I9951 15sep 
11 Churchill, Hannah  3 Nov 1688Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16820 15sep 
12 Cole, Samuel  17 Feb 1701/2Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16819 15sep 
13 Cook, Samuel Jr.  18 Sep 1722Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I10431 15sep 
14 Cowles, Eunis  1745Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16824 15sep 
15 Cowles, Joseph  30 Nov 1760Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I10379 15sep 
16 Doolittle, Abraham II  10 Nov 1732Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16886 15sep 
17 Frisbie, Samuel  6 Sep 1754Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16837 15sep 
18 Hull, John  6 Dec 1711Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I23699 15sep 
19 Ives, Benjamin  19 Dec 1754Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I9872 15sep 
20 Jackson, Mary  14 Jul 1697Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16843 15sep 
21 Lathrop, John  26 Aug 1688Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16884 15sep 
22 Lathrop, Martha  21 Sep 1719Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I11102 15sep 
23 Lathrop, Samuel  26 Feb 1742/3Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I10382 15sep 
24 Lathrop, Sarah  11 Nov 1706Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I19517 15sep 
25 Merriam, John  6 Aug 1732Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I9540 15sep 
26 Merriam, Rebecca  26 Apr 1727Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I9693 15sep 
27 Merriman, John  26 Sep 1741Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I9537 15sep 
28 Merriman, Mary  23 May 1732Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I9383 15sep 
29 Mix, Thomas Sr.  15 Dec 1738Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16845 15sep 
30 Morgan, Hannah  12 Dec 1706Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16853 15sep 
31 Moss, Lt Benjamin  10 Jun 1761Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I3680 15sep 
32 Moss, Esther  19 Jun 1677Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I10452 15sep 
33 Moss, John I.  31 Mar 1707Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I9952 15sep 
34 Moss, John II  31 Mar 1717Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I10397 15sep 
35 Moss, Martha  25 May 1771Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I10372 15sep 
36 Moss, Mary  16 Nov 1725Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I9660 15sep 
37 Parker, Eliphalet  Aug 1757Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I18422 15sep 
38 Parker, Elizabeth  10 Sep 1761Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16854 15sep 
39 Peck, Anna  26 Feb 1715/6Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I9899 15sep 
40 Peck, Mary  1 Sep 1710Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I5669 15sep 
41 Peck, Ruth  8 Jan 1737/8Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I9897 15sep 
42 Robinson, Josiah  2 Apr 1766Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I9877 15sep 
43 Royce, Abigail  24 May 1714Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16817 15sep 
44 Royce, Deborah  15 Dec 1738Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16832 15sep 
45 Royce, Isaac  5 Dec 1681Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16867 15sep 
46 Royce, Isaac  23 Mar 1728/9Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16836 15sep 
47 Royce, Josiah  23 Apr 1695Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16829 15sep 
48 Royce, Nathaniel  6 Sep 1726Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I11061 15sep 
49 Royce, Nehemiah  1 Nov 1706Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16865 15sep 
50 Royce, Prudence  28 Jun 1742Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16834 15sep 
51 Royce, Robert  2 Apr 1759Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16828 15sep 
52 Royce, Ruth  19 Feb 1688/9Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16862 15sep 
53 Royce, Samuel  24 Dec 1711Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16818 15sep 
54 Sharp, Elizabeth  Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I9866 15sep 
55 Street, Susanna  21 Apr 1704Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I10364 15sep 
56 Tyler, Phebe  19 Feb 1730/1Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I18426 15sep 
57 Tyler, Sarah  18 Jul 1716Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I18421 15sep 
58 Ward, Anna  1 Jun 1764Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I18372 15sep 
59 Ward, Macock  6 May 1783Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I18337 15sep 
60 Ward, William  19 Dec 1768Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I18335 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, Joan Alling  23 May 1659Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I5585 15sep 
2 Atwater, Benjamin Deacon  Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I1105 15sep 
3 Atwater, Joshua  1757Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I1099 15sep 
4 Beach, Abigail  12 Aug 1722Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I2923 15sep 
5 Beach, Hannah Ellen  1749Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I18391 15sep 
6 Churchill, Hannah  5 Nov 1688Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16820 15sep 
7 Cook, Samuel Jr.  1722Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I10431 15sep 
8 Doolittle, Abraham II  1732Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16886 15sep 
9 Hull, John  Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I23699 15sep 
10 Ives, Benjamin  1754Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I9872 15sep 
11 Jackson, Mary  Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16843 15sep 
12 Lathrop, Sarah  1706Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I19517 15sep 
13 Morgan, Hannah  1706Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16853 15sep 
14 Parker, Eliphalet  Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I18422 15sep 
15 Porter, Mary  1759Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16838 15sep 
16 Royce, Abigail  26 May 1714Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16817 15sep 
17 Royce, Deborah  17 Dec 1738Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16832 15sep 
18 Royce, Isaac  1681Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16867 15sep 
19 Royce, Isaac  25 Mar 1688Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16836 15sep 
20 Royce, Josiah  1695Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16829 15sep 
21 Royce, Nathaniel  Sep 1726Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I11061 15sep 
22 Royce, Nehemiah  1706Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16865 15sep 
23 Royce, Robert  1759Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16828 15sep 
24 Royce, Samuel  26 Dec 1711Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut I16818 15sep 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Atwater / Merriman  28 Dec 1722Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F514 15sep 
2 Atwater / Royce  27 Nov 1718Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F352 15sep 
3 Atwater / Ward  9 Nov 1727Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F350 15sep 
4 Austin / Royce  18 Nov 1703Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F7747 15sep 
5 Beach / Benham  23 Mar 1731/2Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F8499 15sep 
6 Beach / Royce  7 Dec 1678Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F8482 15sep 
7 Beach / Royce  22 Feb 1716/7Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F8494 15sep 
8 Beach / Tyler  18 Aug 1715Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F8495 15sep 
9 Bull / Rusco  1679Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F5365 15sep 
10 Cowles / Cook  1 Dec 1735Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F7740 15sep 
11 Cowles / Johnson  13 Jul 1749Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F7911 15sep 
12 Cowles / Royce  8 Oct 1740Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F7912 15sep 
13 Cowles / Way  29 May 1717Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F5123 15sep 
14 Curtis / Ward  22 Jun 1729Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F8470 15sep 
15 Doolittle / Peck  13 Feb 1681/2Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F2796 15sep 
16 Lathrop / Peck  3 Feb 1703/4Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F4878 15sep 
17 Merriam / Burrage  22 Nov 1732Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F4567 15sep 
18 Merriam / Hart  24 Mar 1725/6Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F4734 15sep 
19 Merriam / Hull  12 Nov 1723Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F4732 15sep 
20 Merriman / Peck  28 Mar 1683Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F4617 15sep 
21 Mix / Royce  21 Mar 1704/5Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F7746 15sep 
22 Moss / Cole  28 May 1728Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F1817 15sep 
23 Moss / Lathrop  12 Dec 1676Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F5137 15sep 
24 Peck / Moss  24 May 1738Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F4875 15sep 
25 Peck / Street  23 May 1694Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F4877 15sep 
26 Royce / Benedict  12 Dec 1695Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F7745 15sep 
27 Royce / Benedict  10 Feb 1712/3Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F7748 15sep 
28 Royce / Lathrop  21 Apr 1681Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F5486 15sep 
29 Royce / Moss  27 Oct 1673Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F5166 15sep 
30 Royce / Parker  24 Mar 1692/3Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F7744 15sep 
31 Ward / Abernathy  11 May 1736Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F8472 15sep 
32 Ward / Beach  14 Dec 1701Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F8460 15sep 
33 Ward / Towner  13 Aug 1740Wallingford, New Haven, connecticut F8481 15sep