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Warwickshire, England


Tree: Joel

Latitude: 52.2671353, Longitude: -1.4675216


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALCESTER, Adela De  1052Warwickshire, England I76904
2 BEAUCHAMP, Alice  Abt 1340Warwickshire, England I19023
3 BEAUCHAMP, Margaret  1404Warwickshire, England I16667
4 BENNETT, Philippa  1345Warwickshire, England I16419
5 BOTELER, Joan  1395Warwickshire, England I15568
6 BRACEBRIDGE, Alice  1469Warwickshire, England I83242
7 CANNING, Maria  1555Warwickshire, England I8848
8 CANNING, Maria  1555Warwickshire, England I7583
9 CLARK, Mrs John  Abt 1396Warwickshire, England I55415
10 CLOWARD, Sir Henry  1330Warwickshire, England I83382
11 COMPTON, Elizabeth  1500Warwickshire, England I72575
12 DACKLE, Margaret Agnes  21 Oct 1553Warwickshire, England I46920
13 DE BEAUCHAMP, Isabel  1263Warwickshire, England I17572
14 DE BEAUCHAMP, Margaret  1295Warwickshire, England I57793
15 DE BOTETOURTE, Alice  Abt 1338Warwickshire, England I66456
16 DE BRULEY, Alice  Abt 1326Warwickshire, England I16088
17 DE FERRERS, Edward  1480Warwickshire, England I55127
18 DE GREINVILLE, Mrs John  Abt 1328Warwickshire, England I66239
19 DE GREINVILLE, Mrs William  Abt 1277Warwickshire, England I66520
20 DE HASTINGS, Thomas  1155Warwickshire, England I74463
21 DE KINGSTON, Avice (de Arden)  1210Warwickshire, England I33964
22 DE NAPTON, John  Abt 1249Warwickshire, England I100069
23 DE PALMER, John  1224Warwickshire, England I49516
24 DEVEREUX, Joan  1530Warwickshire, England I12114
25 DORSET, SYBELL  1372Warwickshire, England I19470
26 ELLENBRIDGE, Katherine  Abt 1327Warwickshire, England I20082
27 FERRERS, Elizabeth De  1358Warwickshire, England I19330
28 FERRERS, Lord Thomas  1420Warwickshire, England I16686
29 FISHER, Mary  1325Warwickshire, England I17745
30 FULWOOD, John  Abt 1415Warwickshire, England I16556
31 GAUNT, Joane  1470Warwickshire, England I54590
32 GAUNT, Judy  Abt 1488Warwickshire, England I55078
33 GAUNT, Katherine  Abt 1487Warwickshire, England I55077
34 GAUNT, Nicholas  1465Warwickshire, England I54589
35 GRENVILLE, Lucy Mrs  Abt 1300Warwickshire, England I66359
36 GREY, Sir Humphrey  Abt 1442Warwickshire, England I66089
37 HAREWELL, William Esq.  1435Warwickshire, England I73130
38 HECKSTALL, Margaret  1443Warwickshire, England I54637
39 HOLTE, Edward Del  1454Warwickshire, England I55473
40 HOPKINS, Funu  1449Warwickshire, England I84003
41 HOWE, John  1556Warwickshire, England I12335
42 HUMPHRY, Margerite  1538Warwickshire, England I70720
43 LEE, Roger  <1446>Warwickshire, England I54847
44 MALEHEARBE, Jane  1480Warwickshire, England I55644
45 MARTIN, Rebecca Grace Duffield  Abt 1500Warwickshire, England I47173
46 OLNEY, Thomas  Abt 1513Warwickshire, England I73266
47 PALMER, Thomas  Abt 1301Warwickshire, England I49512
48 RYLAND, John  1555Warwickshire, England I8375
49 RYLAND, John  1555Warwickshire, England I7142
50 SADLER, Maria  1577Warwickshire, England I70981
51 SAWBRIDGE, Mrs. William  1537Warwickshire, England I31065
52 WEBB, Alice  1374Warwickshire, England I83379
53 WEBB, Richard John  5 May 1580Warwickshire, England I72265
54 WELLES, Lionel de  1406Warwickshire, England I82638
55 WILCOTES, John William  1365Warwickshire, England I98865
56 WILLINGTON, William  1410Warwickshire, England I56488


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ARDEN, Sir John  27 Jun 1526Warwickshire, England I83244
2 ARDEN, Walter  1502Warwickshire, England I47991
3 BROME, Constance  30 Apr 1551Warwickshire, England I55649
4 BURTON, Julian Mary  1425Warwickshire, England I83295
5 COLES, Amye  1572Warwickshire, England I12450
6 COMPTON, Edmund  1491Warwickshire, England I73076
7 DE BAMVILLE, Alexander  1210Warwickshire, England I60435
8 DE BEAUMONT, Agnes Adele  1124Warwickshire, England I64362
9 DE BIRMINGHAM, Albreda  1334Warwickshire, England I17359
10 DE FERRERS, Edward  29 Aug 1535Warwickshire, England I55127
11 DE FERRERS, Sir Edward  28 Nov 1535Warwickshire, England I55140
12 DE FREVILLE, Lady Elizabeth Baroness  22 Aug 1468Warwickshire, England I19534
13 DE ODINGSELLS, Sir William Justicar of Ireland Lord of Maxstock  1264Warwickshire, England I95791
14 DE THORNBURY, Joan  3 Oct 1418Warwickshire, England I65842
15 DE WARREN, Gundred  Aft 1166Warwickshire, England I8067
16 DE WARREN, Gundred  Aft 1166Warwickshire, England I6858
17 DEBELGRAVE, Sibell  1413Warwickshire, England I14743
18 FERRERS, Edrus  28 Nov 1535Warwickshire, England I55137
19 FERRERS, Edward  28 Nov 1535Warwickshire, England I55131
20 FERRERS, Sir Robert 4th Baron Ferrers  12 Mar 1413Warwickshire, England I16794
21 GAUNT, Nicholas  Abt 1488Warwickshire, England I54589
22 HARVEY, Johanis  1635Warwickshire, England I70557
23 HARWARD, Richard  1641Warwickshire, England I38269
24 HASTINGS, Sir Henry de  5 Mar 1269Warwickshire, England I34251
25 HECKSTALL, Margaret  1486Warwickshire, England I54637
26 KEY, Thomas John  Bef 1491Warwickshire, England I47902
27 MALEHEARBE, Jane  Warwickshire, England I55644
28 MALLORY, Mrs Iseult  1199Warwickshire, England I50050
29 MULES, Alice  1466Warwickshire, England I54801
30 NEVILLE, Catherine  15 Apr 1493Warwickshire, England I15560
31 NEVILLE, Jane  15 Apr 1493Warwickshire, England I15557
32 PICOT, Michael of Doddington  1295Warwickshire, England I68627
33 RICH, Margaret  1360Warwickshire, England I15840
34 SADLER, Maria  1637Warwickshire, England I70981
35 SHELDON, Katherine  1529Warwickshire, England I12136
36 SOMERVILLE, Sir Roger William III  1215Warwickshire, England I60708
37 STEWARD, Agnes  1595Warwickshire, England I83239
38 TANSLEY, William  1520Warwickshire, England I14952
39 TRIE, Mary De  Warwickshire, England I19455
40 WEBB, Dame Alice  1517Warwickshire, England I83292
41 WILLINGTON, William  1455Warwickshire, England I56488


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DE BEAUCHAMP, Guy  1315Warwickshire, England I7383
2 DE BEAUCHAMP, Guy 10th Earl of Warwick  1315Warwickshire, England I57342
3 FERRERS, Sir Robert 4th Baron Ferrers  1413Warwickshire, England I16794
4 GREY, Sir Thomas V  1501Warwickshire, England I13290
5 HAREWELL, John V  10 Apr 1505Warwickshire, England I72901
6 KNOLLYS, Lady Margaret  7 Oct 1488Warwickshire, England I18279
7 NEVILLE, Edward  1476Warwickshire, England I16551


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baron Of Beaudesert / de la Plaunche  Mar 1287Warwickshire, England F10400
2 Belknap / Boteler  1395Warwickshire, England F8246
3 Bennet / Fisher  1344Warwickshire, England F9446
4 Bennet / Fisher  1344Warwickshire, England F50466
5 Bigod /   Abt 1165Warwickshire, England F26079
6 Constable / Ingleby  1492Warwickshire, England F24273
7 Dackle / Martin  Abt 1522Warwickshire, England F24219
8 de Beauchamp / Mortimer  Abt 1334Warwickshire, England F9590
9 De Bracebridge /   1205Warwickshire, England F43556
10 de Bracebridge /   1305Warwickshire, England F43500
11 De La Roche of Bromwich / De Bermingham  Abt 1392Warwickshire, England F8955
12 de Longueville / Roche  1414Warwickshire, England F10242
13 Durvassall / Sulney  by 1401 2nd wife 3rd husband no issueWarwickshire, England F10396
14 Dyneley / Throckmorton  Abt 1408Warwickshire, England F9252
15 Galofre / de Bruley  1338Warwickshire, England F10380
16 Goodwin / Trie  Bef 1430Warwickshire, England F10244
17 Heritage / Heritage  Abt 1455Warwickshire, England F35443
18 Le Botiller / de Sudeley  Abt 1354Warwickshire, England F9703
19 Lucy / Empson  15 Sep 1510Warwickshire, England F23454
20 Olney / Compton  Abt 1538Warwickshire, England F37672
21 Perkins / Pursser  2 Aug 1621Warwickshire, England F16060
22 Rogers / Wyatt  1505Warwickshire, England F4175
23 Rogers / Wyatt  1505Warwickshire, England F4184
24 Rowse / Throckmorton  Abt 1438Warwickshire, England F8559
25 Sawbridge / Sawbridge  1558Warwickshire, England F15969
26 Webb / Stone  1457Warwickshire, England F43443