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Winchester, Hampshire, England


Tree: Joel

Latitude: 51.0597710, Longitude: -1.3101420


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eleanor Princess of  1215Winchester, Hampshire, England I33915
2 Eleanor Princess of  1215Winchester, Hampshire, England I33925
3 Euphamia  Jul 1101Winchester, Hampshire, England I7715
4 Euphamia  Jul 1101Winchester, Hampshire, England I6523
5 Matilda 'Maud'  Between 07 Feb 1101 and 1102Winchester, Hampshire, England I7609
6 ATHELING, William the  Bef 05 Aug 1103Winchester, Hampshire, England I7714
7 ATHELING, William the  Bef 5 Aug 1103Winchester, Hampshire, England I6522
8 BRIDGEMAN, James  1620Winchester, Hampshire, England I72140
9 DE CORNWALL, Richard  5 Jan 1208Winchester, Hampshire, England I86422
10 DE HASTINGS, John  Abt 1328Winchester, Hampshire, England I17419
11 DE NORMANDIE HOLY ROMAN EMPRESS, Adelaide  Bef 5 Aug 1102Winchester, Hampshire, England I23167
12 DE QUENCY, Hawise  Abt 1211Winchester, Hampshire, England I21965
13 DE QUENCY, Lorette  Abt 1196Winchester, Hampshire, England I21944
14 DE QUENCY, Robert  Abt 1200Winchester, Hampshire, England I21950
15 DE QUINCEY, Ellen  Abt 1139Winchester, Hampshire, England I21951
16 DE QUINCY, Arabella  Abt 1186Winchester, Hampshire, England I21954
17 DE QUINCY, Beatrice  1185Winchester, Hampshire, England I21955
18 DE QUINCY, Elizabeth  1220Winchester, Hampshire, England I21330
19 DE QUINCY, Hawise  1178Winchester, Hampshire, England I9214
20 DE QUINCY, Hawise  1178Winchester, Hampshire, England I7932
21 DE QUINCY, Hawise  Abt 1203Winchester, Hampshire, England I21939
22 DE QUINCY, Helen  Abt 1221Winchester, Hampshire, England I21661
23 DE QUINCY, Helen  1222Winchester, Hampshire, England I8297
24 DE QUINCY, John  1182Winchester, Hampshire, England I21948
25 DE QUINCY, Loretta  1180Winchester, Hampshire, England I21941
26 DE QUINCY, Margaret  Abt 1218Winchester, Hampshire, England I21659
27 DE QUINCY, Reginald  Abt 1184Winchester, Hampshire, England I21967
28 DE QUINCY, Roger Earl  Abt 1174Winchester, Hampshire, England I21452
29 DE QUINCY, Roger  1195Winchester, Hampshire, England I21946
30 DE VALLETORT, Joan  1211Winchester, Hampshire, England I57757
31 DE VALLETORT, Reginald III  1187Winchester, Hampshire, England I58263
32 DEQUINCY, Hawise Lady Oxford  3 Feb 1192Winchester, Hampshire, England I21953
33 DEQUINCY, Roger  1174Winchester, Hampshire, England I21966
34 DESPENCER, Eleanor  Abt 1268Winchester, Hampshire, England I95780
35 DESPENSER, Ada Elizabeth  Abt 1296Winchester, Hampshire, England I18158
36 DESPENSER, Isabel Le  1270/1286Winchester, Hampshire, England I17074
37 DUKE OF NORMANDY, William Adelin  5 Aug 1103Winchester, Hampshire, England I35192
38 ENGLAND, Eleanor Princess  1215Winchester, Hampshire, England I33918
39 ENGLAND, Eleanor  1215Winchester, Hampshire, England I33924
40 ENGLAND, Eleanor Princess of  1215Winchester, Hampshire, England I62415
41 ENGLAND, Henry III King  1 Oct 1206Winchester, Hampshire, England I35467
42 FITZ ALAN, Joan  1260Winchester, Hampshire, England I17622
43 FITZHENRY, Sir Herbert . Lord Chamberlain of King HI  1060Winchester, Hampshire, England I63449
44 FORD, Grace  Abt 1600Winchester, Hampshire, England I45576
45 HASTINGS, Sir Hugh  1350Winchester, Hampshire, England I16159
46 LA ZOUCHE, Eudes  Abt 1299Winchester, Hampshire, England I99131
47 LA ZOUCHE, Thomas Viscount of Rohan-Porhoet  1298Winchester, Hampshire, England I33680
48 LAZOUCHE, Philippe  1287Winchester, Hampshire, England I33675
49 LOUVEL, Maude  1293Winchester, Hampshire, England I33972
50 MEWS, Richard  Abt 1586Winchester, Hampshire, England I45557
51 OF HEADINGTON, Joan Basset  1212Winchester, Hampshire, England I58882
52 OF NORMANDY, Empress Matilda  CA 7 Feb 1102Winchester, Hampshire, England I6426
53 ORABILIS, Judith  1073Winchester, Hampshire, England I23911
54 PLANTAGENET, Rohesia  1128Winchester, Hampshire, England I23169
55 PLANTAGENET ENGLAND, Henry III  01 Oct 1207Winchester, Hampshire, England I9264
56 PLANTAGENET ENGLAND, Henry III  1 Oct 1207Winchester, Hampshire, England I7977
57 PLANTAGENET KING OF ENGLAND, Henry III  1 Oct 1207Winchester, Hampshire, England I38368
58 PLANTAGENET PRINCESS OF ENGLAND, Eleanor  1215Winchester, Hampshire, England I33917
59 QUINCY, Hawise de  1178Winchester, Hampshire, England I21962
60 QUINCY, Loretta de  1136Winchester, Hampshire, England I95720
61 ROHAN PORHOET, Emeri de la  1296Winchester, Hampshire, England I33683
62 ZOUCHE, Eudes La  1294Winchester, Hampshire, England I33674
63 ZOUCHE, Miss La  Abt 1301Winchester, Hampshire, England I19043


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 OF ENGLAND, King William II  2 Aug 1100Winchester, Hampshire, England I35604


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alfgifu Queen of England  1002Winchester, Hampshire, England I24009
2 Edgar "The Peaceable" of England  08 Jul 0975Winchester, Hampshire, England I6382
3 Elgiva  Feb 1002Winchester, Hampshire, England I6378
4 Emma of France Queen of England Denmark  6 Mar 1052Winchester, Hampshire, England I37281
5 Ethelswitha  05 Dec 0905Winchester, Hampshire, England I6386
6 Helen of Galloway  Aft 21 Nov 1245Winchester, Hampshire, England I22257
7 AP MAREDUDD, Madog  9 Feb 1160Winchester, Hampshire, England I51019
8 BLOIS-CHAMPAGNE, Emma de  1187Winchester, Hampshire, England I63450
9 CHAMPAGNE, Bishop of Winchester Henri de  8 Aug 1171Winchester, Hampshire, England I36429
10 DE BEAUFORT, Henry  11 Apr 1447Winchester, Hampshire, England I16224
11 DE BLOIS, Henry  8 Aug 1171Winchester, Hampshire, England I36413
12 DE DUNSTANVILLE, Hawise  Abt 1259Winchester, Hampshire, England I58265
13 DE HASTINGS, Hugh  30 Jul 1347Winchester, Hampshire, England I16157
14 DE LENS, Judith  Abt 1086Winchester, Hampshire, England I6725
15 DE QUINCY, Loretta  1270Winchester, Hampshire, England I21941
16 DE SAINT MAUR, Nicholas  8 Nov 1317Winchester, Hampshire, England I19863
17 DE VALLETORT, Reginald III  1246Winchester, Hampshire, England I58263
18 DESPENSER, Isabel Le  4 Dec 1334Winchester, Hampshire, England I17074
19 FITZHENRY, Sir Herbert . Lord Chamberlain of King HI  1130Winchester, Hampshire, England I63449
20 FITZHERBERT, Herbert II  1154Winchester, Hampshire, England I63722
21 HAROLDSSON, Godwin of Kent  1085Winchester, Hampshire, England I45402
22 HOPKINS, John  10 Sep 1593Winchester, Hampshire, England I54029
23 LA ZOUCHE, Baron Alan I  12 Aug 1270Winchester, Hampshire, England I21973
24 LA ZOUCHE, ELENA  Oct 1334Winchester, Hampshire, England I19040
25 MACDUNCAN, Waltheof  6 Jun 1076Winchester, Hampshire, England I22892
26 MEW, Richard  1610Winchester, Hampshire, England I45545
27 OF HUNTINGDON, Waltheof II  31 May 1076Winchester, Hampshire, England I8015
28 OF HUNTINGDON, Walther II  31 May 1076Winchester, Hampshire, England I6807
29 PEVERELL, Jacob  1299Winchester, Hampshire, England I9253
30 PEVERELL, Jacob  1299Winchester, Hampshire, England I7966
31 STONE, Anne  1644Winchester, Hampshire, England I45544


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Emma of France Queen of England Denmark  Winchester, Hampshire, England I37281
2 DE DUNSTANVILLE, Hawise  Abt 1259Winchester, Hampshire, England I58265
3 OF GAINSBOROUGH, Aethelred Ealdorman of the Gaini  Winchester, Hampshire, England I4868
4 OF WESSEX, Alfred  Winchester, Hampshire, England I6387
5 QUINCY, Saher I de Lord of Bushby  Winchester, Hampshire, England I95689


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / de Huntingdon  Abt 1088Winchester, Hampshire, England F50519
2 de Quincy / de Meschines  1192Winchester, Hampshire, England F11780
3 de Saint Maur / LA ZOUCHE  Bef Aug 1314Winchester, Hampshire, England F10527
4 de Valognes / de Quincy  Abt 1202Winchester, Hampshire, England F11775
5 La Zouche / Louvel  1312Winchester, Hampshire, England F17427
6 La Zouche / Lovel  Abt 1294Winchester, Hampshire, England F17426
7 QUINCY /   Abt 1088Winchester, Hampshire, England F11970