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of Flint, Wales



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ELIDIR, Madog Warwyn ab  Abt 1102of Flint, Wales I75965
2 ELIDIR, Mathew Rhys ab  Abt 1104of Flint, Wales I75961
3 ELIDIR, Meilir Eutun ap  Abt 1090of Flint, Wales I75388
4 ELIDIR, Sandde ab  Abt 1088of Flint, Wales I75963
5 EONION, Iorwerth ap  Abt 1140of Flint, Wales I84188
6 GRIFFITH, Griffith Ap Prince  Abt 1000of Flint, Wales I76214
7 GRUFFUDD, Angharad Verch  Abt 1156of Flint, Wales I75625
8 LLYWELYN EURDORCHOG, Mrs. Llywelyn Fychan ap  Abt 1074of Flint, Wales I84338
9 LLYWELYN FYCHAN, Rhys Goch ap  Abt 1100of Flint, Wales I84282
10 LLYWELYN FYCHAN, Mrs. Rhys Goch ap  Abt 1104of Flint, Wales I84284
11 MADOG, Madog Fychan ap  1260of Flint, Wales I50261
12 MADOG SYTYN AB ELIDIR Mrs. Mrs.  Abt 1104of Flint, Wales I76198
13 MEILIR, Gruffudd ap  Bef 1119of Flint, Wales I75400
14 MEILIR EUTUN, Mrs. Gruffudd ap  Abt 1124of Flint, Wales I75969
15 RHYS GOCH, Eonion ap  Abt 1120of Flint, Wales I84225
16 RHYS GOCH, Mrs Eonion ap  Abt 1124of Flint, Wales I84226


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Llywelyn Eurdorchog  Abt 1099of Flint, Wales F43986
2 Elidir / Madog Sytyn ab Elidir  Abt 1126of Flint, Wales F39531
3 Idnerth / Madog  Abt 1099of Flint, Wales F39409
4 Idnerth / Madog  Abt 1099of Flint, Wales F39448