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Acre, Israel


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Latitude: 32.9330520, Longitude: 35.0826780


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DE BRIENNE, Jean  1 Jun 1158Acre, Israel I50567
2 DE BRIENNE, Jean  1225Acre, Israel I6454
3 DE BRIENNE, Louis  1235Acre, Israel I48999
4 PLANTAGENET, Joan  Apr 1272Acre, Israel I46626
5 PLANTAGENET, Juliana  Jan 1271Acre, Israel I68665


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 King Fulk V King of Jerusalem  13 Nov 1143Acre, Israel I34745
2 Duke Hugh Iii of Burgundy  25 Aug 1192Acre, Israel I62455
3 Peter I of Courtenay  10 Apr 1183Acre, Israel I60984
4 Thibaut Theobald III of Champagne  24 May 1201Acre, Israel I60834
5 ANJOU, Queen Isabella I of Jerusalem  1205Acre, Israel I98127
6 BARBAROSSA, Frederick V  10 Feb 1191Acre, Israel I61859
7 COUNT OF NEVERS, Odo  1266Acre, Israel I60134
8 CYPRUS, Alice CHAMPAGNE of  1246Acre, Israel I98133
9 DE BRIENNE, Comte Erard II  8 Feb 1190Acre, Israel I50285
10 DE BRIENNE, Louis  Acre, Israel I48999
11 DE COUCY, Rudolf I  1 Nov 1191Acre, Israel I59648
12 DE COURTENAY, Pierre I Sieur de Courtenay Montargis Châteaurenard Champignelles Tanlay Charny et Chantecoq.  10 Apr 1183Acre, Israel I8777
13 DE DAMMARTIN, Raoul  15 Oct 1191Acre, Israel I79804
14 DE GOURNAY, Gerard  8 May 1096Acre, Israel I62980
15 DE JOINVILLE, Seigneur Geoffroy IV  Aug 1190Acre, Israel I87079
16 DE MOWBRAY, Nigel II  1191Acre, Israel I66920
17 DE ST. VALERY, Bernard IV  17 Sep 1191Acre, Israel I22047
18 DE VERGY, Guy  1191Acre, Israel I87799
19 DOUGLAS, James  25 Aug 1330Acre, Israel I62307
20 GUILHEM, Lord William V of Montpellier  Abt 1122Acre, Israel I63754
21 PLANTAGENET, Juliana  28 May 1271Acre, Israel I68665
22 TILCHATEL, Guy de Sieur  1189Acre, Israel I87413


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Henry II Count of Champagne  1197Acre, Israel I62890
2 DE BRIENNE, Jean  Acre, Israel I50567
3 DE QUINCY, Saer  1219Acre, Israel I21660
4 DE VERDUN, Bertram  25 Aug 1192Acre, Israel I76263
5 LONGESPÉE, William II Earl of Salisbury  Acre, Israel I34139
6 LONGESPEE, William  Acre, Israel I45116


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DE BRIENNE, Louis  Abt 1265Acre, Israel I6410