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Cranbrook, Kent, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BLOUNT, Alice  Abt 1410Cranbrook, Kent, England I14354
2 BORDEN, Nathan Fowle  1636Cranbrook, Kent, England I11520
3 CULPEPPER, Elizabeth  1495Cranbrook, Kent, England I54108
4 CULPEPPER, William  1509Cranbrook, Kent, England I55110
5 HENDLEY, Alice  Abt 1470Cranbrook, Kent, England I83802
6 HENDLEY, Gervase  1440Cranbrook, Kent, England I83833
7 HEVER, John  1467Cranbrook, Kent, England I8288
8 HEVER, Margaret  1477Cranbrook, Kent, England I8298
9 HILLS, Martha  Cranbrook, Kent, England I12011
10 SMITH, Nicholas  1517Cranbrook, Kent, England I55111
11 WILFORD, Anne  1492Cranbrook, Kent, England I55091
12 WILFORD, Bridget Sarah  Abt 1525Cranbrook, Kent, England I54604
13 WILFORD, Cecely  1536Cranbrook, Kent, England I54597
14 WILFORD, James  1518Cranbrook, Kent, England I54610
15 WILFORD, Katherine  Abt 1484Cranbrook, Kent, England I55093
16 WILFORD, William  1496Cranbrook, Kent, England I55092
17 WILSFORD, Ann  Abt 1510Cranbrook, Kent, England I54605
18 WILSFORD, Cecily  1526Cranbrook, Kent, England I54608
19 WILSFORD, Clark  Abt 1527Cranbrook, Kent, England I54603
20 WILSFORD, Constance  Abt 1519Cranbrook, Kent, England I54598
21 WILSFORD, Francis  1530Cranbrook, Kent, England I54611
22 WILSFORD, Francis  1531Cranbrook, Kent, England I54612
23 WILSFORD, George  Abt 1531Cranbrook, Kent, England I54609
24 WILSFORD, James  1476Cranbrook, Kent, England I55088
25 WILSFORD, Katherine  Abt 1514Cranbrook, Kent, England I54606
26 WILSFORD, Nicholas  1531Cranbrook, Kent, England I54601
27 WILSFORD, Sidenham  Abt 1530Cranbrook, Kent, England I54600
28 WILSFORD, Thomas  1530Cranbrook, Kent, England I54599
29 WILSFORD, William  1529Cranbrook, Kent, England I54607
30 WILSFORD, Winifred  Abt 1518Cranbrook, Kent, England I54613
31 WILSFORDE, Elizabeth  1517Cranbrook, Kent, England I53685


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BORDEN, Elizabeth  25 May 1634Cranbrook, Kent, England I11516
2 BORDEN, Francis I  23 Dec 1628Cranbrook, Kent, England I11517
3 BORDEN, Mary  13 Jan 1632Cranbrook, Kent, England I11522
4 STONE, Richard  29 junio 1572Cranbrook, Kent, England I101289
5 TOLHERST, Edward  30 Apr 1592Cranbrook, Kent, England I53715


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Jonet ferch Morgan  1430Cranbrook, Kent, England I51932
2 Mercy  1490Cranbrook, Kent, England I83832
3 BASSETT, Joan  1403Cranbrook, Kent, England I73876
4 BLOUNT, Alice  Dec 1512Cranbrook, Kent, England I14354
5 BORDEN, Nathan Fowle  1637Cranbrook, Kent, England I11520
6 HENDLEY, Gervase  Nov 1472Cranbrook, Kent, England I83833
7 HEVER, John  Cranbrook, Kent, England I8288
8 MCINTOSH, Catherine  1535Cranbrook, Kent, England I55083
9 RANCHEY, Elizabeth de  1530Cranbrook, Kent, England I72566
10 WILFORD, Bridget Sarah  1579Cranbrook, Kent, England I54604
11 WILFORD, James  Nov 1550Cranbrook, Kent, England I54610
12 WILSFORD, Cecily  12 Feb 1611Cranbrook, Kent, England I54608


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 RANCHEY, Elizabeth de  1530Cranbrook, Kent, England I72566
2 SAXBY, Richard  1584Cranbrook, Kent, England I54594
3 STREETER, Robert  15 Jun 1562Cranbrook, Kent, England I54406


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Masters / Hendley  Est 1495Cranbrook, Kent, England F43713
2 Masters / Hendley  Est 1495Cranbrook, Kent, England F43722
3 Smeed / Stoughton  25 Jan 1634Cranbrook, Kent, England F36687
4 Smith / Wilsford  1542Cranbrook, Kent, England F28013
5 Tufton / Hever  1498Cranbrook, Kent, England F4368