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Nottinghamshire, England



Latitude: 53.1666667, Longitude: -1.0000000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BALLARDE, Thomas  1518Nottinghamshire, England I70543
2 CROMWELL, Richard  1338Nottinghamshire, England I33164
3 DE AUNUS, Mrs Eberard  Abt 1194Nottinghamshire, England I59947
4 DE CHAWORTH, Elizabeth Baroness Scrope of Marsham  1395Nottinghamshire, England I55623
5 DE LEXINGTON, Richard  1165Nottinghamshire, England I46088
6 DENOTTINGHAM, Elgiva  1085Nottinghamshire, England I46205
7 DENOTTINGHAM, Randall  1122Nottinghamshire, England I46138
8 DEWEST, Clarissa  1238Nottinghamshire, England I48633
9 DYKES, Christina  1349Nottinghamshire, England I32992
10 FETCHINGHAM, Elizabeth  1125Nottinghamshire, England I46141
11 FURNIVAL, Matilda  Abt 1323Nottinghamshire, England I66102
12 MANNOURS, Michael  Abt 1084Nottinghamshire, England I50437
13 MANNOURS, Mrs. Michael  Abt 1088Nottinghamshire, England I50438
14 MANVERS, Leonius  1184Nottinghamshire, England I49480
15 MOWBRAY, Miss  Abt 1214Nottinghamshire, England I33403
16 NEWMARCH, Mrs. Thomas  Abt 1294Nottinghamshire, England I33082
17 SMYTHE, Mary  1535Nottinghamshire, England I53275
18 STAVELEY, Isabel Starely  1340Nottinghamshire, England I15820
19 WILLOUGHBY, Juliana  Abt 1234Nottinghamshire, England I83471


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEESTON, Dorothy  1580Nottinghamshire, England I72259
2 CROMWELL, Richard  1368Nottinghamshire, England I33164
3 DE FURNIVAL, Gerard III  Aft 1265Nottinghamshire, England I34267
4 DE LEXINGTON, Robert  1165Nottinghamshire, England I46147
5 DE LOVETOT, Richard  Abt 1130Nottinghamshire, England I36369
6 DEWEST, Clarissa  1276Nottinghamshire, England I48633
7 LOVETOT, William  1103Nottinghamshire, England I37101
8 WYNETHORPE, Robert  1465Nottinghamshire, England I105503


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ballarde / Fitzwilliam  Abt 1556Nottinghamshire, England F36419
2 Carrington / Smythe  1370Nottinghamshire, England F17047
3 de Cromwell IV / de la Mare  1315Nottinghamshire, England F38180
4 De Ferrers / Peverell  Abt 1135Nottinghamshire, England F3570
5 de Marcham / de Lexington  1208Nottinghamshire, England F23654
6 Markham / Cressy  1394Nottinghamshire, England F24431
7 Markham / DeWest  1262Nottinghamshire, England F24864
8 Staunton / de Belvoir  Abt 1154Nottinghamshire, England F17309
9 Willoughby / Mortaigne  1280Nottinghamshire, England F43537