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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1   Bef 168Wales, United Kingdom I77989
2   Bef 198Wales, United Kingdom I77669
3   Bef 352Wales, United Kingdom I76841
4   Bef 368Wales, United Kingdom I76499
5   Abt 546Wales, United Kingdom I79500
6   Abt 601Wales, United Kingdom I79248
7   Abt 656Wales, United Kingdom I79003
8   Abt 713Wales, United Kingdom I78744
9   Abt 738Wales, United Kingdom I78297
10   763Wales, United Kingdom I78037
11   800Wales, United Kingdom I52130
12   1240Wales, United Kingdom I77552
13 Aleth  Abt 1030Wales, United Kingdom I79323
14 Anarawd  805Wales, United Kingdom I77707
15 Angharad F Llywelyn Ap Hywel Ap Cynwrig  Bef 1500Wales, United Kingdom I78940
16 Angharad F Pierce Stanley  1525Wales, United Kingdom I78233
17 Ankaret  Abt 999Wales, United Kingdom I79568
18 Arddun verch Cynfelyn  Abt 1216Wales, United Kingdom I78413
19 Cadwgan Goch ap Ithel Y Gwion ap Hwfa  CA 1160Wales, United Kingdom I79307
20 Cadwgon Ap Gruffudd Fychan  Abt 1180Wales, United Kingdom I84177
21 Caswallon ap Hwfa ap Ithel Felyn  CA 1130Wales, United Kingdom I79549
22 Cynan Ap Iago  Bef 1039Wales, United Kingdom I84387
23 Cynddelw ap Ithel Y Gwion ap Hwfa  CA 1155Wales, United Kingdom I79306
24 Deicws  835Wales, United Kingdom I76867
25 Egnion  Wales, United Kingdom I100103
26 Mrs. Einion  Abt 960Wales, United Kingdom I84460
27 Eleanor verch Thomas  1505Wales, United Kingdom I52335
28 Elissan  Abt 1127Wales, United Kingdom I84360
29 Mrs Eneym Girt  391Wales, United Kingdom I76853
30 Eunydd ap Cadifor  Abt 912Wales, United Kingdom I84376
31 Eva  Abt 1119Wales, United Kingdom I84356
32 Gladys verch Llewfer  Abt 322Wales, United Kingdom I76865
33 Golenbryd  Abt 1140Wales, United Kingdom I76001
34 Golenbryd  Abt 1140Wales, United Kingdom I76002
35 Gronwy ap Hwfa ap Ithel Felyn  CA 1130Wales, United Kingdom I79550
36 Gruffydd ap Cynan  1081Wales, United Kingdom I84340
37 Gwenllian verch Owain Gwynedd  1135Wales, United Kingdom I84373
38 Gwynedd  Abt 850Wales, United Kingdom I52718
39 Hwfa ap Ithel Felyn ap Llewelyn Fychan  CA 1095Wales, United Kingdom I79304
40 Mrs. Hywel  Abt 1452Wales, United Kingdom I79169
41 Mrs. Hywel  Abt 1452Wales, United Kingdom I79170
42 Hywel Foel ap Hwfa ap Ithel Felyn  CA 1130Wales, United Kingdom I79548
43 Hywel Fychan Of Bron Y Foel  Bef 1500Wales, United Kingdom I78684
44 Iago Ap Idwal  1023Wales, United Kingdom I84427
45 Ithel Felyn ap Llewelyn Fychan ap Llewelyn Aurdorchog  CA 1065Wales, United Kingdom I79546
46 Jane verch Elystan  Wales, United Kingdom I79533
47 Lady Aelfgar Countess of Mercia  Abt 1012Wales, United Kingdom I24283
48 Lleuci ferch Maredudd ap Cadwgan ap Bleddyn  CA 1125Wales, United Kingdom I79052
49 Lleucu ferch Hywel Sele Lady of Nannau  Abt 1371Wales, United Kingdom I51665
50 Llywelyn ap Cynfelyn  Abt 1212Wales, United Kingdom I78414
51 Lowri F Dafydd Ap Rhys Ab Ifan  1483Wales, United Kingdom I79633
52 Margaret  Abt 1121Wales, United Kingdom I84358
53 Marged ferch Ithel Felyn ap Llewelyn Fychan  CA 1100Wales, United Kingdom I79699
54 Margred f Gruff  Abt 1385Wales, United Kingdom I78703
55 Maurig ap Hywel of Radur  Abt 1270Wales, United Kingdom I77117
56 Morgan ap Llewellyn  1378Wales, United Kingdom I76174
57 Nest ferch Ithel Y Gwion ap Hwfa  CA 1160Wales, United Kingdom I79308
58 Nesta ferch Hywel ap Ithel ap Madog ap Rhiryd ap Bleddyn ap Cynfyn  CA 1175Wales, United Kingdom I79551
59 Owen  Abt 1117Wales, United Kingdom I84355
60 Radfarch ap Alser ap Gwrgi ap Hedd ap Alunog  CA 1150Wales, United Kingdom I79552
61 Rhun  Abt 980Wales, United Kingdom I79527
62 Mrs. Rhun  Abt 980Wales, United Kingdom I79528
63 Rhys ap Gwilim  Abt 1454Wales, United Kingdom I78470
64 Rhys Ap Llewelyn  Abt 960Wales, United Kingdom I76647
65 Susanna ferch Ithel Felyn ap Llewelyn Fychan  CA 1100Wales, United Kingdom I79700
66 Yslani ferch Iago ap Gruffudd ap Cynan ap Idwal  CA 1110Wales, United Kingdom I79305
67 AARON, Catherine Verch  1245Wales, United Kingdom I84209
68 ADDA, Mrs Gwyn ap  Abt 1277Wales, United Kingdom I79642
69 ALCUN, Sandde ap  Abt 685Wales, United Kingdom I52273
70 ANARAWD, Eliseg ap  884Wales, United Kingdom I80648
71 ANGHARED  Abt 943Wales, United Kingdom I52283
72 AP ADDA, Mrs. Gronwy  1230Wales, United Kingdom I79187
73 AP ALCWYN, Sandde  690Wales, United Kingdom I51750
74 AP AMWERID, Mrs. Gorddufu  Abt 220Wales, United Kingdom I78691
75 AP AMWERID AMWERYDD, Gorddyfyn  From 20 to 380Wales, United Kingdom I78690
76 AP ARTHWYS, Cynfelin  562Wales, United Kingdom I79499
77 AP ATHAFAD, Mrs Cynan  876Wales, United Kingdom I77667
78 AP BLEDRI, Hymeid  Abt 844Wales, United Kingdom I52524
79 AP BLEDRI, Ivor  Abt 1090Wales, United Kingdom I76224
80 AP BRYCHWYN, Onwedd  From 20 BC to 260 BCWales, United Kingdom I79195
81 AP CADIFOR, Eunydd  890Wales, United Kingdom I25552
82 AP CALCHYNYDD, Cadrod  Abt 660Wales, United Kingdom I78743
83 AP CEREDIG, Lady Corun  Abt 450Wales, United Kingdom I98403
84 AP CYNDDLEW, Cynwrig  Abt 940Wales, United Kingdom I51617
85 AP CYNFELIN, Cynwyd  Abt 597Wales, United Kingdom I79247
86 AP CYNWRIG, Mrs Gweirydd  878Wales, United Kingdom I52135
87 AP CYNWRIG, Pyll  Abt 960Wales, United Kingdom I51860
88 AP CYNWRING, Marchan  930Wales, United Kingdom I51865
89 AP CYNWYD, Calchynydd  Abt 628Wales, United Kingdom I79002
90 AP DAFYDD, Mrs. Adda  1205Wales, United Kingdom I79452
91 AP DAFYDD, Dafydd Chwith  Abt 1337Wales, United Kingdom I79102
92 AP DAVID GOCH, Mrs. David Vaughan  Abt 1300Wales, United Kingdom I79595
93 AP DOLI, Gwrgain  From 170 to 190Wales, United Kingdom I77668
94 AP DWYWG LYTH, Gwrysnad  775Wales, United Kingdom I52377
95 AP DYFNWALLON, Bleddri  Abt 800Wales, United Kingdom I52515
96 AP EDWIN, Great G F  Wales, United Kingdom I24308
97 AP EINION, Ieuan  Abt 1075Wales, United Kingdom I74574
98 AP EINION, Marredd  Abt 1132Wales, United Kingdom I84412
99 AP ELEVAN, Cynan  Abt 836Wales, United Kingdom I77468
100 AP ELGUNDY, Cynddelw  Abt 900Wales, United Kingdom I51859
101 AP ELIDIR, Gwriad  Abt 751Wales, United Kingdom I78511
102 AP ELYSTAN, Mrs Morgenue  972Wales, United Kingdom I52014
103 AP ERB, King Nynnio  Abt 428Wales, United Kingdom I98393
104 AP FYCHAN, Marlgwn  Abt 1218Wales, United Kingdom I21768
105 AP GRUFFUDD, Gruffudd Foel  1250Wales, United Kingdom I77296
106 AP GRUFFYD, Urgeny  1040Wales, United Kingdom I24287
107 AP GRUFFYDD, Gruffydd Fychan  1325Wales, United Kingdom I52485
108 AP GUOTEPAUC, Coel Hen Godebog Caelius Votepacus  400Wales, United Kingdom I82518
109 AP GWERDDOLI, Doli  Abt 160Wales, United Kingdom I77988
110 AP GWILYM, Ieuan  1302Wales, United Kingdom I76772
111 AP GWRAST, Meirchion Gul (King of North Britain)  Abt 380Wales, United Kingdom I76862
112 AP GWRGAIN, Cain  Abt 210Wales, United Kingdom I77415
113 AP GWYDDNO, Sandde  750Wales, United Kingdom I26344
114 AP HYWEL, Gruffydd  Abt 1260Wales, United Kingdom I78060
115 AP HYWEL, Ieuan  Abt 1205Wales, United Kingdom I52698
116 AP HYWEL, Llywelyn  1215Wales, United Kingdom I77298
117 AP IAGO, Tegid Tacitus Pies Rudawg  Abt 270Wales, United Kingdom I77181
118 AP IEUAN, Hywel  1338Wales, United Kingdom I77021
119 AP IEUAN, Lewis Ap Rhydderch  1340Wales, United Kingdom I77018
120 AP IEUAN, Rhys  1336Wales, United Kingdom I77020
121 AP IOWERTH, Llywelyn Fawr  1173Wales, United Kingdom I50140
122 AP ITHEL, Ednowain  Abt 1034Wales, United Kingdom I76471
123 AP ITHEL, Mrs Einion  1502Wales, United Kingdom I79647
124 AP IVOR, Llewelyn  Abt 1130Wales, United Kingdom I77884
125 AP LLEWELYN, Ithel  Abt 1079Wales, United Kingdom I51023
126 AP LLEWELYN, Mrs Rhys  1067Wales, United Kingdom I52112
127 AP LLYWARCH VYCHAN, Madog  Abt 1200Wales, United Kingdom I52462
128 AP LLYWELYN, Dafydd Gam  1349Wales, United Kingdom I16908
129 AP MAELGWYN, Maelgwyn Fychan  Wales, United Kingdom I21746
130 AP MEURIG, Dafydd of Radur  Abt 1290Wales, United Kingdom I75814
131 AP MOR, Elvan  Abt 801Wales, United Kingdom I77706
132 AP MORGAN, King of Glywyssing and Gwent Mrs Lthel  Abt 600Wales, United Kingdom I98389
133 AP MYNAN, Mor  765Wales, United Kingdom I78036
134 AP OWAIIN, Madog  1142Wales, United Kingdom I84371
135 AP OWAIN, Einion  1143Wales, United Kingdom I84372
136 AP PHILIP, Philip  Abt 1305Wales, United Kingdom I78068
137 AP PYLL, Ednowain Bach  913Wales, United Kingdom I25209
138 AP RHYS, Mrs. Hywel  Abt 1450Wales, United Kingdom I79172
139 AP RICE, Agnes  1531Wales, United Kingdom I83916
140 AP RICE, Henry  1532Wales, United Kingdom I83920
141 AP SANDDE, Pyll  775Wales, United Kingdom I25882
142 AP SYLSYLTH, Arthur  Abt 1270Wales, United Kingdom I74270
143 AP SYSTAL, Arthur  1298Wales, United Kingdom I74807
144 AP SYSTAL, Arthur  1336Wales, United Kingdom I74810
145 AP TACTIC, Padam Beisrudd Paternus of the Scarlet Robe  400Wales, United Kingdom I76860
146 AP TEUDOS, Margetuit  Abt 720Wales, United Kingdom I52046
147 AP TIGID, Prince Alcwn of Deheubarth  630Wales, United Kingdom I52665
148 AP USAI, Serwyl (Seruuel)  Abt 490Wales, United Kingdom I98433
149 AP YNYR VYCHAN, Meurig  Abt 1288Wales, United Kingdom I52202
150 AP YSPWYS, Mynan  728Wales, United Kingdom I78296
151 APCYNFIN, Mrs. Bleddyn  Abt 1030Wales, United Kingdom I79535
152 APEDRYD, Idnerth  1050Wales, United Kingdom I78617
153 APGWRWARED, Cynhaethwy  1047Wales, United Kingdom I78810
154 APGWRWARED, Cynhaethwy  1052Wales, United Kingdom I78811
155 APGWRWARED, Cynhaethwy  1237Wales, United Kingdom I79531
156 APLLEISION, Ieuan  1302Wales, United Kingdom I76373
157 APMAREDUDD, Marared  1120Wales, United Kingdom I84352
158 APRHODRI, Anarawd  Wales, United Kingdom I52714
159 ARON, Dyddgu Verch  Abt 1017Wales, United Kingdom I79250
160 BEDDYN, Mrs Flint Ithel anwyl  1304Wales, United Kingdom I73798
161 BLEDDYN, Angharad ferch  1030Wales, United Kingdom I78847
162 BLEDDYN, Gwenllian ferch  Abt 1337Wales, United Kingdom I78848
163 BLEDDYN, Gwladus ferch  Abt 1302Wales, United Kingdom I78429
164 BOHUN III, John de  1420Wales, United Kingdom I47965
165 BRONE, Isabel  1528Wales, United Kingdom I78240
166 BUTTON, Ann  Abt 1442Wales, United Kingdom I100869
167 CADELL, Hywel  880Wales, United Kingdom I52676
168 CADWGAN, Hoedliw Goch ap  Abt 1060Wales, United Kingdom I79282
169 CARWED, Iasedd ap  960Wales, United Kingdom I76325
170 CHANDLER, Agnes  Abt 1548Wales, United Kingdom I70238
171 CILSANT, Joan De  Abt 1125Wales, United Kingdom I77910
172 CLOUGH, Mary  1568Wales, United Kingdom I31151
173 COLLWEY COLLWEY, Angharad  Abt 1452Wales, United Kingdom I76761
174 COURTIOS, John  Abt 1345Wales, United Kingdom I16605
175 CRADOCK, Annes verch  1332Wales, United Kingdom I74031
176 CRIPPIL, Madog Vychan AP Madoc  Abt 1285Wales, United Kingdom I50534
177 CURTEIS, Arthur  Abt 1315Wales, United Kingdom I18068
178 CYFEILIOC, Mrs Owain  Abt 1158Wales, United Kingdom I49967
179 CYFEILIOC, Owain  Abt 1158Wales, United Kingdom I49968
180 CYNAN, Ethyllt Verch  Abt 768Wales, United Kingdom I78512
181 CYNFELYN MANOFON, Jonet Verch  Abt 1200Wales, United Kingdom I78417
182 CYNWRIG  860Wales, United Kingdom I51377
183 CYNWRIG, Mrs. Gronwy ap  1505Wales, United Kingdom I76667
184 CYNWRIG, Gweirydd Ap  874Wales, United Kingdom I51861
185 CYNWRIG, Gwerful ferch  1637Wales, United Kingdom I51634
186 CYNWRIG, Llywelyn ap  1702Wales, United Kingdom I51176
187 CYNWRIG, Marchan ap  Abt 970Wales, United Kingdom I51866
188 CYNWRIG, Tudur ap  Abt 1325Wales, United Kingdom I52180
189 DAFYDD, Angharad ferch  1502Wales, United Kingdom I75913
190 DAFYDD, Mrs. Einion ap  1505Wales, United Kingdom I78567
191 DAFYDD, Hywel ap  1321Wales, United Kingdom I79383
192 DAVID, Jevan Goch Ap  1310Wales, United Kingdom I79368
193 DAVID, Maud  1450Wales, United Kingdom I98312
194 DAVIS, Christopher  Abt 1572Wales, United Kingdom I70746
195 DAVIS, Evan John  1580Wales, United Kingdom I69819
196 DAVIS, James  Abt 1575Wales, United Kingdom I70747
197 DAVIS, John  Abt 1545Wales, United Kingdom I70237
198 DAVIS, Samuel  Abt 1578Wales, United Kingdom I70748
199 DAVYDD, Gwladys verch  Abt 1305Wales, United Kingdom I78323
200 DE BRAOSE, Matilda  1177Wales, United Kingdom I60427

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Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 AP LEUAN, Madog  Wales, United Kingdom I78682
2 DAFYDD, Goleuddydd Ferch  Wales, United Kingdom I74029
3 DAFYDD, Gwen ferch  Wales, United Kingdom I52696
4 GRONWY, Efa  1344Wales, United Kingdom I18971
5 GRUFFUDD, Margred ferch  1502Wales, United Kingdom I77664
6 GRUFFUDD, Mawd Verch  Wales, United Kingdom I52378
7 GRUFFUDD, Richard ap  1818Wales, United Kingdom I78252
8 HERBERT, Catherine  Wales, United Kingdom I76397
9 HERBERT, Sir Richard of Coldbrook  Wales, United Kingdom I73640
10 IDNERTH, Madag Ap  Wales, United Kingdom I76496
11 ITHEL, Ithel Gam ap  Wales, United Kingdom I74523
12 MORLEY, John  1354Wales, United Kingdom I73843
13 MUNSON, Remember  Wales, United Kingdom I44839
14 PEACOCK, Jane  1519Wales, United Kingdom I77666
15 PLANTAGENET, Edward II  1301Wales, United Kingdom I60143
16 RHYS, Watkin ap  Wales, United Kingdom I83919
17 ROBERT, Alice ferch  1820Wales, United Kingdom I77975
18 THOMAS, Dafydd Llwyd ap  1501Wales, United Kingdom I77938
19 VAUGHAN, Lowri ferch Robert  1472Wales, United Kingdom I77411


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1   Abt 800Wales, United Kingdom I78297
2   Abt 863Wales, United Kingdom I78037
3 Anarawd  Abt 900Wales, United Kingdom I77707
4 Cadwgon Ap Gruffudd Fychan  Wales, United Kingdom I84177
5 Efa verch Leuan Gethin  Oct 1488Wales, United Kingdom I76175
6 Elen Aleson Ferch Maredudd ap Howell  Wales, United Kingdom I98321
7 Gladys verch Llewfer  Abt 400Wales, United Kingdom I76865
8 Gruffudd Ab Iorwerth  Jun 1221Wales, United Kingdom I78589
9 Gruffydd ap Cynan  Abt 1137Wales, United Kingdom I84340
10 Gwellian verch Rhys Mechyll  1268Wales, United Kingdom I59726
11 Gwenllian verch Owain Gwynedd  1197Wales, United Kingdom I84373
12 Gwenllian Verch Owain I  1197Wales, United Kingdom I52091
13 Iago Ap Idwal  Abt 1039Wales, United Kingdom I84427
14 Iorwerth Fychan ap Iorwerth  Wales, United Kingdom I78144
15 Maurig ap Hywel of Radur  Wales, United Kingdom I77117
16 Morgan ap Llewellyn  1400Wales, United Kingdom I76174
17 Myfanwy ferch Gwrgan  Wales, United Kingdom I77175
18 Petronilla  Wales, United Kingdom I45877
19 Pyll ap Cynwrig ap Cynddelw Gam  1017Wales, United Kingdom I51376
20 Robert Ap Maredudd  1509Wales, United Kingdom I52094
21 Tangwystl ferch Rhydderch ap Ieuan Llwyd  Wales, United Kingdom I20130
22 Tybion Ap Cunedda  29 Nov 410Wales, United Kingdom I76514
23 Waldemar  Wales, United Kingdom I24159
24 AARON, Catherine Verch  1270Wales, United Kingdom I84209
25 AP AEDDAN, Mrs. Brockwell  Abt 960Wales, United Kingdom I79336
26 AP ANARWD, Elise  940Wales, United Kingdom I25211
27 AP ARTHLWYS, Clydog  730Wales, United Kingdom I98428
28 AP ARTHWYS, Cynfelin  576Wales, United Kingdom I79499
29 AP CADIFOR, Eunydd  Wales, United Kingdom I25552
30 AP CADIVOR-FAWR, Bledri Latimer  1117Wales, United Kingdom I75977
31 AP CYDIFOR, . Meurig Fychan  1136Wales, United Kingdom I78437
32 AP CYDRYCH, . Cydifor  6 Oct 1106Wales, United Kingdom I76827
33 AP CYNFYN, Caradoc  1044Wales, United Kingdom I24797
34 AP CYNWRIG, Hwfa  1174Wales, United Kingdom I51831
35 AP CYNWRING, Marchan  1021Wales, United Kingdom I51865
36 AP DAFYDD, Hywel  Wales, United Kingdom I78544
37 AP DDU, Elidir  1400Wales, United Kingdom I84140
38 AP DRYMBENOG, Morreidig Warwyn  Wales, United Kingdom I74997
39 AP EDRYD, Idnerth  1100Wales, United Kingdom I78616
40 AP EDWIN, Great G F  Wales, United Kingdom I24308
41 AP EINION, Ieuan  Abt 1175Wales, United Kingdom I74574
42 AP EINION, Lleision  1235Wales, United Kingdom I78583
43 AP ELEVAN, Cynan  Abt 941Wales, United Kingdom I77468
44 AP ERB, King Nynnio  480Wales, United Kingdom I98393
45 AP GORONWY, Tudur  1311Wales, United Kingdom I77863
46 AP GRUFFUDD, Gruffudd Foel  1289Wales, United Kingdom I77296
47 AP GRUFFYDD, Morfydd Verch  Wales, United Kingdom I79184
48 AP GUOTEPAUC, Coel Hen Godebog Caelius Votepacus  19 Nov 420Wales, United Kingdom I82518
49 AP GWAN, Iorwerth Lord Of Brynffenigl  1137Wales, United Kingdom I84383
50 AP GWARGAN, Llywelyn  DeceasedWales, United Kingdom I84328
51 AP GWRGAIN, Cain  Abt 300Wales, United Kingdom I77415
52 AP GWRGAIN, Cain  Abt 315Wales, United Kingdom I77990
53 AP GWRYDR, King Gwaithfoed of Powys  1008Wales, United Kingdom I51779
54 AP HOWELL APTUDUR, Einnion  1385Wales, United Kingdom I79640
55 AP HYWEL, Gwrgeneu  1125Wales, United Kingdom I50738
56 AP HYWEL III, Hywel Fychan Iii  1410Wales, United Kingdom I77297
57 AP IDNERTH, Gwgan  1137Wales, United Kingdom I78430
58 AP IEUAN, Goronwy  1455Wales, United Kingdom I78683
59 AP ITHEL, Hwafa  Abt 1176Wales, United Kingdom I75650
60 AP ITHEL, Mrs. Rhys  630Wales, United Kingdom I52270
61 AP KYNDDELW, Kenwrik  Aft 924Wales, United Kingdom I51615
62 AP LLEISAN, Evan  Abt 1350Wales, United Kingdom I74038
63 AP MAELGWYN, Maelgwyn Fychan  1257Wales, United Kingdom I21746
64 AP MEURIG, Dafydd of Radur  Wales, United Kingdom I75814
65 AP MEURIG ARGLWYDD OF SENGHENNYDD, Ifor  1170Wales, United Kingdom I78198
66 AP MOR, Elvan  Abt 900Wales, United Kingdom I77706
67 AP MYNAN, Mor  Abt 868Wales, United Kingdom I78036
68 AP PHILIP, Philip  Wales, United Kingdom I78068
69 AP PILL, Gwair  1040Wales, United Kingdom I51618
70 AP RHYDDERCH, Thomas  1462Wales, United Kingdom I77127
71 AP SYSSYLTH, Arthur  Bef 1380Wales, United Kingdom I74804
72 AP TEGID, Padarn  CA 402Wales, United Kingdom I76840
73 AP THOMAS, Evan  1661Wales, United Kingdom I84165
74 AP USAI, Serwyl (Seruuel)  Abt 590Wales, United Kingdom I98433
75 AP YNIR VICHAN, Carador Lord of Gwent  1301Wales, United Kingdom I75018
76 AP YSPWYS, Mynan  Abt 800Wales, United Kingdom I78296
77 APDAFYDD, Dafydd  1352Wales, United Kingdom I79378
78 APEDRYD, Idnerth  1075Wales, United Kingdom I78617
79 APELIDIR, Elidir Ddu  1283Wales, United Kingdom I84055
80 APGWRWARED, Cynhaethwy  1100Wales, United Kingdom I78810
81 APGWRWARED, Cynhaethwy  1100Wales, United Kingdom I78811
82 APGWRWARED, Cynhaethwy  1290Wales, United Kingdom I79531
83 APLLEISION, Ieuan  Wales, United Kingdom I76373
84 APOWEN, Henry Harry  Wales, United Kingdom I52595
85 APPILL, Gwair  Wales, United Kingdom I51872
86 APRHYS, Gladis  1238Wales, United Kingdom I78771
87 APRHYS, Ieuan  Wales, United Kingdom I84125
88 ARON, Joan Verch  1339Wales, United Kingdom I77878
89 AUDLEY, Sir William  1282 (slain) no issueWales, United Kingdom I45108
90 BACH, Phillip ap Y  1234Wales, United Kingdom I79042
91 BLAYNEY, Rees Ap Morris Ap Owen Ap Evan  1490Wales, United Kingdom I98315
92 BULKELEY, Agnes  1295Wales, United Kingdom I78821
93 BURCHILL, Angharad  Wales, United Kingdom I76378
94 CADWGON, Cadwgon Fawr Ap  Abt 1272Wales, United Kingdom I84120
95 CARADOG, Lord of Gwent Dyfnwall Ap  1336Wales, United Kingdom I74802
96 CEREDIGION, Mawd Verch  1167Wales, United Kingdom I78578
97 CLEMENT, Robert  9 Jan 1355Wales, United Kingdom I52614
98 CONWAY, Hugh  1540Wales, United Kingdom I15682
99 CUNEDDA WLEDIG, Mrs. Gwron ap  Abt 530Wales, United Kingdom I76848
100 CYNFELYN MANOFON, Jonet Verch  Wales, United Kingdom I78417
101 CYNHAETHWY, Llywarch ap  1141Wales, United Kingdom I78577
102 DAFYDD, Mawd Wen ferch  Wales, United Kingdom I75928
103 DALTON, Sir John Jr.  1389Wales, United Kingdom I55220
104 DAUGHER OF MACALPIN (domina Norton)  1089Wales, United Kingdom I22415
105 DAVID, Goronwy Ap par  Wales, United Kingdom I15678
106 DAVIS, Evan John  1640Wales, United Kingdom I69819
107 DE BOHUN, Sir John II of Midhurst  19 Jul 1469Wales, United Kingdom I47963
108 DE BRAOSE, William IV  2 May 1230Wales, United Kingdom I33949
109 DE CHERLETON, Baron John  1353Wales, United Kingdom I48947
110 DE LA ROCHE, David  1250Wales, United Kingdom I59101
111 DE LA ROCHE, Elizabeth  1360Wales, United Kingdom I57440
112 DE RAMSAY, William  1094Wales, United Kingdom I23183
113 DE TORRINGTON, Mabel  1235Wales, United Kingdom I87095
114 DE TURBERVILLE  Wales, United Kingdom I76721
115 DEDURHAM, Adelicia  1150Wales, United Kingdom I23154
116 DUTTON, Nicholas  DeadWales, United Kingdom I14616
117 DUTTON, William  DeadWales, United Kingdom I13890
118 DWNN, Cadwgon Llwyd  Wales, United Kingdom I84082
119 DWNN, Mavli Ap Maredudd  1438Wales, United Kingdom I84046
120 EDNYFED Mrs Mrs  0___ 1130Wales, United Kingdom I76468
121 EDNYFED, Gwenllian Verch  1260Wales, United Kingdom I21778
122 EINION, Efa Verch  Wales, United Kingdom I79600
123 EINION, Llliwelydd Verch  Wales, United Kingdom I78139
124 ELYSTAN, Angharad verch  Abt 1204Wales, United Kingdom I52284
125 EVAN, Eva Verch  Oct 1488Wales, United Kingdom I76774
126 FELYN, Lord Glyndwr Madog Ap Hywel  1272Wales, United Kingdom I52652
127 FERCH GRUFFYDD, Tangwystl  1261Wales, United Kingdom I77137
128 FERCH GWEIR, Afandreg  Wales, United Kingdom I51873
129 FERCH LLANDILO OF WALES, Queen Asritha  Abt 1019Wales, United Kingdom I52280
130 FERCH LLYWARCH, Gwladys  1155Wales, United Kingdom I75647
131 FERCH LLYWELYN, daughter  Abt 1259Wales, United Kingdom I21533
132 FERCH MADOG, Efa  1366Wales, United Kingdom I18450
133 FERCH PHYS, Perweur  Wales, United Kingdom I52511
134 FERCH TANGNO, Nest  1050Wales, United Kingdom I76493
135 FERCH TUDUR, Lowri  1460Wales, United Kingdom I78494
136 FERCHCADIFOR, Morfyl  Aft 755Wales, United Kingdom I52513
137 FERCHOWAIN, Tangwystl  843Wales, United Kingdom I52668
138 FITZALAN, Lady Fledaldus  1084Wales, United Kingdom I35804
139 FITZROGER, Alice  5 May 1286Wales, United Kingdom I60902
140 FITZURYAN, Philip Ap Elidar  1420Wales, United Kingdom I84023
141 FITZURYAN, Philip Ap Elidar  1525Wales, United Kingdom I84146
142 FLEMING, Janet  1509Wales, United Kingdom I74275
143 FOEL, Jane Verch Rhirid  Wales, United Kingdom I79094
144 FRAS, Gladys  Wales, United Kingdom I84022
145 FRAS, Gwladus verch Dafydd  Wales, United Kingdom I78330
146 FYCHAN, Lord Arglwydd Ednyfed of BRYNFFENIGL  Abt 1233 OR 1246Wales, United Kingdom I77862
147 GILMAN, Adda Ednyfed  0___ 1135Wales, United Kingdom I76203
148 GOCH, Ieuan Goch Ap Dafydd  1351Wales, United Kingdom I79377
149 GRIFFITH, Catherine verch  Wales, United Kingdom I51203
150 GRONWY, Ales verch  Abt 980Wales, United Kingdom I78823
151 GRONWY, Efa  Wales, United Kingdom I18971
152 GRONWY, Jonet Verch  Wales, United Kingdom I77794
153 GRUFFUDD, Catherine verch  1261Wales, United Kingdom I51202
154 GRUFFUDD, Catrin Verch  1261Wales, United Kingdom I75387
155 GRUFFUDD, Glwadus ferch  1140Wales, United Kingdom I50083
156 GRUFFUDD, Gwladus Verch  Wales, United Kingdom I75628
157 GRUFFUDD, Ieuan ap  1359Wales, United Kingdom I77014
158 GRUFFUDD, John ap  Abt 1480Wales, United Kingdom I75921
159 GRUFFUDD, Mali ferch  Wales, United Kingdom I77559
160 GRUFFUDD, Margred verch  1162Wales, United Kingdom I50818
161 GRUFFYDD, Cadwgan Ap  1270Wales, United Kingdom I84168
162 GRUFFYDD, Griffith ap Madoc  Wales, United Kingdom I18447
163 GRUFFYDD, Gwentha  1084Wales, United Kingdom I45512
164 GWAITHFOED, Neiniad ap  Abt 993Wales, United Kingdom I76824
165 GWILIM, Jenet Verch  Wales, United Kingdom I76391
166 GWRGAN, MyFanwy Verch  Wales, United Kingdom I51275
167 GWRGAN, Trahaern ap  1133Wales, United Kingdom I74853
168 GWYLLIAN, Mable  1544Wales, United Kingdom I83946
169 GWYN, Collwyn ap of Blaen Cuch  1069Wales, United Kingdom I76478
170 GWYN, Elizabeth  1639Wales, United Kingdom I76150
171 GWYN, Verch  1024Wales, United Kingdom I45515
172 GWYNEDD, Angharad  Wales, United Kingdom I51181
173 GWYNEDD, Owain  Abt 1170Wales, United Kingdom I84388
174 HIR, Efa Verch Gruffudd  1120Wales, United Kingdom I75971
175 HOLLAND, Lleucu  1560Wales, United Kingdom I75912
176 HOPKIN, Efa Verch  Wales, United Kingdom I75522
177 HOPKIN, Gwladus Ferch  Abt 1402Wales, United Kingdom I77136
178 HWLKIN, Janet Verch AP  Wales, United Kingdom I76775
179 HWYEL, Alswyn Verch  1519Wales, United Kingdom I14587
180 HYWAL, Verch  1368Wales, United Kingdom I52216
181 HYWEL, Einion ap  Abt 1150Wales, United Kingdom I74819
182 HYWEL, Ynyr Hen Ap  Wales, United Kingdom I51390
183 IAGO, Guenta Verch  1043Wales, United Kingdom I50748
184 IESTYN, Caradog ap Lord of Fan  1138Wales, United Kingdom I50082
185 IEUAN, Efa ferch  Abt 1275Wales, United Kingdom I74276
186 IEUAN, Gwilym Fwya ap  Abt 1200Wales, United Kingdom I74820
187 IEUAN, Ieuan Llwyd Ap  1392Wales, United Kingdom I76654
188 IEUAN, Tangwystl ferch  Abt 1175Wales, United Kingdom I74573
189 IEUAN LLWYD, Rhydderch  Wales, United Kingdom I77025
190 IFOR, Lord of Cardigan Philip ap  1300Wales, United Kingdom I79037
191 IOLYN, Ieuan ap  Wales, United Kingdom I15709
192 IORWERTH, Iorwerth Ap  Wales, United Kingdom I79061
193 IORWERTH, Madog ap  Wales, United Kingdom I79060
194 IORWERTH, Madog Ap  Aft 1321Wales, United Kingdom I77798
195 IORWERTH, Margred ferch  Wales, United Kingdom I79057
196 IORWERTH, Matlt Verch  Wales, United Kingdom I79063
197 JOHN, Angharad ferch  Wales, United Kingdom I51433
198 KEMEYS, Mrs. Cecily  Wales, United Kingdom I76694
199 KEMEYS, Lord William  1458Wales, United Kingdom I76367
200 KYNASTON, Mary  UnknownWales, United Kingdom I81860

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Matches 1 to 64 of 64

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1   Abt 390Wales, United Kingdom I76841
2   Abt 800Wales, United Kingdom I78297
3   Abt 863Wales, United Kingdom I78037
4 Anarawd  Abt 900Wales, United Kingdom I77707
5 Avendreg verch Mervyn  Abt 970Wales, United Kingdom I52525
6 Gladys verch Llewfer  Abt 400Wales, United Kingdom I76865
7 Margaret of Chortley  Aft Apr 1315Wales, United Kingdom I57894
8 AP ADAM, Adam Fychan  Abt 1346Wales, United Kingdom I76377
9 AP AEDDAN, Mrs. Brockwell  Abt 960Wales, United Kingdom I79336
10 AP ANARAWD, Idwal  Abt 943Wales, United Kingdom I52530
11 AP ARTHLWYS, Clydog  730Wales, United Kingdom I98428
12 AP CADIVOR-FAWR, Bledri Latimer  1117Wales, United Kingdom I75977
13 AP CEREDIG, Usai of Ceredigion  544Wales, United Kingdom I98434
14 AP EINION, Ieuan  Abt 1175Wales, United Kingdom I74574
15 AP ELEVAN, Cynan  Abt 941Wales, United Kingdom I77468
16 AP GWRGAIN, Cain  Wales, United Kingdom I77415
17 AP ITHEL, Hwafa  Abt 1176Wales, United Kingdom I75650
18 AP ITHEL, Mrs. Rhys  630Wales, United Kingdom I52270
19 AP LLEISAN, Evan  Abt 1350Wales, United Kingdom I74038
20 AP LLEWELYN, Madog Foel  1331Wales, United Kingdom I52113
21 AP MOR, Elvan  Abt 900Wales, United Kingdom I77706
22 AP MYNAN, Mor  Abt 868Wales, United Kingdom I78036
23 AP THOMAS, Evan  1661Wales, United Kingdom I84165
24 AP USAI, Serwyl (Seruuel)  Abt 590Wales, United Kingdom I98433
25 AP YSPWYS, Mynan  Abt 800Wales, United Kingdom I78296
26 ARON, Joan verch  Abt 1339Wales, United Kingdom I77876
27 CADFAN, Gwrfawr ap  415Wales, United Kingdom I77189
28 COEL, Gwawl  Abt 478Wales, United Kingdom I77185
29 CUNEDDA WLEDIG, Mrs. Gwron ap  Abt 530Wales, United Kingdom I76848
30 DE LA ROCHE, Lord William Baron  1368Wales, United Kingdom I58437
31 ELYSTAN, Angharad verch  Abt 1204Wales, United Kingdom I52284
32 FAWR, Llewelyn  Abt 1252Wales, United Kingdom I84310
33 GILMAN, Ednyfed Fychan Cynwrig  1246Wales, United Kingdom I77626
34 GRONWY, Ales verch  Abt 980Wales, United Kingdom I78823
35 GRUFFUDD, John ap  Abt 1480Wales, United Kingdom I75921
36 GRUFFYDD, Griffith ap Madoc  Abt 1358Wales, United Kingdom I18447
37 HENRY, Jenet  Abt 1500Wales, United Kingdom I75499
38 HIR, Efa Verch Gruffudd  Abt 1120Wales, United Kingdom I75971
39 HOPKIN, Gwladus Ferch  Abt 1402Wales, United Kingdom I77136
40 HYWEL, Einion ap  Abt 1150Wales, United Kingdom I74819
41 IEUAN, Efa ferch  Abt 1275Wales, United Kingdom I74276
42 IEUAN, Gwilym Fwya ap  Abt 1200Wales, United Kingdom I74820
43 IEUAN, Tangwystl ferch  Abt 1175Wales, United Kingdom I74573
44 IORWERTH, Gwenllian Ap  Wales, United Kingdom I79062
45 IORWERTH, Iorwerth Ap  Wales, United Kingdom I79061
46 IORWERTH, Madog ap  Wales, United Kingdom I79060
47 IORWERTH, Margred ferch  Wales, United Kingdom I79057
48 IORWERTH, Matlt Verch  Wales, United Kingdom I79063
49 MACWILLIAM DE BURGH, Joanna  1240Wales, United Kingdom I59102
50 MADOG, Catrin Verch  Abt 1329Wales, United Kingdom I77346
51 MOR, Elevan Ap  Abt 945Wales, United Kingdom I77469
52 OWAIN, Joan ferch  Abt 1200Wales, United Kingdom I75028
53 RAYNE, Robert Hopkin  Abt 1370Wales, United Kingdom I77135
54 READE, John  Abt 1400Wales, United Kingdom I57892
55 RHYS, Perweur Verch  650Wales, United Kingdom I52011
56 RHYS GOCH, Rhys Foel ap  Abt 1365Wales, United Kingdom I75047
57 RHYS SAIS, Tudur  Abt 1106Wales, United Kingdom I75607
58 VERCH DAFYDD, Gwenllian  Abt 1438Wales, United Kingdom I76164
59 VERCH GRIFFITH, Clydwen  Abt 1161Wales, United Kingdom I75978
60 VERCH IEUAN, Joan  1392Wales, United Kingdom I18448
61 VERCH JENKIN FLEMING, Lady Jonet  Abt 1411Wales, United Kingdom I76399
62 VERCH VERCH CYNFELYN, Jonet  Abt 1080Wales, United Kingdom I77821
63 WHITNEY, Eleanor  Wales, United Kingdom I13304
64 WYSTYL, Lady Goch Tang  Wales, United Kingdom I84365


Matches 1 to 184 of 184

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   Wales, United Kingdom F41021
2 /   Wales, United Kingdom F41042
3 / Hoedlyw  Abt 1050Wales, United Kingdom F41617
4 / Rhys  Abt 1198Wales, United Kingdom F43876
5 / Rhys  Abt 1540Wales, United Kingdom F51832
6 / verch Henry  1449Wales, United Kingdom F43806
7 /   Wales, United Kingdom F26664
8 /   820Wales, United Kingdom F26684
9 /   Abt 1115Wales, United Kingdom F41631
10 / Cynwrig  880Wales, United Kingdom F26314
11 / Ferch Cynfyn  Abt 1035Wales, United Kingdom F26487
12 / Iolyn  860Wales, United Kingdom F39909
13 / Iolyn  860Wales, United Kingdom F39914
14 / Llewelyn  Abt 1059Wales, United Kingdom F41475
15 / Robert  Abt 1474Wales, United Kingdom F40907
16 / Robert  Abt 1474Wales, United Kingdom F40922
17 Andea / Andea  Wales, United Kingdom F29895
18 Ap Adda / Goronwy  1277Wales, United Kingdom F41182
19 Ap Adda / Goronwy  1277Wales, United Kingdom F41216
20 Ap Anarawd / Mawr  Wales, United Kingdom F26970
21 ap Beli /   <1134>Wales, United Kingdom F40706
22 ap Bleddyn /   Abt 1050Wales, United Kingdom F41306
23 ap Cunedda / Cunedda  Abt 451Wales, United Kingdom F39889
24 ap Cunedda / Meleri FerchBrychan  Wales, United Kingdom F39887
25 ap Cunedda / verch Daithlyn Tidlet  441Wales, United Kingdom F39897
26 ap Cynan / Owain  Abt 1082Wales, United Kingdom F38918
27 ap Cynan / Owain  Abt 1082Wales, United Kingdom F38921
28 ap Dafydd / Bleddyn  Abt 1357Wales, United Kingdom F41310
29 ap Dafydd Mathew / Verch Griffith  Abt 1453Wales, United Kingdom F39854
30 ap David Goch / ap David Goch  Abt 1321Wales, United Kingdom F41650
31 ap Dayfydd / Tudur  905Wales, United Kingdom F39546
32 ap Dayfydd / Tudur  905Wales, United Kingdom F39548
33 ap Ddu / Fras  Wales, United Kingdom F43891
34 ap Doli /   Abt 250Wales, United Kingdom F40437
35 ap Doli /   Abt 250Wales, United Kingdom F40441
36 ap Ednyfed / Maredudd  1380Wales, United Kingdom F41482
37 ap Einion / Ednyfed  1245Wales, United Kingdom F40715
38 Ap Einion / Einion  985Wales, United Kingdom F40020
39 Ap Elevan / Mor  827Wales, United Kingdom F40333
40 Ap Elevan / Mor  827Wales, United Kingdom F40334
41 Ap Genillin / Verch Moriddig Warwyn  1165Wales, United Kingdom F38989
42 ap Gruffydd / Maredudd  Abt 1143Wales, United Kingdom F26093
43 ap Gwerddoli /   Abt 230Wales, United Kingdom F40585
44 ap Gwerddoli /   Abt 230Wales, United Kingdom F40608
45 Ap Gwrgan / Llywelyn  Abt 1140Wales, United Kingdom F38799
46 ap Gwrgon Lord of Cas-wis / Stanton  Abt 1151Wales, United Kingdom F38320
47 ap Gwrgon Lord of Cas-wis / Stanton  Abt 1151Wales, United Kingdom F38324
48 ap Hywel / Madog  Abt 1220Wales, United Kingdom F26989
49 Ap Hywel / Rhys  Abt 1123Wales, United Kingdom F25962
50 Ap Idnerth / Ieuaf  Abt 1075Wales, United Kingdom F41698
51 Ap Ithel / Ap Ithel  630Wales, United Kingdom F26764
52 ap Ivor / verch Griffith  Abt 1168Wales, United Kingdom F40559
53 ap JERWORTH VOEL / de Hanmer  Abt 1306Wales, United Kingdom F10497
54 Ap Kemeys / Thomas  Wales, United Kingdom F39813
55 ap Kynddelw / ap Cynddlew  Bef 860Wales, United Kingdom F26414
56 ap Llewelyn / Verch Rhys  Abt 1278Wales, United Kingdom F40239
57 Ap LLYWARCH / Llywarch  Abt 1122Wales, United Kingdom F41439
58 ap Llywellyn / verch Griffith  1200Wales, United Kingdom F38876
59 Ap Llywelyn / Ferch Gwilym  Abt 1374Wales, United Kingdom F9012
60 Ap Maredudd / Bulkeley  1460Wales, United Kingdom F24493
61 ap Meuric / ferch Gruffudd Goeg  Abt 1325Wales, United Kingdom F26586
62 Ap Mor /   792Wales, United Kingdom F40473
63 Ap Mor /   792Wales, United Kingdom F40474
64 Ap Mynan /   755Wales, United Kingdom F40636
65 Ap Mynan /   755Wales, United Kingdom F40638
66 Ap Owain / de Newburgh  1173Wales, United Kingdom F32227
67 ap Padarn /   407Wales, United Kingdom F39702
68 ap Padarn /   407Wales, United Kingdom F39707
69 ap Pyll / ap Anarwd  937Wales, United Kingdom F13456
70 ap Rhodri / ApRhodri  Wales, United Kingdom F27006
71 Ap Tactic / Tegfan  Abt 349Wales, United Kingdom F39906
72 Ap Tactic / Tegfan  Abt 349Wales, United Kingdom F39912
73 Ap Tudor /   Abt 1439Wales, United Kingdom F26643
74 Apgwrwared / Apgwrwared  1075Wales, United Kingdom F41119
75 Apgwrwared / Apgwrwared  1075Wales, United Kingdom F41162
76 ApNicholas / Dwnn  Bef 1418Wales, United Kingdom F43836
77 Arnold / Morgan  Abt 1470Wales, United Kingdom F37772
78 Burchill / De Turberville  1175Wales, United Kingdom F39818
79 Coel / ferch Cynfyn  Abt 1055Wales, United Kingdom F26486
80 Cynwrig / Ap Cynwrig  998Wales, United Kingdom F26690
81 David /   1470Wales, United Kingdom F8311
82 Davies / Salisbury  Abt 1551Wales, United Kingdom F7157
83 De Bohun / de Braose  Wales, United Kingdom F3464
84 De Gamage / de Turberville  1325Wales, United Kingdom F38001
85 De Gamage / de Turberville  1325Wales, United Kingdom F38014
86 De Gamage / de Turberville  1325Wales, United Kingdom F38025
87 De HANMER / Dafydd  Abt 1296Wales, United Kingdom F9452
88 de la Roche / de Pembroke  Aft 1185Wales, United Kingdom F30348
89 de la Roche / de Pembroke  Aft 1185Wales, United Kingdom F30437
90 De La Roche / Le Waleys  1250Wales, United Kingdom F29667
91 De La Roche / Le Waleys  1250Wales, United Kingdom F29781
92 de OVERTON / Hanmer  Abt 1308Wales, United Kingdom F10495
93 Deicws / Llywelyn  883Wales, United Kingdom F39704
94 Deicws / Llywelyn  883Wales, United Kingdom F39709
95 Dha / Beukir  Abt 1375Wales, United Kingdom F26821
96 Dolffyn / Mortimer  Abt 1189Wales, United Kingdom F40691
97 Einion /   1355Wales, United Kingdom F43842
98 Elgudy / ap Elgundy  Bef 940Wales, United Kingdom F26522
99 Elidir / Cadwgon  Abt 1166Wales, United Kingdom F40662
100 Gilman / Ednyfed  0___ 1100Wales, United Kingdom F39678
101 Griffith / Meredydd  Wales, United Kingdom F8307
102 Gruffudd / ap Gruffudd  955Wales, United Kingdom F39705
103 Gruffudd / Hywel  Abt 1506Wales, United Kingdom F26987
104 Gruffudd / Madog  Abt 1340Wales, United Kingdom F40073
105 Gruffudd / Robert  1841Wales, United Kingdom F40754
106 Gruffydd / Goeg  Abt 1315Wales, United Kingdom F26532
107 Gruffydd / Goeg  Abt 1315Wales, United Kingdom F26693
108 Gwalter / Malephant  1215Wales, United Kingdom F38147
109 Gwalter / Malephant  1215Wales, United Kingdom F38148
110 Gwynedd / Rhys  1160Wales, United Kingdom F25669
111 Gwynfardd /   Abt 1114Wales, United Kingdom F38917
112 Hael / Llewelyn of Wales  1370Wales, United Kingdom F39865
113 Hael / Llewelyn of Wales  1370Wales, United Kingdom F40068
114 Hanmer / Tudur  Abt 1370Wales, United Kingdom F10033
115 Heilin / verch Madog  Abt 1220Wales, United Kingdom F26988
116 Howell / verch Rhys Grigg  1270Wales, United Kingdom F40476
117 Iago / Ranhult  Abt 1045Wales, United Kingdom F25993
118 Idnerth / Verch Marchudd  Abt 1065Wales, United Kingdom F41696
119 Ieuan / Madog  Abt 1170Wales, United Kingdom F43857
120 Ieuan / Verch Richard  1318Wales, United Kingdom F39790
121 Iorwerth / Bulkeley  1255Wales, United Kingdom F41126
122 Jenkins / Morgan  Abt 1535Wales, United Kingdom F39510
123 Laugharne / Elliot  Abt 1470Wales, United Kingdom F42671
124 le Waleys / De Poitevin  Bef 1192Wales, United Kingdom F30338
125 le Waleys / De Poitevin  Bef 1192Wales, United Kingdom F30438
126 Le Waleys / Le Waleys  Abt 1222Wales, United Kingdom F30037
127 Le Waleys / Le Waleys  Abt 1222Wales, United Kingdom F30148
128 Llewelyn / Ap Llewelyn  1088Wales, United Kingdom F26670
129 Llewelyn / ferch Madog  Abt 1329Wales, United Kingdom F9810
130 Llywelyn / Ieuan  1369Wales, United Kingdom F40495
131 London / Caradog  Wales, United Kingdom F25452
132 London / Caradog  Wales, United Kingdom F25586
133 lyth / ap Dwywg Lyth  795Wales, United Kingdom F26814
134 Madog / Ieuan  880Wales, United Kingdom F26918
135 Madog / Puleston  1339Wales, United Kingdom F26914
136 Mathew / Verch Griffith  Abt 1460Wales, United Kingdom F39847
137 Mathews / Parker  Abt 1575Wales, United Kingdom F53075
138 Mawr /   Wales, United Kingdom F26785
139 Mawr /   Wales, United Kingdom F26788
140 Meredith / Meredith  905Wales, United Kingdom F39440
141 Meredith / Meredith  905Wales, United Kingdom F39443
142 Morgan / Gwilym  Abt 1100Wales, United Kingdom F39614
143 Morgan / Rhys  Abt 1150Wales, United Kingdom F39484
144 of Daugleddau / Gwis  1070Wales, United Kingdom F38793
145 of Daugleddau / Gwis  1070Wales, United Kingdom F38810
146 of Radur / Ieuan ferch  Abt 1250Wales, United Kingdom F26682
147 Owen / Uchdrud  Abt 1148Wales, United Kingdom F39422
148 Paen /   Abt 1020Wales, United Kingdom F41596
149 Paen /   Abt 1020Wales, United Kingdom F41624
150 Perrot / Wogan  Abt 1460Wales, United Kingdom F37906
151 Picton / Meline  1239Wales, United Kingdom F38146
152 Picton / Meline  1239Wales, United Kingdom F38149
153 Puleston / David  1423Wales, United Kingdom F8302
154 Puleston / Sonlli  1501Wales, United Kingdom F7784
155 Puleston / Whitney  Abt 1515Wales, United Kingdom F7155
156 Rayne / Hopkin  1330Wales, United Kingdom F40064
157 Rayne / Hopkin  1330Wales, United Kingdom F40255
158 Rayne / Rayne  Abt 1350Wales, United Kingdom F40416
159 Rhiwallawn /   Abt 1183Wales, United Kingdom F40878
160 Rhys /   Abt 1471Wales, United Kingdom F41347
161 Rhys /   Abt 1471Wales, United Kingdom F41348
162 Rhys / ap Rhys  Abt 1474Wales, United Kingdom F41350
163 Rhys / Gruffydd  1109Wales, United Kingdom F25714
164 Rhys / verch Robert  Abt 1472Wales, United Kingdom F41349
165 Robert / Ap Robert  Abt 1550Wales, United Kingdom F40744
166 ROOKEHURST / Fras  Wales, United Kingdom F40824
167 ROOKEHURST / ROOKEHURST  Wales, United Kingdom F40823
168 Salusbury / Courton  Abt 1394Wales, United Kingdom F8196
169 Stafford / Neville  Abt 1408Wales, United Kingdom F7694
170 Tangno /   Abt 1015Wales, United Kingdom F41000
171 Tangno /   Abt 1015Wales, United Kingdom F41149
172 Thomas / Morgan  Abt 1540Wales, United Kingdom F41458
173 Tudur / ap Tudur  910Wales, United Kingdom F40115
174 Tudur / Bleddyn  1281Wales, United Kingdom F26993
175 Vaughan / Morgan  Abt 1530Wales, United Kingdom F39509
176 Vaughn / Whitney  1458Wales, United Kingdom F39215
177 Wiriot / Wiriot  1354Wales, United Kingdom F38033
178 Wiriot / Wiriot  1354Wales, United Kingdom F38035
179 Wogan / Joyes  Abt 1378Wales, United Kingdom F37787
180 Wogan / Joyes  Abt 1378Wales, United Kingdom F37789
181 Wogan I / Picton  1262Wales, United Kingdom F38034
182 Wogan I / Picton  1262Wales, United Kingdom F38036
183 Yorwerth / Vlaith  Abt 1323Wales, United Kingdom F26702
184 Yorwerth / Vlaith  Abt 1323Wales, United Kingdom F26817