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Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England


Tree: Joel

Latitude: 52.2823160, Longitude: -1.5849270


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEAUCHAMP, Anne de  Abt 1274Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I6307
2 BEAUCHAMP, John de  Abt 1273Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I6302
3 BEAUCHAMP, Margaret de  Abt 1278Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I6304
4 BEAUCHAMP, Philippa  Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I6295
5 BEAUCHAMP, Robert de  Abt 1271Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I6301
6 DE BEAUCHAMP, Agnes  Abt 1348Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I6325
7 DE BEAUCHAMP, Alice  Abt 1345Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I6322
8 DE BEAUCHAMP, Catherine  Abt 1354Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I6328
9 DE BEAUCHAMP, Elizabeth  Abt 1345Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I6323
10 DE BEAUCHAMP, Guy  Abt 1337Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I6316
11 DE BEAUCHAMP, Hurom 'Jerome'  Abt 1343Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I6320
12 DE BEAUCHAMP, Isabel  Abt 1240Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I7471
13 DE BEAUCHAMP, Isabel  Abt 1240Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I6293
14 DE BEAUCHAMP, Isabel  Abt 1356Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I6329
15 DE BEAUCHAMP, John  Abt 1339Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I6318
16 DE BEAUCHAMP, Julianna  Abt 1352Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I6327
17 DE BEAUCHAMP, Margaret  Abt 1350Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I6326
18 DE BEAUCHAMP, Maud 'Matilda'  Abt 1282Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I6305
19 DE BEAUCHAMP, Reynburn  Bef 24 Apr 1344Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I6321
20 DE BEAUCHAMP, Richard  Abt 1347Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I6324
21 DE BEAUCHAMP, Roger  Abt 1341Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I6319
22 DE BEAUCHAMP, William  1358Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I6330
23 DE BOHUN, Humphrey IV  1143Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I6214
24 DE NEWBURGH, Roger Of Warwick  Abt 1119Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I6857
25 DE NEWBURGH, Waleran  Bef 1153Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I6863
26 FITZGEOFFREY, Maude  1183Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I6196
27 MARSHALL, Margaret  1146Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I6566


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ROGERS, John  4 Feb 1555Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I7925


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 DE BEAUCHAMP, Guy 10th Earl of Warwick  12 Aug 1315Warwick, Wasrwickshire, England I57342