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Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andrus, Mary  9 Dec 1674Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17211 15sep 
2 Andrus, Mary  24 Aug 1688Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17207 15sep 
3 Cheever, Mary  29 Nov 1640Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I11627 15sep 
4 Cowles, Abigail  6 Jan 1662/3Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17138 15sep 
5 Cowles, Caleb  20 Jun 1682Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17203 15sep 
6 Cowles, Elizabeth  17 Mar 1678/9Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17206 15sep 
7 Cowles, Esther  1649Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I11613 15sep 
8 Cowles, Hannah  10 Dec 1664Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17140 15sep 
9 Cowles, Isaac  28 Mar 1675Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17202 15sep 
10 Cowles, John  2 Feb 1640/1Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17216 15sep 
11 Cowles, John  28 Jan 1669/70Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17145 15sep 
12 Cowles, Joseph  18 Jun 1677Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I10379 15sep 
13 Cowles, Mary  24 Jun 1654Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17220 15sep 
14 Cowles, Nathaniel  11 Feb 1671/2Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17150 15sep 
15 Cowles, Samuel  17 Mar 1660/1Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17137 15sep 
16 Cowles, Sarah  8 Feb 1645/6Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17214 15sep 
17 Cowles, Sarah  25 Dec 1668Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17141 15sep 
18 Cowles, Timothy  4 Nov 1666Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17143 15sep 
19 Fenner, Sarah Abigail  1 May 1733Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I9727 15sep 
20 Hart, Ruth  13 Aug 1704Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I9873 15sep 
21 Hart, Stephen III  28 Feb 1661/2Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17235 15sep 
22 Hawkins, Hannah  1661Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I18569 15sep 
23 Hopkins, Dorcas  31 Dec 1659Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I11553 15sep 
24 Judd, Mary  Aug 1668Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I11554 15sep 
25 Judd, Mary  1675Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I11562 15sep 
26 Porter, Rachel  26 Dec 1658Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17224 15sep 
27 Porter, Thomas Jr  24 Jul 1648Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17260 15sep 
28 Porter, Thomas  25 Oct 1650Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17226 15sep 
29 Smith, Elizabeth  1689Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17219 15sep 
30 Thompson, Thomas  30 Jun 1674Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17243 15sep 
31 Upson, Mary  1645Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I5500 15sep 
32 Woodford, Abigail  27 Dec 1685Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17240 15sep 
33 Woodruff, Phebe  1679Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17209 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andrus, Mary  9 Dec 1674Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17211 15sep 
2 Andrus, Mary  18 May 1689Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17207 15sep 
3 Cowles, Caleb  25 Jun 1682Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17203 15sep 
4 Lewis, Hannah  Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I11289 15sep 
5 Porter, Thomas Jr  29 Jul 1653Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17260 15sep 
6 Smith, Elizabeth  19 Feb 1688/9Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17219 15sep 
7 Thompson, Thomas  30 May 1680Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17243 15sep 
8 Woodruff, Phebe  30 Mar 1684Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17209 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andrus, Mary  19 Jul 1708Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17211 15sep 
2 Bird, Thomas  10 Aug 1662Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I5532 15sep 
3 Bull, Thomas Jr  13 May 1708Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I10798 15sep 
4 Chappell, Experience Elizabeth  1747Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17230 15sep 
5 Cheever, Mary  10 Jul 1728Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I11627 15sep 
6 Cowles, Abigail  19 Dec 1718Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17138 15sep 
7 Cowles, Elizabeth  1696Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17222 15sep 
8 Cowles, Elizabeth  4 Nov 1727Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17206 15sep 
9 Cowles, Isaac  7 Feb 1756Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17202 15sep 
10 Cowles, Samuel  17 Apr 1691Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17128 15sep 
11 Cowles, Sarah  18 Aug 1733Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17141 15sep 
12 Gardiner, David I.  10 Jul 1689Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I9982 15sep 
13 Goodwin, William  11 Mar 1672/3Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I10621 15sep 
14 Hart, Stephen III  18 Aug 1733Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17235 15sep 
15 Merriam, Susannah  23 Feb 1735/6Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I9641 15sep 
16 Moore, Isaac  1670Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17256 15sep 
17 Porter, Thomas  19 Dec 1718Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17226 15sep 
18 Sherman, Susannah  12 Aug 1680Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I10148 15sep 
19 Smith, Elizabeth  16 Aug 1767Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17219 15sep 
20 Stanley, Abigail  1734Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17127 15sep 
21 Stanley, Elizabeth  4 Dec 1678Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I11260 15sep 
22 Stanley, Lois  1711Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17233 15sep 
23 Stanley, Ruth  26 May 1691Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17223 15sep 
24 Steele, John Sr.  25 Nov 1665Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I12528 15sep 
25 Talcott, Rachel  24 Oct 1653Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I12243 15sep 
26 Talcott, Sarah  24 Oct 1643Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I12242 15sep 
27 White, Elizabeth  17 May 1676Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I10622 15sep 
28 Woodford, Abigail  1736Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17240 15sep 
29 Woodruff, Phebe  8 Aug 1720Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17209 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andrews, Sarah  1715Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17213 15sep 
2 Andrus, Mary  Jul 1708Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17211 15sep 
3 Cowles, Abigail  Dec 1718Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17138 15sep 
4 Cowles, Elizabeth  Nov 1727Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17206 15sep 
5 Cowles, Hannah  1701Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17140 15sep 
6 Cowles, Isaac  Feb 1756Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17202 15sep 
7 Cowles, John  Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17145 15sep 
8 Cowles, Samuel  17 Apr 1691Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17128 15sep 
9 Porter, Thomas  Dec 1718Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17226 15sep 
10 Smith, Elizabeth  Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17219 15sep 
11 Stanley, Abigail  1734Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17127 15sep 
12 Stanley, Ruth  26 May 1696Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17223 15sep 
13 Talcott, Rachel  Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I12243 15sep 
14 Thompson, Thomas  1748Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17243 15sep 
15 Woodruff, Phebe  Feb 1709/10Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut I17209 15sep 


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bull / Cheever  3 Jan 1691/2Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut F5358 15sep 
2 Bull / Cowles  29 Apr 1669Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut F5360 15sep 
3 Cowles / Andrews  1 Nov 1709Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut F7937 15sep 
4 Cowles / Andrus  2 Jan 1693/4Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut F7936 15sep 
5 Cowles / Andrus  26 Feb 1711/2Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut F7926 15sep 
6 Cowles / Pitkin  1 Jan 1689/90Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut F7919 15sep 
7 Cowles / Porter  12 May 1685Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut F7914 15sep 
8 Cowles / Smith  27 Dec 1716Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut F7935 15sep 
9 Cowles / Stanley  14 Jun 1660Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut F7909 15sep 
10 Cowles / Woodford  8 Aug 1710Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut F7938 15sep 
11 Thompson / Cowles  15 Jan 1705/6Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut F7940 15sep