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London, Middlesex, England


Tree: 15sep

Latitude: 51.5122367, Longitude: -0.1119749


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Christina  1337London, Middlesex, England I24996 15sep 
2 Christina  1337London, Middlesex, England I25013 15sep 
3 Elizabeth  2 Nov 1607London, Middlesex, England I9888 15sep 
4 Barnes, Mathew  1500London, Middlesex, England I23713 15sep 
5 Beaufort, Edmund  1438London, Middlesex, England I19136 15sep 
6 Beaufort, Eleanor Countess of Wiltshire  1431London, Middlesex, England I19073 15sep 
7 Beaufort, John 1st Duke of Somerset  Mar 1404London, Middlesex, England I37637 15sep 
8 Bonner, Harry  1560London, Middlesex, England I12494 15sep 
9 Boyle, Blanche  Abt 1581London, Middlesex, England I40135 15sep 
10 Boyle, George  Abt 1577London, Middlesex, England I40131 15sep 
11 Boyle, Henry  Abt 1580London, Middlesex, England I40134 15sep 
12 Boyle, James  Abt 1590London, Middlesex, England I40139 15sep 
13 Boyle, Jane  Abt Jan 1573London, Middlesex, England I40128 15sep 
14 Boyle, Joshua  Abt 1582London, Middlesex, England I40136 15sep 
15 Boyle, Leonard  Abt 1575London, Middlesex, England I40130 15sep 
16 Boyle, Rev. Michael  Abt 1574London, Middlesex, England I40129 15sep 
17 Boyle, Roger  Abt 1578London, Middlesex, England I40132 15sep 
18 Boyle, Samuel  Abt 1587London, Middlesex, England I40138 15sep 
19 Boyle, Thomas  Abt 1579London, Middlesex, England I40133 15sep 
20 Boyle, William  Abt Jan 1572London, Middlesex, England I40125 15sep 
21 Brooke, Robert  1495London, Middlesex, England I20953 15sep 
22 Burgh  1437London, Middlesex, England I19397 15sep 
23 Butler, Valentyne  1552London, Middlesex, England I23729 15sep 
24 Carpenter, John I.  1372London, Middlesex, England I24987 15sep 
25 Carpenter, Margery  1402London, Middlesex, England I24992 15sep 
26 Carpenter, Richard 'of London'  1335London, Middlesex, England I24982 15sep 
27 Chicheley, Elizabeth  1404London, Middlesex, England I17818 15sep 
28 Chicheley, Phillipa  1397London, Middlesex, England I18088 15sep 
29 Chicheley, Phillipa  1428London, Middlesex, England I17620 15sep 
30 Cremer, Ann  1303London, Middlesex, England I27957 15sep 
31 Dale, Valentine  1531London, Middlesex, England I32650 15sep 
32 de Basing, Joan  1295London, Middlesex, England I25362 15sep 
33 De Blois, Magdalen  1062London, Middlesex, England I29264 15sep 
34 Dixon, John  7 May 1450London, Middlesex, England I19616 15sep 
35 England, Eustacia of  1106London, Middlesex, England I15619 15sep 
36 Fry, Lydia  1590London, Middlesex, England I18579 15sep 
37 Gedge, Mary  1561London, Middlesex, England I12557 15sep 
38 Greenwood, William Henry  1475London, Middlesex, England I32780 15sep 
39 Hayes, John  1546London, Middlesex, England I32791 15sep 
40 Linnell, Robert  16 Sep 1584London, Middlesex, England I19483 15sep 
41 Lowe, Ann  1572London, Middlesex, England I11935 15sep 
42 Mascal, Robert  1610London, Middlesex, England I10499 15sep 
43 Maxey, Edward  1677London, Middlesex, England I31649 15sep 
44 Merist, Olive  1574London, Middlesex, England I32482 15sep 
45 Merriman, Nathaniel  2 Jun 1613London, Middlesex, England I5442 15sep 
46 More, Stephen  1603London, Middlesex, England I11910 15sep 
47 Naylor, Joan  1470London, Middlesex, England I5665 15sep 
48 Neville, Elizabeth  1444London, Middlesex, England I5684 15sep 
49 Of England, Edmund Crouchback  16 Jan 1244London, Middlesex, England I5640 15sep 
50 Olcott, Thomas  1581London, Middlesex, England I10556 15sep 
51 Parkhurst, Elizabeth  1602London, Middlesex, England I32284 15sep 
52 Peck, Alice Marrus  26 Feb 1624/5London, Middlesex, England I10359 15sep 
53 Peck, Jeremiah  1636London, Middlesex, England I10362 15sep 
54 Phelps, Henry  1595London, Middlesex, England I11796 15sep 
55 Pinchon, Agnes  1340London, Middlesex, England I17829 15sep 
56 Sharp, Samuel  1569London, Middlesex, England I10446 15sep 
57 Sheaperd, John Sr.  1571London, Middlesex, England I12478 15sep 
58 Sherer, Elizabeth  1533London, Middlesex, England I33000 15sep 
59 Shirley, Charlotte Lydia  4 Apr 1818London, Middlesex, England I32084 15sep 
60 Spencer, Edmund  1552London, Middlesex, England I40155 15sep 
61 Sterling, William  1637London, Middlesex, England I10817 15sep 
62 Stewart, Prince of Wales Charles James Prince of England, Duke of Cornwall  13 Mar 1629London, Middlesex, England I37229 15sep 
63 Stoker, John  1510London, Middlesex, England I18932 15sep 
64 Thompson, Jone  1570London, Middlesex, England I12497 15sep 
65 Upton, Mary  1613London, Middlesex, England I10490 15sep 
66 Waller, Robartt  1592London, Middlesex, England I11918 15sep 
67 West, Elizabeth  1487London, Middlesex, England I18996 15sep 
68 Wilkerson, Ann  1355London, Middlesex, England I24989 15sep 
69 Winger, Elizabeth  1519London, Middlesex, England I20343 15sep 
70 Winger, George  1518London, Middlesex, England I20345 15sep 
71 Winger, Nicholas  1515London, Middlesex, England I20337 15sep 
72 Wond, Ann  22 Jun 1816London, Middlesex, England I31144 15sep 
73 Wynn, George  1598London, Middlesex, England I32365 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Maxey, Edward  1681London, Middlesex, England I31649 15sep 
2 Merist, Olive  1574London, Middlesex, England I32482 15sep 
3 Peck, William  29 Dec 1601London, Middlesex, England I9890 15sep 
4 Price, Charles J.  7 Aug 1757London, Middlesex, England I31877 15sep 
5 Upton, Mary  1631London, Middlesex, England I10490 15sep 
6 Wond, Dinah  15 Feb 1804London, Middlesex, England I31150 15sep 
7 Wond, Elizabeth  2 May 1802London, Middlesex, England I31146 15sep 
8 Wond, George  23 Oct 1807London, Middlesex, England I31126 15sep 
9 Wond, Joseph James  6 Nov 1805London, Middlesex, England I31202 15sep 
10 Wond, Maria  2 Apr 1820London, Middlesex, England I31129 15sep 
11 Wond, Sophia  2 May 1802London, Middlesex, England I31148 15sep 
12 Wond, William  18 Feb 1810London, Middlesex, England I31366 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Æthelred King Of England  23 Apr 1016London, Middlesex, England I3934 15sep 
2 Christina  1384London, Middlesex, England I25013 15sep 
3 Bourchier, William 9th Baron FitzWarin  9 Dec 1471London, Middlesex, England I19281 15sep 
4 Boyle, Hugh  London, Middlesex, England I40192 15sep 
5 Bray, Richard  18 Nov 1557London, Middlesex, England I32531 15sep 
6 Brooke, Sarah  1625London, Middlesex, England I12062 15sep 
7 Browne, John  9 May 1626London, Middlesex, England I12086 15sep 
8 Bullock, Hugh  2 Nov 1650London, Middlesex, England I24843 15sep 
9 Byron, Ellen  1467London, Middlesex, England I20150 15sep 
10 Cary, William  13 Mar 1572London, Middlesex, England I11418 15sep 
11 Chichley, Robert  1439London, Middlesex, England I18094 15sep 
12 Clerke, William  1506London, Middlesex, England I24539 15sep 
13 Cushman, Robert  Feb 1623/4London, Middlesex, England I641 15sep 
14 D'Angleterre, Beatrix  24 Mar 1275London, Middlesex, England I8605 15sep 
15 D'Angleterre, Henri  16 Nov 1272London, Middlesex, England I8567 15sep 
16 d'Artois, Robert III comte d'Artois  8 Aug 1342London, Middlesex, England I13750 15sep 
17 de Beauchamp, Maud  28 Jul 1369London, Middlesex, England I21958 15sep 
18 de Beaufort, Joan  11 Aug 1518London, Middlesex, England I18815 15sep 
19 de Clare, Bozo  Oct 1294London, Middlesex, England I36384 15sep 
20 De Clare, Elizabeth  1117London, Middlesex, England I29004 15sep 
21 De Metz, Warin  1105London, Middlesex, England I35566 15sep 
22 de Montfichet, William Baron of Stanstead  1135London, Middlesex, England I29082 15sep 
23 de Mortimer, Agnes  25 Jul 1368London, Middlesex, England I21997 15sep 
24 De Quincy, Hawise  11 Feb 1223London, Middlesex, England I5318 15sep 
25 De Vere, Aubrey  15 May 1141London, Middlesex, England I4699 15sep 
26 de Vere, Aubrey Justiciar of England  15 May 1141London, Middlesex, England I29161 15sep 
27 Dixon, John  18 Oct 1539London, Middlesex, England I19616 15sep 
28 Elwes, Elizabeth  Sep 1657London, Middlesex, England I10581 15sep 
29 Fitzalan, Richard  21 Sep 1397London, Middlesex, England I5254 15sep 
30 Hardy, John Lord Mayor of London  Oct 1540London, Middlesex, England I17510 15sep 
31 Harvye, Thomas  2 Feb 1623London, Middlesex, England I32341 15sep 
32 Haworth Haward, Alice  1514London, Middlesex, England I19213 15sep 
33 Holland, Constance  14 Nov 1437London, Middlesex, England I17185 15sep 
34 Hopton, George  6 Jul 1489London, Middlesex, England I33342 15sep 
35 Howland, Humphrey  9 Jul 1646London, Middlesex, England I11461 15sep 
36 Hyde, Margaret  1678London, Middlesex, England I10558 15sep 
37 Jenawaye, John  11 Mar 1548London, Middlesex, England I20979 15sep 
38 Knollys, Isabell  1461London, Middlesex, England I17838 15sep 
39 Lowe, Ann  1640London, Middlesex, England I11935 15sep 
40 Macdougall, Allan 7th of Dunollie  1320London, Middlesex, England I35864 15sep 
41 Miles, Elizabeth  1580London, Middlesex, England I21252 15sep 
42 Neville, Eleanore Countess of Derby  6 Apr 1464London, Middlesex, England I17354 15sep 
43 Olcott, Thomas  14 Dec 1627London, Middlesex, England I10556 15sep 
44 Pearsall, Humphry  1585London, Middlesex, England I11884 15sep 
45 Saint Aubyn, John  14 Oct 1418London, Middlesex, England I24391 15sep 
46 Sheaperd, John Sr.  14 Dec 1627London, Middlesex, England I12478 15sep 
47 Sparks, Ludgate Sir  7 Jul 1596London, Middlesex, England I23798 15sep 
48 Spencer, Alice  1522London, Middlesex, England I21257 15sep 
49 Spencer, Eleanor  30 Sep 1328London, Middlesex, England I5416 15sep 
50 Stafford, Margaret Countess of Stafford  29 Jun 1509London, Middlesex, England I37874 15sep 
51 Stanley, Margaret  1533London, Middlesex, England I17338 15sep 
52 Stewart, Prince of Wales Charles James Prince of England, Duke of Cornwall  13 Mar 1629London, Middlesex, England I37229 15sep 
53 Stoker, John  1585London, Middlesex, England I18932 15sep 
54 Stourton, Richard  1 Jun 1457London, Middlesex, England I38873 15sep 
55 Strathearn, Margaret  Jul 1548London, Middlesex, England I36661 15sep 
56 Stukeley, Richard Geoffrey  Aft 1380London, Middlesex, England I40498 15sep 
57 Talbot, Richard  7 Sep 1396London, Middlesex, England I5579 15sep 
58 Ulster, Anne Mary  1646London, Middlesex, England I12139 15sep 
59 Visconti, Lucia  14 Apr 1424London, Middlesex, England I18282 15sep 
60 Walker, Humphrey  1516London, Middlesex, England I20458 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 d'Artois, Robert III comte d'Artois  Aug 1342London, Middlesex, England I13750 15sep 
2 Elwes, Elizabeth  Sep 1657London, Middlesex, England I10581 15sep 
3 Fowler, Richard Quatermayne II OF RYCOTE  Nov 1528London, Middlesex, England I21120 15sep 
4 Haworth Haward, Alice  1514London, Middlesex, England I19213 15sep 
5 Howland, Simon  17 Jan 1670/1London, Middlesex, England I11452 15sep 
6 Jenawaye, John  16 Apr 1550London, Middlesex, England I20979 15sep 
7 Lowe, Ann  1640London, Middlesex, England I11935 15sep 
8 Spencer, Alice  1522London, Middlesex, England I21257 15sep 
9 Strange, Guy le I  1105London, Middlesex, England I42672 15sep 
10 Strathbogie, John 9th Earl of Atholl  15 Nov 1306London, Middlesex, England I26321 15sep 
11 Ulster, Anne Mary  1646London, Middlesex, England I12139 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Babington, Edward  1551London, Middlesex, England I32466 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    BirthIlleg    Person ID   Tree 
1 Of England, Joan  Abt 1190London, Middlesex, England I5249 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID   Tree 
1 Wond, Sophia  8 Dec 1811London, Middlesex, England I31148 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allerton, Isaac  Bef 1620London, Middlesex, England I646 15sep 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 /   3 Apr 1348London, Middlesex, England F19538 15sep 
2 / Von Brunswick  13 Jul 1040London, Middlesex, England F1961 15sep 
3 / von Kleve  6 Jan 1540London, Middlesex, England F18519 15sep 
4 Carpenter / Jennings  1399London, Middlesex, England F11354 15sep 
5 de Grey, / de Cauz  17 Oct 1251London, Middlesex, England F10310 15sep 
6 de Grey, / de Lambley  17 Oct 1251London, Middlesex, England F10309 15sep 
7 De Villiers / Winger  1515London, Middlesex, England F9367 15sep 
8 Ellis / Masterson  London, Middlesex, England F8104 15sep 
9 Gage / Dale  1552London, Middlesex, England F14353 15sep 
10 Howe / Gerther  1445London, Middlesex, England F11309 15sep 
11 Johnson / Wond  25 May 1834London, Middlesex, England F13796 15sep 
12 Marshall / De Clare  Aug 1189London, Middlesex, England F2342 15sep 
13 Meigs / West  1507London, Middlesex, England F8762 15sep 
14 More / Olcott  1678London, Middlesex, England F5560 15sep 
15 Sherman / Wood  1552London, Middlesex, England F8652 15sep 
16 Stewart / Douglas  29 Jun 1544London, Middlesex, England F18382 15sep 
17 Winger / Walker  1514London, Middlesex, England F9369 15sep 
18 Wond / Dixson  19 Mar 1798London, Middlesex, England F13789 15sep 
19 Wynn / Parkhurst  1619London, Middlesex, England F14185 15sep