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Surrey, England


Tree: 15sep

Latitude: 51.2500000, Longitude: -0.3333333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Johanna  1235Surrey, England I5643 15sep 
2 Andrews, Thomas  1500Surrey, England I23951 15sep 
3 Barron, Phebe  Abt 1420Surrey, England I33135 15sep 
4 Bray, Margery  1459Surrey, England I32875 15sep 
5 De Adlithley, Ludulph Liulf  1066Surrey, England I29521 15sep 
6 De Warenne, Gundred  1117Surrey, England I22729 15sep 
7 De Warenne, Isabelle  1137Surrey, England I4715 15sep 
8 De Warenne, William II Earl Of Surrey  24 Jun 1078Surrey, England I3946 15sep 
9 Dunstanville, Petronilla heiress  1248Surrey, England I21853 15sep 
10 FitzJohn, Richard  1241Surrey, England I29668 15sep 
11 Hamlet, Hester  1592Surrey, England I23730 15sep 
12 Mew, Elisaeus  1595Surrey, England I23786 15sep 
13 Moye, Robert  1542Surrey, England I23781 15sep 
14 Parkhurst, Damaris  Abt 1555Surrey, England I32369 15sep 
15 Parkhurst, John  1403Surrey, England I33133 15sep 
16 Parkhurst, John  1544Surrey, England I32481 15sep 
17 Saint John, Elizabeth  1345Surrey, England I21898 15sep 
18 Stjohn, Elizabeth  1331Surrey, England I21985 15sep 
19 Troughton, Joan  Abt 1510Surrey, England I32710 15sep 
20 Vaux, John  Abt 1523Surrey, England I32420 15sep 
21 Wright, Daniel  1455Surrey, England I17780 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aston, Margaret  1492Surrey, England I19557 15sep 
2 Babbs, Nicholas  4 Oct 1550Surrey, England I32981 15sep 
3 Barron, Phebe  Aft 1440Surrey, England I33135 15sep 
4 Bone, Elizabeth  1470Surrey, England I20855 15sep 
5 Chisholm, Agnes Katherine  1622Surrey, England I33830 15sep 
6 de Clare of Gloucester, Margaret  16 Sep 1313Surrey, England I36386 15sep 
7 de la Mare, Henry II  1257Surrey, England I21547 15sep 
8 De Warenne I, Beatrice  Bef 12 Dec 1214Surrey, England I42427 15sep 
9 Fussell, Phillip Edward  20 Mar 1930Surrey, England I32020 15sep 
10 Gaynesford, John VI  7 Jul 1460Surrey, England I20928 15sep 
11 Parkhurst, John  1600Surrey, England I32481 15sep 
12 Saunders, Joan  Aft 1579Surrey, England I32706 15sep 
13 Swanson, Nicholas  1470Surrey, England I20851 15sep 
14 Wright, Daniel  1523Surrey, England I17780 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Parkhurst, Joan  10 Mar 1589Surrey, England I32392 15sep 
2 Smith, Samuel Sr  4 Jun 1577Surrey, England I11301 15sep 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 de Montfort / Dunstanville  1264Surrey, England F9958 15sep 
2 Glover Of Godalming / Lamm  Abt 1453Surrey, England F14523 15sep 
3 Parkhurst of Guildford / Hanson  1536Surrey, England F14215 15sep 
4 Rose / Chisholm  2 Jul 1610Surrey, England F14780 15sep