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Kentucky, United States: Généalogie MORIN Roots

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Kentucky, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLISON, Cordie Ella  13 Jul 1897Kentucky, United States I29441
2 ATKINSON, Mattie E.  Aug 1871Kentucky, United States I28665
3 BANTA, Ada T.  Abt 1865Kentucky, United States I27575
4 BANTA, Laura B.  Abt 1861Kentucky, United States I27576
5 BANTA, Mary Agnes  Abt 1859Kentucky, United States I27574
6 BAULT, Cora A  Nov 1883Kentucky, United States I28672
7 BEARD, Samuel Coy  2 Oct 1894Kentucky, United States I28703
8 BELL, Harriet E.  Dec 1865Kentucky, United States I28061
9 BENNETT, Beulah M.  25 Jun 1914Kentucky, United States I28760
10 BERRY, Robert  Abt 1805Kentucky, United States I27230
11 BROTHERS, Henry Flood  8 Mar 1823Kentucky, United States I27285
12 BROTHERS, Paul  Abt 1877Kentucky, United States I27611
13 BROTHERS, Thomas Jefferson  30 Jun 1825Kentucky, United States I27287
14 CABBELL, Robert McKnight  23 Mar 1868Kentucky, United States I28872
15 CANTRILL, Lula  15 Aug 1906Kentucky, United States I29564
16 CARDIN, Wendall Tabb  27 Nov 1927Kentucky, United States I29279
17 COATE, Cora Elizabeth Burress  30 Sep 1907Kentucky, United States I28816
18 CONOVER, John Newton  29 Dec 1857Kentucky, United States I28736
19 CONOVER, Miriam Elizabeth  1909Kentucky, United States I28734
20 COOPER, Jonathan  1850Kentucky, United States I27528
21 CREECH, Elsie  11 Nov 1908Kentucky, United States I29400
22 DAVIS, Nanny E "Adopted"  Aug 1890Kentucky, United States I27724
23 DUDGEON, Lillie M  9 Jan 1894Kentucky, United States I29444
24 DUNBAR, Elsie G  Jun 1896Kentucky, United States I28647
25 DUNBAR, Olive Eliza  Nov 1897Kentucky, United States I28646
26 DYE, Anna  1784Kentucky, United States I7433
27 DYE, Boy  1815Kentucky, United States I7733
28 EAKINS, Joseph S  9 May 1820Kentucky, United States I27598
29 EDDY, Loren E  10 May 1917Kentucky, United States I29741
30 ELBERT, Loadman Young  6 Dec 1830Kentucky, United States I28126
31 FARRIS, James N  1925Kentucky, United States I28618
32 FARRIS, Marvin D  23 Nov 1921Kentucky, United States I28617
33 FERGUSON, William F.  Dec 1870Kentucky, United States I27719
34 GABBERT, Lunsford Y  23 Mar 1880Kentucky, United States I28653
35 GARNETT, Ethel  1903Kentucky, United States I28770
36 HALES, Humphrey  1511Kentucky, United States I46494
37 HAYRE, Mary Jane  Oct 1885Kentucky, United States I28436
38 HELM, Clara  1 Jul 1894Kentucky, United States I28877
39 HENDERSON, Mary Ann  1819Kentucky, United States I27456
40 HENSEN, Susan  1896Kentucky, United States I28691
41 HENSON, Cecil E  1914Kentucky, United States I28689
42 HENSON, Ethel M.  1902Kentucky, United States I28675
43 HENSON, James H.  20 Mar 1862Kentucky, United States I27878
44 HENSON, John O  1917Kentucky, United States I28692
45 HENSON, Mary  1907Kentucky, United States I28677
46 HENSON, Mary A  1861Kentucky, United States I27882
47 HOLLADAY, Charlotta Ermine  6 Jan 1882Kentucky, United States I28067
48 HOLLADAY, Flossie  20 May 1908Kentucky, United States I28929
49 HOLLADAY, Frances  1909Kentucky, United States I28743
50 HOLLADAY, Franklin Edwin  8 Mar 1874Kentucky, United States I28054
51 HOLLADAY, Iva C  1903Kentucky, United States I28926
52 HOLLADAY, Joseph  Abt 1852Kentucky, United States I27433
53 HOLLADAY, Joseph Addison  11 Mar 1872Kentucky, United States I28045
54 HOLLADAY, Kenneth  16 Sep 1927Kentucky, United States I29562
55 HOLLADAY, Lambert F.  May 1871Kentucky, United States I28064
56 HOLLADAY, Martha J.  Abt 1843Kentucky, United States I27430
57 HOLLADAY, Nancy P.  1829Kentucky, United States I27435
58 HOLLADAY, Sarah Alice  31 Aug 1851Kentucky, United States I27432
59 HOLLADAY, Virginia  May 1898Kentucky, United States I28060
60 HOLLADAY, William T.  1831Kentucky, United States I27436
61 HOLLIDAY, Susan  1875Kentucky, United States I27911
62 JAMESON, James Sandford  Abt 1806Kentucky, United States I27465
63 JOHNS, Ben T.  1895Kentucky, United States I28698
64 JOHNS, Mary  23 Jan 1900Kentucky, United States I28700
65 JOHNSON, Bettie Ann  6 Mar 1878Kentucky, United States I28683
66 LEACH, Bertha E.  3 Nov 1904Kentucky, United States I28626
67 LEACH, Mitta  Abt 1907Kentucky, United States I28627
68 LUCKIE, Dr Joseph William  28 May 1828Kentucky, United States I27621
69 LYON, Henry  1869Kentucky, United States I27984
70 LYON, William T  Dec 1886Kentucky, United States I27989
71 MATHER, Charles Emerson  1892Kentucky, United States I28390
72 MATHER, Jane May  1894Kentucky, United States I28393
73 MATHER, William Maxey  1895Kentucky, United States I28394
74 MAXEY, Sarah E  Apr 1853Kentucky, United States I7254
75 MEADE, Miriam Eve  4 Jan 1914Kentucky, United States I29181
76 MILLER, Samuel Wesley  10 Feb 1895Kentucky, United States I29440
77 MONTGOMERY, Omeira  30 May 1902Kentucky, United States I27826
78 MONTGOMERY, Sarah Elizabeth  23 Mar 1860Kentucky, United States I27964
79 MONTGOMERY, Tobias Esto  6 Jan 1891Kentucky, United States I27829
80 MOORE, Nathaniel  Abt 1800Kentucky, United States I27238
81 MORRIS, Sally Margarett  11 Aug 1857Kentucky, United States I28035
82 MURRELL, Ruth Belle  Dec 1890Kentucky, United States I28881
83 NELSON, Lucy  1842Kentucky, United States I27348
84 NELSON, Robert William  1847Kentucky, United States I27350
85 PHELPS, Rhoda  27 Oct 1804Kentucky, United States I27504
86 PIKE, Ralph  1933Kentucky, United States I29770
87 PROCTOR, Lucy Hiatt  27 Jun 1817Kentucky, United States I27240
88 RAGSDALE, Bessie  11 Aug 1891Kentucky, United States I29270
89 REYNOLDS, Anna R  Sep 1878Kentucky, United States I28018
90 REYNOLDS, Ella G  Feb 1890Kentucky, United States I28019
91 REYNOLDS, Joseph Haller  1 Nov 1856Kentucky, United States I27399
92 REYNOLDS, Joseph S  10 Feb 1809Kentucky, United States I27201
93 REYNOLDS, Lou Ann  21 Jul 1846Kentucky, United States I27400
94 REYNOLDS, Marvin L  1933Kentucky, United States I28796
95 REYNOLDS, Mattie  1880Kentucky, United States I28021
96 REYNOLDS, William Felix  1884Kentucky, United States I28024
97 RICHARDS, Arthur L  Abt 1879Kentucky, United States I28040
98 RICHARDS, George Avalee  16 Aug 1905Kentucky, United States I29543
99 RICHARDS, George E  Abt 1877Kentucky, United States I28038
100 ROBINSON, Lillie E  Apr 1877Kentucky, United States I28645
101 SALLEE, Abraham  1820Kentucky, United States I27275
102 SALLEE, Albert E  15 Feb 1834Kentucky, United States I27511
103 SALLEE, Charles M  14 May 1838Kentucky, United States I27512
104 SALLEE, Edward T  15 May 1842Kentucky, United States I27508
105 SALLEE, Elbert T  15 Jun 1887Kentucky, United States I28408
106 SALLEE, Ellen  1829Kentucky, United States I27509
107 SALLEE, Ermine  1831Kentucky, United States I27510
108 SALLEE, Ethel W  Nov 1885Kentucky, United States I28407
109 SALLEE, Frances  Feb 1829Kentucky, United States I27507
110 SALLEE, Francis Marion  Abt 1824Kentucky, United States I27221
111 SALLEE, Guy Nathaniel  30 Aug 1884Kentucky, United States I28406
112 SALLEE, Henry Christopher  14 Dec 1890Kentucky, United States I28410
113 SALLEE, Jacob M.  2 Dec 1832Kentucky, United States I27301
114 SALLEE, James  1833Kentucky, United States I27236
115 SALLEE, James Preston  17 Apr 1832Kentucky, United States I27513
116 SALLEE, John  1858Kentucky, United States I27706
117 SALLEE, John Proctor  1 Apr 1829Kentucky, United States I27261
118 SALLEE, Joseph Henderson  Apr 1833Kentucky, United States I27266
119 SALLEE, Karren Happach  20 Mar 1800Kentucky, United States I27185
120 SALLEE, Marshall O  18 Apr 1841Kentucky, United States I27506
121 SALLEE, Martha Elizabeth  29 Sep 1801Kentucky, United States I27179
122 SALLEE, Mary Elizabeth  29 Dec 1857Kentucky, United States I27665
123 SALLEE, Mary L.  Abt 1841Kentucky, United States I27264
124 SALLEE, Merritt L.  Jun 1836Kentucky, United States I27262
125 SALLEE, Murdock Parker  1844Kentucky, United States I27306
126 SALLEE, Robert  1864Kentucky, United States I27708
127 SALLEE, Sarah Elizabeth  Abt 1825Kentucky, United States I27267
128 SALLEE, Susan Edna  18 May 1832Kentucky, United States I27232
129 SALLEE, Thomas John  27 Dec 1862Kentucky, United States I27663
130 SALLEE, Thomas M.  4 Feb 1838Kentucky, United States I27263
131 SALLEE, Virginia  31 Oct 1903Kentucky, United States I29101
132 SALLEE, Warren S  5 Mar 1845Kentucky, United States I27505
133 SALLEE, William Edward  1834Kentucky, United States I27233
134 SALLEE, William Frank Jr  Aug 1852Kentucky, United States I27594
135 SALLEE, William Henry  29 Apr 1840Kentucky, United States I27503
136 SALLEE, Willie Estelle  1 Nov 1879Kentucky, United States I27569
137 SALLIE, George Berry  17 Sep 1842Kentucky, United States I27265
138 SANDERS, Viola  Feb 1883Kentucky, United States I29896
139 SCOTT, Lee Anna  3 Mar 1884Kentucky, United States I29276
140 SCOTT, Ula Myrtle  13 Sep 1884Kentucky, United States I28676
141 SMITH, Ella  Jun 1872Kentucky, United States I28412
142 SMITH, Stanley H.  13 Dec 1896Kentucky, United States I29656
143 SMITHER, William May  1841Kentucky, United States I27517
144 STAMP, Mary A  28 Apr 1862Kentucky, United States I28404
145 STAPP, Alice  18 Jan 1887Kentucky, United States I28919
146 TABB, Blanche  21 Mar 1895Kentucky, United States I28416
147 TABB, Laura A.  1832Kentucky, United States I27705
148 TAYLOR, Patsy  2 Sep 1816Kentucky, United States I27405
149 THOMAS, Dixie Lee  11 Sep 1862Kentucky, United States I27710
150 THOMAS, Louisanna  19 Sep 1864Kentucky, United States I27712
151 THOMAS, Mattie Jane  18 Apr 1897Kentucky, United States I28467
152 THOMAS, Shelby Lee  1871Kentucky, United States I27723
153 WALKER, William H  May 1822Kentucky, United States I27994
154 WARD, Ann Elizabeth  10 Sep 1930Kentucky, United States I29320
155 WARD, Harry Lewis  19 Jul 1926Kentucky, United States I29319
156 WARD, William Reynolds  30 Jun 1924Kentucky, United States I29317
157 WHITE, Robert Lee  8 Jun 1889Kentucky, United States I29412
158 WIGGINS, Wilson  4 Jan 1899Kentucky, United States I29401
159 WILLIS, James E  1873Kentucky, United States I27932
160 WILLIS, Minnie E  1876Kentucky, United States I27933
161 WILLIS, Nancy B  1879Kentucky, United States I27937
162 WOODRUM, Otis Ray  20 Feb 1904Kentucky, United States I28803
163 WRIGHT, Manerva Kathryn  Abt 1847Kentucky, United States I28194
164 YARBERRY, Clifton  8 Jul 1905Kentucky, United States I29563
165 YOUNG, Hattie Bess  28 Jul 1887Kentucky, United States I28928


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEARD, Samuel Coy  28 Nov 1973Kentucky, United States I28703
2 CONOVER, William Porter  8 Jul 1979Kentucky, United States I28737
3 CORBIN, Lola May  29 Jun 1982Kentucky, United States I29537
4 CREECH, Elsie  Dec 1988Kentucky, United States I29400
5 CREEL, Ermine  3 Nov 1876Kentucky, United States I27403
6 DUNBAR, William Pinkney  26 Apr 1976Kentucky, United States I29657
7 DYE, Fanny  1824Kentucky, United States I7678
8 DYE, Sarah Sally  1850Kentucky, United States I7419
9 FRAZIER, Mary D.  2 May 1887Kentucky, United States I27562
10 O'HARROW, Vera Amelia  1967Kentucky, United States I28792
11 PRICE, Sydney  From 1870 to 1880Kentucky, United States I27231
12 REYNOLDS, Ella G  7 Aug 1904Kentucky, United States I28019
13 REYNOLDS, Joseph S  5 May 1877Kentucky, United States I27201
14 REYNOLDS, Mary Calista  13 Oct 1880Kentucky, United States I27409
15 REYNOLDS, William  14 Jun 1898Kentucky, United States I27202
16 RICHARDS, George Avalee  23 Jun 1980Kentucky, United States I29543
17 SALLEE, Albert E  9 Apr 1890Kentucky, United States I27511
18 SALLEE, Edward T  22 Dec 1922Kentucky, United States I27508
19 SALLEE, Ermine  Abt 1862Kentucky, United States I27510
20 SALLEE, Fannie B.  Kentucky, United States I28195
21 SALLEE, Henry Christopher  11 Feb 1969Kentucky, United States I28410
22 SALLEE, James Preston  1 Jan 1910Kentucky, United States I27513
23 SALLEE, Marshall O  31 Oct 1909Kentucky, United States I27506
24 SALLEE, Nancy  6 Nov 1859Kentucky, United States I27157
25 SALLEE, Pinkie Q  6 Jan 1909Kentucky, United States I28199
26 SALLEE, Sarah Elizabeth  2 Jan 1882Kentucky, United States I27267
27 SALLEE, Thomas John  28 Oct 1921Kentucky, United States I27663
28 SALLEE, Warren S  10 Oct 1924Kentucky, United States I27505
29 SALLEE, William Henry  1 Oct 1907Kentucky, United States I27503
30 SMITH, Ella  1894Kentucky, United States I28412
31 STAMP, Mary A  3 Nov 1894Kentucky, United States I28404
32 STAPP, Alice  22 Apr 1972Kentucky, United States I28919
33 TAYLOR, Patsy  12 Sep 1850Kentucky, United States I27405


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brothers / Nooe  Abt 1902Kentucky, United States F14773
2 Ferguson / Minor  Abt 1863Kentucky, United States F14638
3 Finnell / Dugan  Abt 1893Kentucky, United States F14821
4 Gaines / Sallee  25 Dec 1920Kentucky, United States F15351
5 Hitch / Minor  1890Kentucky, United States F14639
6 Johns / Thompson  1945Kentucky, United States F15200
7 Reynolds / Creel  12 Feb 1834Kentucky, United States F14571
8 Sallee / Bane  1892Kentucky, United States F14818
9 Sallee / Cooper  8 May 1828Kentucky, United States F14555
10 Sallee / Miller  8 Dec 1897Kentucky, United States F15021
11 Sallee / Ragsdale  19 Jan 1916Kentucky, United States F15111
12 Sallee / Stamp  Abt 1883Kentucky, United States F14798
13 Smither / Sallee  From 1870 to 1880Kentucky, United States F14591
14 Surber /   1847Kentucky, United States F4123


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Surber /   1847Kentucky, United States F4123