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Norway: Généalogie MORIN Roots

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Matches 1 to 69 of 69

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Gisela  Abt 1035Norway I24527
2 Rognvald  Abt 896Norway I6761
3 ?, ?  Abt 1007Norway I34920
4 ALREKSSONN, Vikarr  Abt 618Norway I695
5 ATTIPSSONN, Lienfni  Abt 625Norway I94
6 AUDUNARSSON, Thora Moshals  Abt 880Norway I26619
7 AUDUNSSON, Thor "Moshals"  1 Jul 880Norway I25833
8 AV NORWAY, Gewar , King in Norway  Abt 220Norway I719
9 AV NORWAY, Hrimnir  Abt 664Norway I121
10 AV NORWAY, Odin  Abt 600Norway I409
11 BJARNASON, Audun  870Norway I26303
12 BUDLASDATTER, Brynhild  Abt 738Norway I78
13 BURGUNDY, Regenald "the viking" of  Abt 896Norway I26298
14 DE BAYEUX, Hrlolf Ralph  890Norway I76912
15 DENMARK, Gunhild Queen Of  Abt 927Norway I25495
16 DRISTSDATTER, Geirhild  Abt 585Norway I477
17 EGDIRSSONN, Hialmther  Abt 638Norway I273
18 EINARSDOTTER, Ingelbjorg  995Norway I24725
19 EYLIMASDATTER, Hjordis  Abt 710Norway I85
20 EYSTEINSSON, Rognvald More I  830Norway I26364
21 FLANDERS, Maud de  Norway I26529
22 GEWARSDATTER, Nana  Abt 245Norway I718
23 GRJOTGARDSSON, Mrs-Sigard  Abt 730Norway I26001
25 GUDRODSSON, Halfdan  900Norway I25829
26 GUDRODSSON, Halfdan III "The Black"  823Norway I25261
27 HALFDANSSON, Halfdan  Abt 1012Norway I25498
28 HALVDAN SIGURDSSON  4 Apr 930Norway I23857
29 HARALDSON, Mrs. Herlaug  788Norway I25274
30 HARALDSON, Herlaug  788Norway I25271
31 HARALDSSON, Mrs-Trond  738Norway I26005
32 HARALDSSON, Sigurd Rise  870Norway I25836
33 HARALDSSON, Trond  738Norway I26004
34 HARALDSSONN, Solgi  Abt 730Norway I400
35 HEYTSSONN, Svidri  Abt 600Norway I177
36 HJALMTHERSSONN, Eylimi  Abt 688Norway I93
37 HLAOIR, Gunnhildr Sveinsdottir "Queen of Denmark"  994Norway I25838
38 KARASSON, Eirik  902Norway I25480
39 KING OF DENMARK, ENGLAND, & NORWAY, Cnut the Great  Abt 985Norway I37549
40 KING OF VIKEN, NORWAY, Tryggve Olavsson  Norway I25492
41 LEINFNISSONN, Budli  Abt 680Norway I86
42 LOFDASSONN, Skuli  Abt 548Norway I345
43 MAGNUSDOTTER, Isabella  Abt 1270Norway I21459
44 MILLER, Thomas  Abt 1926Norway I4515
45 NEFIA, Mrs Arron  Abt 803Norway I26637
46 NORWAY, Bertrade Of  Abt 1010Norway I24978
47 NORWAY, Sigurd ( Tryggvesson) Prince Of  975Norway I25826
48 OD HRIMNIRSDATTER, Lj  Abt 685Norway I92
49 ODINSSONN, Sigar  Abt 625Norway I408
50 OF NORWAY, Bertrade Harold  Abt 950Norway I24962
51 OLOFSDOTTER, Ulfhild of Norway, Duchess of Saxony  1020Norway I24522
52 QUEEN OF VANDALS, Amfleda "The Younger"  500Norway I39589
53 RERSSONN, Volsung  Abt 680Norway I91
54 ROLLOSSON, Rollo  Norway I10574
55 SIGARSSONN, Rer  Abt 655Norway I407
56 SIGURDSDATTER, Halfdan  995Norway I25499
57 SKELFISSONN, Skjold  Abt 516Norway I475
58 SKJOLDSSONN, Eirik  Abt 544Norway I476
59 SKOFTESSON, Skofte  898Norway I24351
60 SKULASSONN, Egdir  Abt 598Norway I313
61 SOLGASSONN, Hrolf  Abt 762Norway I396
62 SOLVASSON, Gudraud "the old" of Hedmark  CA 346Norway I38237
63 SVENSSEN, King of Denmark Hardeknud  Abt 870Norway I25761
64 THORGRIMSDOTTIR, Tordis  860Norway I26305
65 TRONDSSON, Harald Jarl of Naumadal  763Norway I25609
66 TRYGGVESDATTER, Astrid  Abt 963Norway I25827
67 TRYGVESDOTTIR, Aastrid  Abt 955Norway I25155
68 VALGERDSSON, Øyulf  895Norway I24349
69 VIKARSSONN, Vatnarr  Abt 665Norway I696


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 DENMARK, Geva Eysteinsdatter Princess Of  Norway I39387
2 DENMARK, Gunhild Queen Of  Norway I25495


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Queen Thyra of Norway  18 Sep 1000Norway I25462
2 ANGANTYRSSON, * Heidrek " Ulfhamr"  Abt 525Norway I8470
3 AUDUNSSON, Thor "Moshals"  Aft 927Norway I25833
5 EYSTEINSDATTER, Svanhild  Aft 892Norway I26357
6 EYSTEINSDOTTIR, Swanhilda of The Uplands  Norway I26363
7 FRIDLEIFSSON, Helgi  Abt 815Norway I26287
9 HÅKONSDOTTIR, Gunhild  Norway I24848
10 HALFDANSSON, Mrs. Skelfi  Abt 560Norway I39675
11 HALFDANSSON, Skilfi  570Norway I39734
12 HARALDSON, Mrs. Herlaug  Norway I25274
13 HARALDSSON, Sigurd Rise  1012Norway I25836
14 HERLAUGSSON, Mrs Grjotgard  Norway I25269
15 KING OF VIKEN, NORWAY, Tryggve Olavsson  Norway I25492
16 OD HRIMNIRSDATTER, Lj  705Norway I92
17 ODINSSON, Saeming Sexneat  Norway I9805
18 OLAFSSON, King Ragnvald "Heidumhaere"  850Norway I25605
19 SIGURDSDATTER, OF RING, Ragnhild  CA 667Norway I39591
20 SKAGESEN, Skafte  975Norway I24344
21 SKELFISSON, Skjold  544Norway I39603
22 SOLVASSON, Gudraud "the old" of Hedmark  CA 412Norway I38237
23 THORBERGSDATTER, Thora Norway  1050Norway I25840
24 THRONDSSONN, eystein , Viking King of Hedmark  710Norway I178
25 TORBERGSDÓTTIR GISKE, OF NORWAY, Queen Thora  Aft 1066Norway I38855
26 VON VENDEN, Tove af Danmark  16 Sep 1000Norway I26284
27 YAROSLAVNA, Princess Elisiv Of Kiev  1065Norway I25843


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Sigrid of Halland  Norway I26589
2 HÅKONSDATTER OF LADE, Ragnhild  1010Norway I23875
3 QUEEN OF VANDALS, Amfleda "The Younger"  Abt 580Norway I39589
4 SKELFISSON, Skjold  Norway I39603
5 SKJOLDSSON,, Eirik "Fraekni" II  Norway I39525
6 SKOFTE SKOFTESSON, Skage  From 961 to 1010Norway I23872
7 SPRAKLING, Sigrid  Norway I24700


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AV NORWAY, Hrolf Nefja  Abt 826Norway I142
2 SIGMUNDSSONN, Sigurd Fafnisbana  Abt 735Norway I77
3 VOLSUNGSSONN, Sigmund  Abt 705Norway I84


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Queen of Vandals  Norway F20700
2 / Grjotgardsdottir  870Norway F13686
3 / Grjotgardsson  Abt 748Norway F14080
4 / Grjotgardsson  Abt 748Norway F13936
5 Attipssonn /   Abt 669Norway F98
6 av Norway /   Abt 624Norway F415
7 av Norway /   Abt 684Norway F101
8 av Norway /   Abt 847Norway F149
9 Bjarnason / Thorgrimsdottir  Abt 889Norway F14076
10 Bjornssonn / Ketilsdatter  Abt 849Norway F398
11 di Halfdanssonn /   Abt 547Norway F365
12 Egdirssonn /   Abt 687Norway F102
13 Halfdansson King of Ringarike Norway / Norwegen  995Norway F13409
14 Haraldsson / Dronning Vebjoensdatter  Norway F13067
15 Haraldsson / Dronning Vebjoensdatter  Norway F12846
16 Haraldsson, / Øysteinsdottir  Abt 919Norway F13829
17 Heytssonn /   Abt 649Norway F188
18 Lofdassonn /   Abt 597Norway F343
19 Odinssonn /   Abt 654Norway F414
20 Rerssonn / od Hrimnirsdatter  Abt 704Norway F95
21 Sigmundssonn / Budlasdatter  Abt 755Norway F82
22 Sigurdsson / Sigurdsdatter  Norway F13844
23 Skoptisson / Håkonsdatter of Lade  Norway F12859
24 Trondsson / Sigardsdotter  Abt 767Norway F13846
25 Trondsson / Sigardsdotter  Abt 767Norway F13683
26 Volsungssonn / Eylimasdatter  Abt 734Norway F88