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Nova Scotia, Canada: Généalogie MORIN Roots

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Nova Scotia, Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 COLTER, Daniel  Abt 1815Nova Scotia, Canada I5036
2 CORBETT, Ada Emily  1912Nova Scotia, Canada I4670
3 CORBETT, Margaret Mary Bernadette  1922Nova Scotia, Canada I4675
4 CORBETT, Mary Imelda Frances  1919Nova Scotia, Canada I4672
5 CORBETT, Ronalda Anne  31 Oct 1948Nova Scotia, Canada I4662
6 CRISPO, Michael  Abt 1822Nova Scotia, Canada I1043
7 GILLIS, Isabel  Abt 1893Nova Scotia, Canada I4661
8 MACDONALD, 'Peggy' Margaret Mary James  1893Nova Scotia, Canada I1219
9 MACDONALD, Catherine Ann  18 Aug 1881Nova Scotia, Canada I1216
10 MACDONALD, Daniel Polycarp  26 Jan 1887Nova Scotia, Canada I1214
11 MACDONALD, Roderick  27 Feb 1896Nova Scotia, Canada I1215
12 MACDONALD, William Bernard  13 Jul 1889Nova Scotia, Canada I1213
13 MACDOUGAL, Margaret  1870Nova Scotia, Canada I4583
14 MCDONALD, Alexander  14 Jun 1852Nova Scotia, Canada I785
15 MCDONALD, Daniel  Jan 1837Nova Scotia, Canada I8465
16 ROSS, Alex  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I4586
17 ROSS, Anne  1831Nova Scotia, Canada I5125
18 ROSS, Bessie  1877Nova Scotia, Canada I5135
19 ROSS, Catherine  1841Nova Scotia, Canada I5129
20 ROSS, Elizabeth  1823Nova Scotia, Canada I5122
21 ROSS, Flora Jane  1860Nova Scotia, Canada I5130
22 ROSS, James G  1838Nova Scotia, Canada I5128
23 ROSS, John  1829Nova Scotia, Canada I5124
24 ROSS, John James  1858Nova Scotia, Canada I3865
25 ROSS, Margaret  1834Nova Scotia, Canada I5127
26 ROSS, Margaret  1864Nova Scotia, Canada I5131
27 ROSS, Peter  1826Nova Scotia, Canada I5123
28 SMITH, Margaret  Abt 1799Nova Scotia, Canada I3869
29 SUTHERLAND, William  Nova Scotia, Canada I4514
30 WEBB, Jeremiah  12 Feb 1834Nova Scotia, Canada I4137


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ATWATER, William  2 Aug 1787Nova Scotia, Canada I1068
2 CORBETT, Michael Edward  20 Apr 1960Nova Scotia, Canada I1029
3 HENRY, Pierre dit Robert  18 Feb 1759Nova Scotia, Canada I40265
4 ROSS, Anne  17 Jun 1910Nova Scotia, Canada I5125
5 ROSS, Bessie  23 Dec 1881Nova Scotia, Canada I5135
6 ROSS, Elizabeth  12 Mar 1874Nova Scotia, Canada I5122
7 SAMSON, Gabriel  29 Apr 1746Nova Scotia, Canada I30237
8 WEBB, Jeremiah  22 Sep 1915Nova Scotia, Canada I4137


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chenet Lagarenne / Martin  Bef 1697Nova Scotia, Canada F15621
2 MacDonald / MacLeod  Abt 1830Nova Scotia, Canada F715
3 MacDonald / Stewart  Abt 1828Nova Scotia, Canada F2158
4 Petitipas / Coste  Abt 1715Nova Scotia, Canada F15602
5 Sutherland /   Nova Scotia, Canada F2528


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Corbett / Gillis  Abt 1923Nova Scotia, Canada F845