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Oxfordshire, England: Généalogie MORIN Roots

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Oxfordshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Agnes  Abt 1207Oxfordshire, England I66935
2 Rosamund  1201Oxfordshire, England I59110
3 Wandelmonde  1045Oxfordshire, England I34727
4 BASSET, Gilbert  1090Oxfordshire, England I6917
5 BASSET, Thomas  1130Oxfordshire, England I6915
6 CHAMBERLIN, Alice  1488Oxfordshire, England I54702
7 CHERLTON, Joan  Abt 1335Oxfordshire, England I14964
8 CORNELL, Margrat  1400Oxfordshire, England I65523
9 D'ANVERS, John  1295Oxfordshire, England I14965
10 D'OYLY, Edith  1094Oxfordshire, England I6918
11 D'OYLY, Robert III Baron Hook Norton  1070Oxfordshire, England I6920
12 DANVERS  Oxfordshire, England I14160
13 DANVERS, Amicia Amys  1434Oxfordshire, England I13077
14 DANVERS, John  1382Oxfordshire, England I13535
15 DE ARDENE, Sir Robert  Abt 1223Oxfordshire, England I33962
16 DE BRETTON, Katherine  1317Oxfordshire, England I19730
17 DE GREY, John  Abt 1333Oxfordshire, England I19085
18 DE LA LEE, Isabel  1309Oxfordshire, England I14966
19 FOLIOT, Mrs Rainald  Abt 1099Oxfordshire, England I35855
20 GUILDFORD, Fredeswith  1480Oxfordshire, England I14090
21 JONES, Rice  1560Oxfordshire, England I75534
22 PLOVER, Eleanor  1610Oxfordshire, England I11382
23 PRECY, Joan  1495Oxfordshire, England I65517
24 QUARTERMAIN, Thomas II  1338Oxfordshire, England I17476
25 RUSSELL, Joan  1354Oxfordshire, England I16187
26 SANDERS, William  Abt 1440Oxfordshire, England I54309
27 STONOR, Ralph  From 1350 to 1369Oxfordshire, England I19469
28 VAN OXFORD, Richard van Vere Earl  1385Oxfordshire, England I56251
29 WATSON, Joseph  1548Oxfordshire, England I20917


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 METCALFE, William  7 Feb 1551Oxfordshire, England I69983


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLYN, George  20 Dec 1549Oxfordshire, England I53979
2 BABINGTON, Robert  1464Oxfordshire, England I15104
3 BASSET, Gilbert  1166Oxfordshire, England I6917
4 BRANCESTRE, Lady Agnes  1395Oxfordshire, England I14145
5 BRANCESTRE, Sir John  Aft 1374Oxfordshire, England I14967
6 BROCKETT, Elizabeth  Aft 1563Oxfordshire, England I65366
7 CHAMBERLIN, Alice  1543Oxfordshire, England I54702
8 CHESNEY, Hugh  Abt 1166Oxfordshire, England I23666
9 CLEMENTS, Jeremiah  1609Oxfordshire, England I72880
10 CORNELL, John  1435Oxfordshire, England I65601
11 CRUSE, Joan  1553Oxfordshire, England I68178
12 D'ANVERS, John  1345Oxfordshire, England I14965
13 D'OYLY, Edith  Aft 1130Oxfordshire, England I6918
14 D'OYLY, Nigel II Baron Hook Norton  1115Oxfordshire, England I6950
15 DANVERS, Richard  1409Oxfordshire, England I16107
16 DE BASSET, Gilbert  Aft 1205Oxfordshire, England I35427
17 DE BASSET, Thomas II  1220Oxfordshire, England I35429
18 DE CAY, Malyne Nun  1450Oxfordshire, England I55587
19 DE CLARE, Roger  1173Oxfordshire, England I67018
20 DE CLARE, Roger of Hereford  1173Oxfordshire, England I6673
21 DE CLINTON, Geoffrey  Bef Aug 1133Oxfordshire, England I76894
22 DE COURCY, Robert II  1131Oxfordshire, England I34421
23 DE LA LEE, Isabel  1350Oxfordshire, England I16104
24 DE LA LEE, Isabel  1384Oxfordshire, England I14966
25 DE LA POLE, Joan  29 Oct 1491Oxfordshire, England I55028
26 DE OPSWELL, Alice  1364Oxfordshire, England I16109
27 DE VERE, John  13 Apr 1513Oxfordshire, England I16571
28 FITZFORNE, Edith  1152Oxfordshire, England I6919
29 FOLIOT, Sampson Seigneur of Montfarville  1133Oxfordshire, England I36385
30 GARRARD, John  1551Oxfordshire, England I68293
31 HURST, John  7 Nov 1575Oxfordshire, England I54195
32 HURST, Leonard  1576Oxfordshire, England I54194
33 HURST, Thomas  1538Oxfordshire, England I54197
34 LANGSTON, Elizabeth Euphemia  1482Oxfordshire, England I14121
35 LEE, William de la  1353Oxfordshire, England I16103
36 METCALF, William  5 Dec 1607Oxfordshire, England I70421
37 PETTIE, John  1571Oxfordshire, England I47340
38 PURY, Lady Ann Countess of Waterstock  13 Feb 1531Oxfordshire, England I14968
39 SKIRMOTH, Elizabeth  1579Oxfordshire, England I69984
40 WINSLOWE, John  1513Oxfordshire, England I14141


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DANVERS, Richard  1409Oxfordshire, England I16107
2 JOYES, Margaret  Sep 1578Oxfordshire, England I69973
3 MARMION, Geoffrey Lord of Checkenden & Stoke & Aynho  Abt 1255Oxfordshire, England I59109
4 MARMION, William , of Checkenden  Abt 1266Oxfordshire, England I58444
5 MARMION, William I , Lord of Checkenden  Abt 1220Oxfordshire, England I45314
6 RIE DOPISERI, Margaret de  13 Nov 1119Oxfordshire, England I23579
7 RUSSELL, Joan  Aft 6 May 1396Oxfordshire, England I16187


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 D'OYLY, Robert III Baron Hook Norton  Oxfordshire, England I6920


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / D'Argouges  Abt 1065Oxfordshire, England F31642
2 Beauchamp /   1198Oxfordshire, England F38390
3 Bokland / Murdac  by 1210 1st husbandOxfordshire, England F25189
4 d'Oyly / FitzForne  Abt 1094Oxfordshire, England F3811
5 De Harcourt / de Grey  Abt 1376Oxfordshire, England F34564
6 Fowler / Shaw  1480Oxfordshire, England F34300
7 Gardner / White  1610Oxfordshire, England F36644
8 Garrard / Cruse  1530Oxfordshire, England F35425
9 Hurst / Heston  1479Oxfordshire, England F27416
10 Pope / Brockett  Oxfordshire, England F34036
11 Pope / Brockett  Oxfordshire, England F33921
12 van Oxford / Courtenay  1 Nov 1432Oxfordshire, England F28333
13 Yate / Fettiplace  1480Oxfordshire, England F34000


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 De Harcourt / de Grey  Abt 1376Oxfordshire, England F10542