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Scotland, United Kingdom: Généalogie MORIN Roots

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Scotland, United Kingdom



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Margaret Heiress of Holkettle  1328Scotland, United Kingdom I60021
2 DESYNTON, Alexander  1255Scotland, United Kingdom I61160
3 DOUGLAS, Sir Archibald 2nd  1196Scotland, United Kingdom I63745
4 DOUGLAS, Jane  1328Scotland, United Kingdom I63142
5 DOUGLAS, Joan  Abt 1286Scotland, United Kingdom I62308
6 DOUGLAS, Mrs Andrew  1230Scotland, United Kingdom I64225
7 DRUMMOND, John  Abt 1349Scotland, United Kingdom I57110
8 DUNCANSDOTTIR  890Scotland, United Kingdom I25246
9 DUNDAS, Margaret  1294Scotland, United Kingdom I62694
10 DUNKELD, Malcolm IV "King of Scots"  20 Mar 1141Scotland, United Kingdom I22365
11 FERGUSON, Mater  1210Scotland, United Kingdom I21208
12 FORESYTH  1070–1080Scotland, United Kingdom I22609
13 FRASER, Sir Simon  1275Scotland, United Kingdom I58955
14 GARDNER, James C  Jan 1870Scotland, United Kingdom I28861
15 GIFFORD, Isabel  1290Scotland, United Kingdom I74536
16 KEITH, Jonetta  Abt 1335Scotland, United Kingdom I21264
17 LESCOT  Apr 1145Scotland, United Kingdom I22635
18 LINDSAY, Janet  1497Scotland, United Kingdom I58701
19 MACLELLAN, Patrick  1380Scotland, United Kingdom I61135
20 MASON Miss  Abt 1140Scotland, United Kingdom I21900
21 MOODIE, Mrs. Hugh Sr.  Abt 1310Scotland, United Kingdom I68267
22 MURE, William of Rowallan  1310Scotland, United Kingdom I21241
23 NEVILLE, Catherine  1017Scotland, United Kingdom I61478
24 OF STRATHEARN, Annabella  Abt 1240Scotland, United Kingdom I21425
25 OLAFSSON, Thorsteinn King of Scotland  846Scotland, United Kingdom I24839
26 RAMDAY, Emma  1046Scotland, United Kingdom I68732
27 STEWART, King Robert III  1337Scotland, United Kingdom I21196
28 STEWART OF INVERMEATH, Unknown  Scotland, United Kingdom I60016
29 UNKNOWN  1120–1130Scotland, United Kingdom I21999


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AP TACTIC, Padam Beisrudd Paternus of the Scarlet Robe  Abt 500Scotland, United Kingdom I76860
2 BARCLAY, Margaret  Scotland, United Kingdom I57648
3 BEAUMONT, Roger de Bishop of St Andrews  6 Jan 1203Scotland, United Kingdom I22225
4 BISHOP \ BYSSHOP, Sir James Knight  9 Apr 1577Scotland, United Kingdom I31115
5 COMYN, John I  1214Scotland, United Kingdom I21905
6 DE ROXBURGHSHIRE, Lady Margaret  1432Scotland, United Kingdom I60614
7 DUNDAS, Helias de 4th of Dundas  1240Scotland, United Kingdom I62695
8 FERGUSON, Mater  Scotland, United Kingdom I21208
9 LAUDER, Sir Robert  14 Jun 1425Scotland, United Kingdom I61234
10 MACDONALD 2ND CLANRANALD AND MOIDART, Allan  1428Scotland, United Kingdom I60656
11 MACLELLAN, Patrick  1452Scotland, United Kingdom I61135
12 MONCRIEFFE, William  15 Dec 1579Scotland, United Kingdom I57229
13 PITTILOK, HENRY  Abt 1600Scotland, United Kingdom I20367
14 QUINCY, Robert De  1090Scotland, United Kingdom I23016
15 RAMDAY, Emma  1094Scotland, United Kingdom I68732
16 RAMSAY, Anne  1460Scotland, United Kingdom I55032
17 STEWART, Margaret  Aft 1350Scotland, United Kingdom I74026
18 STEWART OF CRAWFORD, Elisabeth  Nov 1288Scotland, United Kingdom I61170
19 STEWART OF INVERMEATH, Unknown  Scotland, United Kingdom I60016


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 AP TACTIC, Padam Beisrudd Paternus of the Scarlet Robe  Abt 500Scotland, United Kingdom I76860
2 DE LINDSAY OF LAMBERTON, William Knight  1247Scotland, United Kingdom I21504
3 DUNDAS, Helias de 4th of Dundas  1240Scotland, United Kingdom I62695
4 MAC ECHDACH,, Alpin King of Dál Riata  Abt 834Scotland, United Kingdom I25980
5 MONCRIEFFE, William  Dec 1579Scotland, United Kingdom I57229
6 STEWART, Margaret  Scotland, United Kingdom I74026


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / De Strathbogie  1300Scotland, United Kingdom F11455
2 Campbell, / Bruce  Abt 1310Scotland, United Kingdom F11453
3 de Avenal / de Saluzzo  Abt 1140Scotland, United Kingdom F18157
4 de Montgomery, / Walter  1143Scotland, United Kingdom F11860
5 de Montgomery, / Walter  1143Scotland, United Kingdom F11800
6 Douglas / Sinclair  1424Scotland, United Kingdom F31162
7 Dunbar / Stewart  1370Scotland, United Kingdom F32340
8 Fraser / Bruce  1319Scotland, United Kingdom F11463
9 GRAHAM /   1294Scotland, United Kingdom F32302
10 GRAHAM /   1294Scotland, United Kingdom F32024
11 Lauder / Fallow  1383Scotland, United Kingdom F31464
12 Lepton / Lepton  1479Scotland, United Kingdom F24425
13 Sinclair / Douglas  1409Scotland, United Kingdom F38241
14 Sinclair / Fenton  1282Scotland, United Kingdom F29172
15 Stewart / Keith  Abt 1365Scotland, United Kingdom F11342
16 SYNTON / Synton  1250Scotland, United Kingdom F31755
17 SYNTON / Synton  1250Scotland, United Kingdom F31482