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Shropshire, England: Généalogie MORIN Roots

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Shropshire, England



Matches 1 to 68 of 68

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 'Isolda  1325Shropshire, England I45778
2 Humphrey  1350Shropshire, England I18960
3 BROMLEY, Edward  1426Shropshire, England I66737
4 BROMLEY, Thomas  1424Shropshire, England I66734
5 BURLETON, Lady Thomas  1467Shropshire, England I44872
6 CALDECOTE, Gruffudd Griffith  1395Shropshire, England I55428
7 CHERLETON, Robert  1215Shropshire, England I48944
8 CLUDDE, WILLIAM  1430Shropshire, England I48252
9 CORBET, Mrs. Hugo le  Abt 1025Shropshire, England I24995
10 CORBET, Sibyl Sibelle  Abt 1267Shropshire, England I17599
11 CORBETT, Alianore de  1354Shropshire, England I19807
12 CORNWALL, Lady Cicely Countess of Stathum  1410Shropshire, England I14283
13 CORNWALL, Eleanor  1428Shropshire, England I13204
14 CORNWALL, Geoffrey  1330Shropshire, England I16338
15 D'ERVASSAL, 'Hawise  1 Jan 1300Shropshire, England I45800
16 DE BERKELEY, Marianna  1148Shropshire, England I67209
17 DE BRAMPTON, Brian IV  1220Shropshire, England I60041
18 DE BRAMPTON, John  Abt 1128Shropshire, England I22810
19 DE CHARLTON, Alan  1290Shropshire, England I19864
20 DE CHERLETON, Baron John  1268Shropshire, England I48947
21 DE CORNWALL, Isabella  1350Shropshire, England I17830
22 DE COTON, Hugh  1285Shropshire, England I58604
23 DE MAATENLOCH, Richard Grosvenor  1165Shropshire, England I59224
24 DECORNWALL, Sir Edmund  1382Shropshire, England I14284
25 DENTON, Sir John  Abt 1505Shropshire, England I55239
26 FARR  Abt 1566Shropshire, England I53758
27 FITZ ROGER, Mrs Thomas  Abt 1167Shropshire, England I61418
28 FITZALAN, Christiana  1150Shropshire, England I50293
29 FITZALAN, John  Abt 1191Shropshire, England I34249
30 FITZALAN, William I  From 1105 to 1126Shropshire, England I36342
31 FITZALAN, William I  From 1105 to 1126Shropshire, England I36338
32 FITZALAN, William II, 1st Lord of Owestry  1152Shropshire, England I34536
33 FITZALAN, William III, 2nd Lord of Owestry  Abt 1189Shropshire, England I34888
34 FITZALAN, William I  1105Shropshire, England I34885
35 FITZWARIN, Hawise  3 Feb 1210Shropshire, England I49606
36 GROSVENOR, Randolph  1455Shropshire, England I47896
37 GRUFFUDD, Angharad Verch  1252Shropshire, England I66510
38 HOORD, William  Abt 1200Shropshire, England I49509
39 HOPTON, Thomas I  1362Shropshire, England I20011
40 HORNE, Richard Reginald  1502Shropshire, England I54292
41 HOWARD, Margaret  1538Shropshire, England I7195
42 LE YONGE, Nicholas  1235Shropshire, England I21718
43 LEBOTELER, Edmund  1312Shropshire, England I66497
44 LEBOTELER, Sir William  1248Shropshire, England I66508
45 LEE, Sir Thomas de la I  1224Shropshire, England I49737
46 LEIGHTON, Maria  Abt 1455Shropshire, England I13160
47 LERKE  Abt 1492Shropshire, England I13708
48 LUDLOW, Richard  1423Shropshire, England I45623
49 MIDDLETON, Beatrice  Abt 1362Shropshire, England I55908
50 MIDDLETON, Mrs. N  1316Shropshire, England I56880
51 MIDDLETON, N.  1312Shropshire, England I56879
52 MOODY, Robert  1560Shropshire, England I67741
53 PEMBREAGE, Isabell  1395Shropshire, England I45780
54 PESHALE, Sir Richard de  Abt 1322Shropshire, England I17749
55 RHYS, Sionet Ferch  Abt 1070Shropshire, England I76475
56 RHYS SAIS APEDNYFED  985Shropshire, England I75956
57 ROSSALE, John  1334Shropshire, England I56407
58 ROSSALL, Mrs. Thomas de  1234Shropshire, England I58306
59 ROSSALL, Mrs. Vivyan  1208Shropshire, England I58924
60 SIBBETON, Roger I  Shropshire, England I45955
61 STANLEY, Thomas  1480Shropshire, England I14472
62 TALBOT, John  12 Dec 1413Shropshire, England I47870
63 TILLEY, Mary  1570Shropshire, England I53457
64 TURNER, Elizabeth Eleanor  1530Shropshire, England I54171
65 WARREN, JOHN  1340Shropshire, England I47665
66 WEAVER, John  1360Shropshire, England I15857
67 WHITNEAD  Abt 1494Shropshire, England I13703
68 WINNINGTON, Richard I  1427Shropshire, England I14374


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOSTOCK, Alice  1459Shropshire, England I47642
2 BOTELER, Alice Le  1381Shropshire, England I15848
3 BOTETOURTE, John II of Weoley, Sir  21 Sep 1369Shropshire, England I66459
4 BURTON, Edward  Nov 1558Shropshire, England I55480
5 CALDECOTE, Gruffudd Griffith  Shropshire, England I55428
6 CHARROLL, Margaret Anne  1550Shropshire, England I65851
7 CORBET, Jane  20 Aug 1520Shropshire, England I47830
8 CORBET, PETER  1483Shropshire, England I48061
9 CORBET (OF SHROPSHIRE), Richard Lord Justicar of Assize  1255Shropshire, England I49081
10 CORBETT, Robert  Abt 1478Shropshire, England I48065
11 CORNWALL, Elianor  1444Shropshire, England I14280
12 CORNWALL, Geoffrey  3 Aug 1369Shropshire, England I16338
13 DE CORBET, Hugh I  Abt 1080 (before 1086)Shropshire, England I23549
14 DENTON, Sir John  1560Shropshire, England I55239
15 FITZALAN, Mary Isabel  29 Aug 1396Shropshire, England I8284
16 FITZFLAAD SENESCHAL OF DOL, Alan  1114Shropshire, England I35372
17 FITZTORET, Peter  Abt 1194Shropshire, England I50052
18 FRANCEIS, Juleanna  1253Shropshire, England I35361
19 GREY, Elizabeth  1511Shropshire, England I45711
20 GRIFFIN, Harry  Shropshire, England I56006
21 GROSVENOR, Randolph  1 Mar 1522Shropshire, England I47896
22 GRUFFUDD, Angharad Verch  22 Jun 1308Shropshire, England I66510
23 HAYWARD, James  12 Dec 1387Shropshire, England I17130
24 HERDEBURGH, Ela  Aft 5 Jul 1343Shropshire, England I17116
25 HEYWARD, William Sr.  1451Shropshire, England I32288
26 HOORD, John  31 May 1494Shropshire, England I47356
27 HOORD, Margaret  1475Shropshire, England I47629
28 HORNE, Richard Reginald  1524Shropshire, England I54292
29 IVO PANTULF ALTPANTOLPH  1175Shropshire, England I50585
30 LE STRANGE, Catherine  1281Shropshire, England I60042
31 LE YONGE, Nicholas  1300Shropshire, England I21718
32 LESTRANGE, Ankaret  1 Jun 1413Shropshire, England I8367
33 LORD CHIEF JUSTICE OF CHESTER VLLL, " Sir" Robert Townsend Knighted by King Henry  8 Feb 1556Shropshire, England I47542
34 LUDLOW, Richard  23 Dec 1498Shropshire, England I45623
35 LUDLOW, Roger  1390Shropshire, England I45844
36 MORTON, Jane  13 Mar 1586Shropshire, England I54697
37 NORBURY, Lady Joan  1469Shropshire, England I19460
38 PANTULF, William ,5th Baron of Wem 1224-33  Bef 4 Feb 1233Shropshire, England I49605
39 PEMBREAGE, Isabell  1439Shropshire, England I45780
40 SHELLEY, John Esquire  1632Shropshire, England I12117
41 WARREN, JOHN  Abt 1413Shropshire, England I47665
42 WEAVER, Margery  1440Shropshire, England I14754
43 WILCOX, Jane  Abt 1485Shropshire, England I14001
44 WINNINGTON, Richard I  1476Shropshire, England I14374


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CHARLTON, William  1532Shropshire, England I47251
2 CORBET, Roger  1468Shropshire, England I47618
3 DE CORBETT, Lady Joan  Shropshire, England I16364
4 MADOCKS, Nicholas  Shropshire, England I55997
5 POYNER, Thomas  Shropshire, England I47873
6 WHELERE, John Thomas  1420Shropshire, England I14312


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Acton / Cressett  Abt 1526Shropshire, England F24392
2 Alton / Jacks  1495Shropshire, England F37421
3 Bettenham / Blount  Abt 1438Shropshire, England F8142
4 Blount / Croft  Abt 1480Shropshire, England F6947
5 Blount / Pershall  Abt 1503Shropshire, England F7361
6 Bromley / Wydeville  1439Shropshire, England F8842
7 Charlton / Corbet  Abt 1450Shropshire, England F24343
8 Corbet / de Caineto  1088Shropshire, England F12111
9 Corbet / Strother  1262Shropshire, England F23256
10 Corbett / DeTidechall  Abt 1284Shropshire, England F28811
11 de Banastre / de Mohaut  Abt 1130Shropshire, England F31026
12 de Banastre / de Mohaut  Abt 1130Shropshire, England F30670
13 de Hesdin / de Normandy  Shropshire, England F12010
14 de Hesdin / de Normandy  Shropshire, England F12005
15 de Hesdin / de Normandy  Shropshire, England F11859
16 de Segrave / Plessis  Abt 1283Shropshire, England F25036
17 FitzAlan / de Erdington  Abt 1210Shropshire, England F18026
18 Hastings, / Gascoigne  1455Shropshire, England F27618
19 Hoord / Perell  1420Shropshire, England F24402
20 Ingham / Zouche  Bef 1300Shropshire, England F17429
21 Le Corbet / Corbet  Abt 1049Shropshire, England F13294
22 Le Strange / Lacy  1324Shropshire, England F10440
23 Ludlow / Grey  1482Shropshire, England F23516
24 Ludlow / Pembreage  1420Shropshire, England F23549
25 Ludlow / Pembridge  1452Shropshire, England F23474
26 Purslowe / Sparke  1537Shropshire, England F23100
27 Talbot / Butler  Mar 1444Shropshire, England F24601
28 Warren / Charleton  1299Shropshire, England F24728
29 Wright / Burton  1546Shropshire, England F28457
30 Young / Eyton  Abt 1460Shropshire, England F24506